How To: Burpee

How To: Burpee

What’s going on Nation? Today I’m going to demonstrate for you guys how to do a burpee now the burpee is a very popular exercise And it’s often used in circuits, and it can also be used a stand alone exercise as well Essentially what you’re doing Is you’re combining a squat a push-up a hip thrust a forward jump and a vertical jump all in one movement So if you’re looking for an exercise That’s really gonna beat down the entire body the burpees right for you Some of the main muscles that are being used that you’re gonna work throughout this exercise Are gonna be your quads your glutes your hamstrings your calves chest Shoulders triceps as well as your abdominals, so like I said we target a lot of muscles Your hip flexors are going to be fatigued very quickly as well. So make sure you stretch properly before doing this exercise We’re going to begin this exercise by breaking it down into its most simple form stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and drop down to the ground placing your hands on the outside of your feet as You place your hands on the ground jump back with your feet landing on your toes into the plank position once in the plank position you’re gonna lower yourself down to the ground as if you’re doing a push-up as You extend your arms back up into the air you’re going to drive through your toes and thrust your knees into your chest So that your feet land inside of your hands from here You’re going to extend your legs jump in the air and raise your arms over your head Continue to practice this form at this pace until you feel comfortable to move faster Once you’re ready to start doing this exercise a bit faster You’re gonna notice a few things the first thing you’re gonna notice is that as you drop your hands down to the ground. You’re gonna Simultaneously jump back with your feet and land on your toes You’re also gonna notice that as you push through your toes and thrust your knees to your chest That your feet are gonna Take the place of your hands And you’re gonna land in what seems to be the lower position of a squat before extending your legs jumping in the air and raising your arms over your head as Soon as your feet touch the ground you’re going to immediately dropped out into your next repetition Some other key points that I want you to take away from this video Is that you should always maintain a tight core throughout the entire movement keep your chin tucked in and never let your knees Collapse in as you’re jumping or landing you also want to make sure that you’re breathing regularly throughout the entire exercise This movement requires a lot of muscles working at once and if you’re not breathing properly They’re not gonna get the oxygen they need for you to maximize the amount of reps you can do in one set so there you guys have it, that’s how you preform a burpee For more great tips exercises and routines feel free to join us on and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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  1. omnitrix152 Post author

    Very niceley presented scottie, good and detailed. This exercize should defo be used in a new supersetting routine of which targets the upper and lower body, quite useful.

  2. Alkami Post author

    No offense Scott. I've heard alot of women say "Ugh, why are all the hot guys gay?". Well I just want to say… WHY ARE ALL THE HOT GUYS STRAIGHT!! Just sayin. Your wife is lucky. Happy Holidays. 😛

  3. galesx95 Post author

    Hi Scott and everyone, just wanted to ask you if this routine is ok, you are not going to see leg day there because at the moment my legs are way too big for my body, i think is due to sitting too much… Anyway this is what i came up with
    Monday: back and triceps
    Tuesday: chest and biceps
    Wednesday: Shoulders and traps
    Thursday: back and triceps
    Friday: chest and biceps
    Thanks I hope you read this!

  4. Jason Quah Post author

    Hey Scott. I'm only 15, but is it an appropiate age to start working on my abs? I've heard that stuns growth if performed at a tender age. Need advice. Truly appreciate it.

  5. Olga Dovgal Post author

    This is good! I will try it next time. Trying to put together a good HIIT workout to alternate with running as running is my least favorite! Thanks!

  6. Peter Castellano Post author

    great video and i agree, awesome exercise, i do these all the time. where is this gym?

  7. Bruno R. Post author

    I've wanted to start doing burpees but I heard it's bad for the knees. I already feel something in the right knee occasionally, do you recommend start with some variation or do not start doing Burpee at all? Any other good full body exercise to replace it?

  8. luis arando Ojeda Post author

    hi. I have a question, I am trinning to run a maratón, can burpees help me to increase endurance? can it be a replacement of swimming?

  9. Raghu Vamsi Kodaboina Post author

    How possibly could i hurt my lowerback … Where could we mostly go wrong which might affect the lower back

  10. tidusdm Post author

    I'm trying to learn how to do a burpee. I just have a question (or comment I guess) for your: other videos talk about putting your hands on the inside between your legs instead of outside the legs as you show. Apparently this is to minimize lower back injuries. What's your take on that? I like your video version of how to do a burpee but I'm concerned about that hand position issue that other videos talk about. Thanks for your feedback.

  11. EH UB Post author

    Work on your linguistics and annunciation and tone ,excellent physique you remind me of a physical trainer

  12. Jordon Olsen Post author

    Did a burpee exercise today. I swear I thought I was gonna die. I guess the more you do it, the easier it gets. Thanks for the insightful video, couple of things I was doing wrong it turns out.

  13. Jim K Post author

    Nice one man! I just had to use your tutorial trying to persuade some people against doing burpees with their full body slamming on the floor just because their CF instructors told them to….

  14. Michael R. Oliphant Post author

    That looks like you could get pretty use to doing that. But truth is if a workout is getting easier and easier for you to do you need to change up I guess and do something harder.

  15. Fuzzy D Pozzy Post author

    can you please explain how to breathe on this exercise when you squat down is it inhale or exhale? and then you inhale or exhale when you extend the legs and or you exhale when you do the push up? and then do you inhale or exhale when you jump up?


  16. Marcel Schindler Post author

    Okay. This looks like hell to me (105 kg / 185 cm height) but I'll guess this is a solution.

  17. Excalibur Post author

    I just tried a 100 burpee non stop workout it was damn intense. heart was pumping and i sweated like i never had before. hopefully if i do 100 burpeea each day i get get from 16% BF to 10% BF

    coming back after doi g another 100 burpees. it seems my arms hurt/ give out the most because of the pushups.

  18. babyfaceassassin21 Post author

    hi just want to ask should my knees pass my arms??? i know you said it should pass but when you're doing it fast your knees are just behind your arms

  19. Kaizen immense Marketing Post author

    Plz sir share link of your loose chest fat without gym..only body exercise

  20. Utkarsh Pandey Post author

    i thought hands are suppose to be between your legs and not legs between your hands when you do the burpees?

  21. Project Management CW Post author

    How many should we do maybe 25? Every other day rotating with strength training?


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