How to catch a Dwarf Planet — Triton MM#3

How to catch a Dwarf Planet — Triton MM#3

The 14 moons of Neptune
are a strange bunch. Most of them are small
potato shaped pieces of ice and rock. Some are so far away from Neptune that
they need 29 years to circle Neptune once. Almost all of them are asteroids
trapped by Neptune’s gravity. 99.5% of all the mass around Neptune
is concentrated in Triton. It’s the 7th biggest moon, and
more massive than all other known moons in the solar system that are
smaller than itself combined. Its surface area is about as big as the
mainland of Russia and Australia together. Also, Triton is one of only four objects
in the solar system that we know is geologically active. Triton orbits Neptune in the ‘wrong’ direction,
against the rotation of Neptune, which is unique in our solar system
for an object as big as Triton. We can conclude from this that
Triton hasn’t always been a moon of Neptune, but probably was a dwarf planet that
was forced into submission by Neptune, when the solar system was younger
and more chaotic. The most popular theory here is that
Triton was once part of a double system, when Neptune migrated
to the outer edges of the solar system, its gravity interfered with the double system
and catapulted the other object into space, while Triton was forced into orbit. This would of disrupted the orbits
of other Neptune moons rather violently and would most likely have
either pushed them away from Neptune, or let them collide or crash into Neptune. This would explain why Neptune’s moons
are so dominated by Triton. But, this will end one day, Triton is being slowed down by Neptune, and eventually, it will either crash into it, or be ground by Neptune’s gravity into
a huge ring system, similar to Saturn’s. So, don’t by real estate on Triton. Fixed English Subtiles by
Mads Hagemann Nielsen – 2015 Subtitles by the community

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  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell Post author

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  2. xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx Post author

    Triton: i love u
    Dwarf planet: i love u too

    Suddenly Neptune came into the Solar system violently


  3. Abdul Raouf Sbei Post author

    please make a short videos from time to time, that's better, but your whole videos are awesome!

  4. FnafFan 2006 Post author

    Triton: it's so peaceful and quiet out here in the outer solar system
    Tritons planet friend: Yeah
    Neptune: WELL HI THERE
    Triton: WTF
    Triton Planet Friend: Umm Triton I'm being pulled away
    Triton Planet Friend: I cant ( gets pills out into space ) AHHHHHH
    Triton Gets pulled into Neptunes orbit
    Neptune: JOIN THE FAMILY

  5. Memetics Post author

    The end of this video and the first Moon video (MM 1) promote the "Pluto & Charon Explained" video. But that video doesn't appear to be available on YouTube. Was it published but later removed?

  6. NeidalRuekk Post author

    Triton has 3 or 4 billion years in its' orbit still. You've got time for a quick visit, I imagine!

  7. Kabeer Bedi Post author

    A black bird teaching humans about their own home. Also feeling said for Neptune's other moons before Triton.

  8. EakiTurtle Post author

    So basically Triton was hanging out with his best friend in space when Neptune comes along and enslaves Triton, who puts up a fit and throws Neptune's other moons off. Neptune gets angry, so he decides to slow Triton down until it becomes a ring or crashes into Neptune.

    why do i feel bad for a dwarf planet/moon

  9. Ivan Garcia Post author

    Ah, back when Kurzgesagt talked about fun and cool space facts and not filling me with existential dread and fear

  10. surearrow Post author

    >> Boy, that was close! I just got off the phone with a Triton realtor to cancel the deal. Glad I saw this video!

  11. Pham Duy Anh Post author

    Random planet bully : (beats up Triton)Ha!You should die!Loser!
    Triton : Leave me alone!
    Neptune : Hey!Leave this dwarf planet alone!
    Bully : No!Let me beat him up again!
    Neptune : I’ll take away your money if you don’t let him go!
    Bully : Okay…Okay…(hands over Triton)
    Triton : I always wished to be a moon!
    Neptune : Well you are lucky!
    Other moons : Hi there!New brother!
    Triton : Hello!
    Neptune : But you have to collide with me in millions of years…
    Triton : It’s okay!
    Triton had a high relationship level with the other moons.They always play soccer with each other with their father Neptune being the arbitrator.Literally,the bully planet has been destroyed.
    (Find out in part 2 how)

  12. puirYorick Post author

    Gravity sucks!
    I was thinking of building a golf resort there but, as it has no future, I may as well let the other guy have it.


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