How to Approach and Date Latin Women

How to Approach and Date Latin Women

One moment oh hi do you speak English no
okay I’m back in medicine Columbia because I love it here the women are
gorgeous so of course I’m gonna approach them beautiful women and also meet up
with a buddy I’m Esteban who is the number one dating coach in Latin America
who lives here in meta-gene and we’re going to talk about some of the
differences when it comes to meeting and dating latin women esto es muy raro Beto
Octavia key can i okay – as absolutamente adam OSA
I just I wanted to say hi everyone good idea
my name is Matt Jane gizelle nice meal mucho gusto you think okay hear me
amigos para dar de interesante stability by Qualis to passion
Anto see Oh can’t are the end the cantar II took a la guitarra CN la
banda it we started sonidos on tests before nice i I want to hear you
now right now go come on all right mas tarde well listen I have to go
but CNS what’s up okay here
wrap it off and possibly what eyes not working there
and then maybe mustard a bit demos oak and our Instagram oh no it’s okay
I’ll I’ll text you okay I say goodbye I’m here with Esteban who is the number
one dating coach in all of Latin America to give you some tips on how to approach
and date Latin women and some of the differences between Latin women and the
rest of the world what about the initial approach when you see her either walking
down the street in the daytime or at a bar or a club is there any difference
approaching a Latina versus an American so if you’re in South America the best
way you can do is to try the direct method why because you don’t speak the
language so don’t try too hard if you can’t just do this opener that I’m going
to share with you it will be easier for you so check this up just approach and
say hey what’s up cutie do you speak English if she says yes that’s perfect
sometimes they do if she says she doesn’t go direct okay what’s your phone
number can I text you later because if you keep trying with your low Spanish
you won’t look good so you will take the power away from you so don’t try it be
direct and it will be easier for you so that’s why that first question do you
speak English is going to give you information that will allow you to get
the date easier with her I see a lot of guys pulling out their Google Translate
and trying to have this whole conversation on Google Translate when
they first meet her I don’t recommend doing that use Google Translate on the
date but when you first meet her keep it in your pocket keep the eye contact
that’s crucial and just like Esteban said just keep it really simple every
woman everywhere in the world no matter what country you’re in knows the word
beautiful so it will get the point across plus you’ll see it in your eyes
and that’s absolutely key excuse me muy bien do you speak English okay esto
es muy raro better a TV a key okay okay to us
we bonito at least I have
in a mess daniela vanilla see Matt are you going in si si si si I
think you know Cap’n take yeah we’re me amigos a key but before I go
tengo que year but teammate I’ll go interesante stability even better than
thing because I don’t know anything about you
en espanol like koalas to passion but young boy oh
boy well Oh you know guess mode English Oh model
okay nice I like that high-five me
katana katana as that’s shown a come on city say in espanol I don’t know
anyways yo tengo que irme amigos but genius what’s up think okay I’ll text you later okay what do you
think a guy should do if he comes here he’s getting lots of phone numbers but
he’s running into a lot of flaky women what’s the solution okay so the first
thing is to understand that this is going to happen to you if you come to
South America you’ll run into flaky women do not take it personally that’s
part of the culture we say okay we’ll be there and then we cancel at the last
time I don’t do it myself but yes most people do what you do is that you keep
contact with the girl during those hours you have to text her some messages that
allowed her to reply and be playful and that way she won’t flake on you because
she won’t keep looking for other plants that’s the best way to stop flakiness
and I think if she does flake on you anyway which can and will happen then I
usually wait a few days I don’t reply and then I just asked her
out again and sometimes a woman will cancel or flake a few times and I think
part of it is she’s doing it to see how the guy will react is he gonna get mad
that you know then she’s gonna delete your number you’re like you need to
respect my time and you get all butthurt about it but if you’re just like okay
whatever no big deal I have other options and then just try again later
it might take you a week or two but you’ll probably get her out on a date so
yes that’s one of the main differences when you are in the u.s. men don’t
tolerate flakiness if the girl’s flaky then they move to the next one and in
South America all of them are so yes don’t be surprised if that happens to
you real quick hi hola do you speak English muscleman else
okay I saw you and I thought you were very pretty I just want to say hi what’s
your name Valentina hi Samia man
right I figured that way though what are you up to
what are you up to what are you doing today not a shopping here stuff okay
we’ll listen Valentina I don’t know anything about you it’s tell me I don’t
know one cool thing about you like what’s your passion fancy okay let me see do a twirl the
mall is a perfect place to dance next time
