How to Do a Bicycle Crunch | Boot Camp Workout

How to Do a Bicycle Crunch | Boot Camp Workout

I’m going to talk you through how to do
a bicycle crunch. So to do a bicycle crunch, you could do them
at a boot camp, in the grass, you could do them at home on a mat. You’re just going to come onto your back
and I like to start by bring both knees up off the floor and making sure that before
you even begin that you’re pulling the abdominal muscles in. So that when you breathe in naturally, the
belly expands, on the exhale, the abdominal muscles draw inward. So that’s what you want to focus on, to
engage the deep layer, the transverse abdominis, that kind of runs across your body like a
belt. So just think of it as cinching a belt tightly
around your waist. Then you want to engage the superficial layer,
the rectus abdominis, aka, your six pack. So that muscle group is the muscle that flexes
your spine. So drawing your belly in and then flexing
your spine, and starting to engage the superficial layer. So now you’re firing up your entire core
then you’re going to take the hands behind the head, open up the elbows. I’d like to have you think that you’re
not able to see your elbows in your periphery. So instead of getting like this and potentially
pulling on your head and stressing out the sternocleidomastoid and all those other muscles
in your neck. Just keep it relaxed, open up, keep the heart
open, one leg goes in as the other leg goes out. So this is the mechanics of the lower body
in the bicycle crunch. The more you extend your leg, the more you’re
going to fire up your quad muscle. If I keep my leg slack, I’m not getting
as much recruitment of the quad. So if you can, fully extend energy all the
way out through the legs. And then to really get the obliquus; the muscles
of the abdominals. Rotate your body, you need to add in the rotation,
so, you’re doing, opposite elbow to the knee, and again, try to keep your shoulder
blades up off the matt if you really want to fire up the rectus abdominis at the same

76 comments on “How to Do a Bicycle Crunch | Boot Camp Workout

  1. Renata Souza Post author

    It is really important to engage it right for a full effective exercise,thank you so much

  2. InvaderZIB2 Post author

    She seems knowledgeable about musculature. If I mimic what she does, I'll be able to do this excercise with correct form for maximum benefit. How she looks is immaterial to my goals.

  3. Ashley Chartrand Post author

    Her body is exactly the body I'm working for, looks solid yet feminine in every area. The muscles are inconspicuous until she flexes them, so she doesn't look super carved, which is too masculine for my taste.

  4. GRUDG3 Post author

    This girl has an incredible core strength. The way she does those crunches, she can keep the position for long time without seizures and still she talks like is nothing… damn, respect….

  5. Lehi Garcia Post author

    Don't jump right into it.. Warm up with other core workouts. Use this and the jackknife crossover as a burnout at the end of ur workout! Noooiice demo

  6. taemi Post author

    she even explain while doing this like i cant even breath while doing it ugh she makes it look so easy 😭

  7. L-Z Jo-Z Post author

    Definitely going to try this one out.I need to improve my core strength but sit ups just hurt my back and never hit my abs.She's a lovely mover.

  8. StormLight13 Post author

    Thanks for this, I needed a crunch tutorial lol.  I'm a beginner and have a real problem with my form while doing crunches in general (I tend to try and yank myself up with my neck >_< )  So I think I'll practice these so I have good form for my workout circuit.

  9. CaluKanKen Post author

    Also fire up my quads? You mean the things that are so sore right now I am literally having trouble just sitting down? Fun…

  10. Arpad Toth Post author

    I do this exercise a lot in a HIIT manner. To time myself i use this awesome timer:

  11. Diana Sprigg Post author

    I am so impressed at how easily you're talking while you're explaining this video!!! Thanks for putting this up.

  12. Bipul Bhattarai Post author

    Hey, The best success that I have ever had was with Marks magic method (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most incredible diet that I have ever tried.

  13. jiahui ang Post author

    One of the best exercise tutorial – no self promoting, straight to the point, showing you the right muscle to work and position. I hate how some beauty YouTubers thought they could make money just showing off them working out without explaining the RIGHT mechanism but churning out different regimes every week

  14. ThatOne GuyTM Post author

    Bruh, what the hell, this girl has amazing core, she held that position while talking like it was nothing. Me holding that position is making me shake frok the strain. Major respect to her.


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