Honor Band 5 Unboxing and How to Setup

Honor Band 5 Unboxing and How to Setup

Hey what’s going on guys is Shivam here. So first of all how’s the new setup? What you guys think about it? Let me know in the comments down below. But today’s video is about the honor
band 5 which I have right here. This is just launched actually it’s launched
today it’s 8 August 2019. And so as of today this is launched in India. And I am really excited to check it out because I was really impressed with the honor band
4. And now we have the honor band 5 with spo2 recognition, with oxygen level detection in your blood. And all those fancy stuff. And I recently got the me band 4 which I wasn’t really impressed with. But I have high hopes for this one
the Honor band 5. So let’s just go through a quick unboxing and then we
will go through the whole setup process. And after a week usage I will post my
review. So make sure to subscribe to the channel and tonne a notification. But without further ado let’s get into it. So here is the ugly packet in which the
honor band 5 is. But this is not very interesting to see so let’s just quickly
unbox this and take the retail packaging out. So here is the retail packaging of
the Honor band 5. But as we are in the process of unboxing this so let’s just
also remove this ugly plastic sheet away So here is the retail box of the Honor
band 5. And as you can see this is something that it should supposed to
look. And on the top it says Honor band 5. No I don’t know how to read Chinese but for your kind information, this
came from Aliexpress. But this is launched in India today. So if you want to check out you can check out from the links down
below in description as I posted the Flipkart link and all the links this is
where this is available in the description. So you can check that out. And… The Indian unit and the Chinese unit is almost same. This is all in Chinese and the Indian one should be in English. But rest of the unboxing experience
would be the same. So let’s move further and see where else do we have. Here you can scan the QR code for the downloading the application. And on the back we have
some specification like it like the emulator screen display which is good, 24 hour heart rate monitor, sleep detection, 50 atm. water-resistant, steps counting, messaging display and
14 days of battery life. This also comes in
NFC version in only in China. But here you can only get this without the NFC
version. And that’s pretty much it for the readings of the box. And now let’s just quickly… unbox this. So here is the Honor band 5 as you can see. But we have whole video to admire this. So let’s just see what else do we have in the box. So inside the box we have a charging
dock and a microUSB cable. And one more important thing in the Box is the user manual. Most of this is in Chinese so we
won’t get it. So we don’t need this I guess. But I ordered this in bundle with
extra screen guard and extra strap. So let’s check that out. So here is the extra strap for the Honor band 5. So that’s pretty neat. And I have 5 extra scratch guard with this bundle also. So that’s pretty much it for the
unboxing and now let’s just set this thing up and see how it goes. So for the setup process first of all you need to turn on the Honor band 5. So it’s turned on now and all we need to which is scan this QR code or we can just go to Play
Store and download the app itself. So let’s do it So you need to download this Huawei
health app. So as this is being downloaded. Let’s remove this dock and keep this to the side. So after downloading the app just open it up. So after the app fires up you need to grant some permission like location
access bluetooth access. So let’s do that first. So now you need to go to this Add button to pair the Honor band 5. And then just select the smart band from here. And now it is updating the list. And then just select the corner band 5.. And then tap on pair. And enable the location access. Now here
is the owner band 5. And you have to press this tick on the Honor band five
to confirm. And that’s it! Press on continue. And you can enable notifications for all the apps. And just grant the access here. Tap on done. And Honor band 5 is
connected. As you can see we have 85% of battery life as of now. And you can play with the setting here like continuous heart rate detection like 24/7 heart rate
detection or alarms, do not disturb, notifications and weather report. And all these fancy stuff you can play it. But as of first impression I am pretty impressed
with this band. It’s pretty similar to the Honor band 4 but we have the oxygen
level blood detection all that fancy stuff in this band. And as comparing with the me band 4 as you can see the first difference is the display itself. As you can see it is insanely bright than the me band 4. While I was using the me band 4
in the past week I had difficulties when using this in bright sunlight. But I don’t think I will have this issue with this honor band 5. And for the initial impression I would say the Honor band 5 might be the ultimate health band that
you can get right now. And we will test this out in the future full review full
in-depth review you can say. All the fancy stuff of saying the review, of the Honor band 5. So I will post it on the channel in the next week. So make sure you subscribe to the
channel and turn on notifications. But that’s it for today guys. That was the unboxing of the Honor band 5 and the setup process. And…. Hope you guys like this video and if you did just click the like button below. Share this video with your friends and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t yet. And I’ll catch you guys in the next one!

50 comments on “Honor Band 5 Unboxing and How to Setup

  1. Siddharth Kumar Post author

    Brother need review… Of noise shots x1 air …. Please do that as early as possible

  2. lakshya bhutani Post author

    Bhai I ordered it from flip kart, will I get an extra strap and scratch guards like you?

  3. Rock strong Post author

    Bro , I need to know the accuracy of heart rate sensor,
    does it measure the heart beat of non living thing ,by which you can comment on its accuracy and post a reply please

  4. Sasidhar Reddy Post author

    it is the Chinese version.. please don't fool people for quick views.. you'll loose your credibility if u repeat this kind of stuff.. so do genuine videos.. all the best..

  5. Rohan Mandal Post author

    Good Review overall, will purchase the band from flipkart. One suggestion, too much animations included in this video which is seriously not needed as product review is the main subject here.

  6. Nisarg Maratha Post author

    Indian unit is different and does not have blood oxygen spO2 sensor. Do not fool and misguide people by saying Indian and Chinese version are similar.

  7. arjun singh Post author

    Bro i have just checked on AliExpress there is lots of varieties of the price for the same product.
    Can you help me to buy the original product.

  8. Anoop Tripathy Post author

    hey bro, Can you clear out about the blood oxygeb monitor and pressure monitor, seems like indian version(firmware) is unsupportive.

  9. Richardson Joseph Post author

    I'm planning to buy from AliExpress, I see two versions there, Global version and Chinese version. To which version I should go for? Thank you.

  10. Sanjeeb Munda Post author

    Unfortunately Indian unit is missing SpO2 mode even after updating the firmware to the latest version. Watch faces are also missing from the Huawei health app only inbuilt faces are available says a Flipkart user who have bought the band.

  11. Paulo Trindade Post author

    Hello Guy! Your video is great and so funny! You won a new subscribed from Brazil! Please do a full review from this device, I'm interested because it have a blood oxigen meter. Is it continuous or need push some button all time that I need to know my blood oxigen? Many thanks!

  12. Syed Hamza Post author

    Can we use the locate my phone feature or ring my phone feature on other phones like Samsung note 9 or One plus 7


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