sounds good okay I like that I’m a very bad dancer all right do you have what’s
up okay here I’m gonna take a chance
and maybe we’ll go dancing you have Facebook
I right
real quick before you back to the video if you feel like you’re not living up to
your potential it comes to meeting and attracting beautiful women then let me
help you out follow me on instagram matt artisan and
send me a DM the word mentor in all caps and i will personally help you out
alright let’s get back to the video please do not wear flip-flops
if you come to south america you’ll see that most most foreigners are doing it
and yes Latinas complained all the time about it
if you’re wearing flip-flops I am yeah it’s not sexy it’s not classy
women don’t like that women like classy men and if you were traveling in South
America you want to project like someone who has value a man who has status
beautiful girls in Colombia well they’re all over the place they’re involved with
money Salas parada but if you go to Melia Jean man that’s a place where you
need to be classy you need to dress well and you’ll find very interesting people
there too hola do you speak English no English
okay esto es muy raro hello Ottavia key today okay – as
absolutamente at masa I had to say hi yo tengo que hear Beto
my name is Matt adilyn Carolyn mucho gusto
Carolyn okay yo tengo que here pero Gmail go into the center so pretty
before I go tell me one cool thing about you okay it doesn’t mean I can’t cause yeah
like Timmy Timmy I’ll go interesante so pretty like Wallace to Bastian I know I’m totally crazy local pregunta
see crazy question – nausea fitness okay that’s good that’s good me gusta all
right see I have to go do you have what’s up TNS what’s up okay
No – no esta loco si okay good you never know all right here
put your what’s up and then posible must are they okay we
can get drink later what started all right okay nice to meet
you Latinas are expecting very masculine man
so if you can’t project the the alpha male then does the thing that’s going to
work the best in South America and yes also the bad boy gets some good results
those are the two prototypes that I would say are the most favorite for
girls here I speak English okay I saw you and you’re very beautiful
two thumbs up thank you see you understand that Wallace to number I see
be a man mucho gusto – me in Spanish muy poquito
better the thing okay here I have to go but tell me one cool thing about you
before I go like de Mayo go into the Sante sibility because I don’t know anything about you
you might be to local no agenda okay well escutcheon numeral and then what’s
up and posible we’ll get a drink later Instagram okay but I have a lot of
followers on Isaiah Instagram like this this is you okay see okay so here put
your but sure what’s up and there must are a famous
we’ll see black in a relationship you have to remember
you have to celebrate every month of the relationship and that’s another
difference yes every month of the relationship on the same date yes on the
same day and if you don’t remember it’s going to be a problem for you so please
remember okay this is the dates in which we started this is the second the third
the fourth and then you have to go out with them that’s part of the cool to
give her gifts every month yes yes you have to take her to dinner at least but
that’s that’s a good thing that you have to remember if you want their
relationship to work by the way guys Esteban’s gonna give you a report on how
to approach date and seduce Latinas so download that right now it’s down in the
description please read this report so you can understand the cultural
differences that will allow you to flirt and succeed with Latinas click below and
I hope to see you soon again man if you want to learn how to meet attractive
date gorgeous Latinas whether you’re in Latin America or anywhere in the world
Miami it is a lot then go to down to the description and download the newsletter
that estaban has for you and if you’re interested in training here in meta-gene
where I often am or anywhere else in the world I’m all over the place and so are
our trainers then I’ll put a link down in the description for live training and
you can see our bootcamp schedule and hop on a call with us see if you qualify
for training also give you a free cheat sheet called the conversation cheat
sheet so you know how to talk to women how to spark attraction never run out of
things to say and escalate the conversation further with whether you
first meet the woman the street like this or you’re on a date
how to carry the conversation in an attractive way that’s fun flirty and
helps you escalate things further so download that that’s down in the
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let’s not get run over by a car my name is matt artisan from the
attractive man i’ll see you in the next video

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    I am from Colombia, so ……. That go ahead talk in your poor Spanish kinda useless for me XD

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    Things I have learned with latin women is they love humor. Latin men I hear are way too serious and aggressive.

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    Another option: learn as many languages as you can. That way, you can show off your global thinking and show you are not an “ignorant American.” Even better if you know their colloquial and know how to flirt in their languages. Haha

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