Honor Band 5 Review – Ultimate Budget Fitness Tracking Band?

Honor Band 5 Review – Ultimate Budget Fitness Tracking Band?

Can we call the Honor band 5 an
ultimate budget fitness tracking band? In this video, we will find out! Hey what’s going on guys the Shivam here. So this is that time of the year when
we are fortunate enough to get the updated Xiaomi’s mi band and the honor bands. So Xiaomi played its part with the me band 4 which has the new color display and a six axis motion sensor. And now it’s the time for honor to counter-attack. And… they have done this with the honor band 5. With just a glance you won’t be able
to notice any difference between the Honor band 5 and Honor band 4. But under the hood you will find some differences. But going further in this
review let’s quickly unbox the Honor band 5. And then we will talk about it. Also if you want to see a detailed unboxing and setup process video, you can find that in the top right corner in the info card. But for this one we’ll keep it tight. So here is the retail box of the Honor band 5. One thing I want to clear is that
this band came from Aliexpress. But this is now also available in India. So you can get it from the links down below in the
description. But for the unboxing experience
both of them would be the same. But getting back to the unboxing, you can see the image of the Honor band
5. And we also have some features on the back like the AMOLED touch screen
display, 24 by 7 heart rate monitor, 50 meter water resistant and 14 days of
battery life. So that’s all the readings of the box and now let’s just quickly take out the band. So… here is the band itself which we will talk about in a
minute. But before that let’s see where else to be
care in the box. So here is the charging dock for the band. With a detachable microUSB cable. And other than that to get a user manual. But most of this is in Chinese so we don’t need this I guess. Now I ordered this in bundle so I also got an extra strap. And five scratch card screen card
whatever you want to call it, along with this. So that was a quick unboxing of the Honor band 5 and now let’s move to the review itself. So beginning with this review there are certain points that I want to
cover in this review. Like design and build quality, features,
display, battery, life and price. So there are a lot of things to cover so let’s get going. So first of all let’s begin this review by
talking about the design first. The Honor band 5 is the successor to the Honor band 4. And in terms of looks and
feel they are pretty identical. With a naked eye no one would be able to tell any
difference between them. And just like the Honor band 4, Honor band 5 also comes
in black, blue and pink colour option with removable strap so you can easily swap
out with whatever your taste your liking is. But overall in terms of build quality
the band is very solid looking. The band feels very rugged and I think it might
take some beating. Although I’m a bit skeptical about the screen so I put on a
scratch guard. But if you do get some wear and tear on the strap then you have the
option to change it any time. Now speaking of screen we have 0.95 inch colored emulator screen display with a resolution of 240 by 120 pixels. Which is very pleasing to use by the way. The resolution is good for all the pixel
peepers out there. And it’s also very bright. It’s easy to use it in bright
sunlight without any problem. So if you’re worried about the screen in any
aspect then don’t worry you will love this one. Now coming down to the features
we have lot of things to cover. First of all just like any other fitness
tracking band, you can expect this thing to count steps and calories burnt right
out of the box. What else the normal band thing it can do is showing all of your notifications and call alerts straight onto your band. So you can read them and
reject calls with a swipe. Although you cannot mute them. But other than those
basic things it can also measure your various fitness activities like running, indoor and outdoor cycling, swimming, elliptical, rower and free training. And during all these activities it will also keep a track of your heart rate. One thing I like about this is that it has smart heart rate monitoring. You can go to the app and select continuous heart rate monitoring. But generally this feature drains a lot of battery
on all the fitness tracking bands. But you can also go into the settings and select smart mode. So it will adjust the frequency according to the activity. Like if you’re working out it will
increase it and if you are sitting and working in your office it will decrease that. So essentially you will get more battery
backup out of it. Another thing this band can measure is the sleep behaviour. It can measure your deep, light and REM sleep and awake time. And gives you an overall
score of the night. Another addition to this year’s Honor band is the SpO2 measurement. Which is essentially oxygen level in your blood. This is an essential feature for all the tracking people. because it can measure the oxygenated hemoglobin. This is a newly added feature in the honor band
five. And essentially honor is the first company to do this. Putting an SPo2 sensor in a fitness band at this price range. But there is a bit of a confusion
around this Because the global version or the standard version that they are selling on the AliExpress has this sensor. But the version they’re selling this in
India doesn’t specify if this has the sensor. Or if it does then it will be available in the future update. Or did the Honor tried to save some cost
by removing the sensor Hardware from the band. So I don’t know. But if you want this sensor. If this sensor is necessary for you then you
can get this from the Ali Express. But if you don’t care about it and need the
warranty for the Honor band 5 then you can get it from Flipkart. And also all the links will be provided in the description so you can check it out from there. By the way this is still cheaper on
Aliexpress then Flipkart. And you can even get the extra
strap and extra screen guard. And still that will cost less than the Indian
price. But as far as the accuracy go this is pretty accurate. It doesn’t count all the steps while you are riding a bike or moving, traveling or going in bus or
anywhere. But these tiny fitness tracking band just gives you a rough idea or a
measurement of what the report is. But you cannot expect these fitness tracking
band to give you results to comparable to the machines that we use in hospitals. So those were all the features of the Honor band 5 but there are some things
that I don’t like about or some features that are missing from the Honor band 5. So let’s talk about them. The first one and this is the biggest one for me is that the Honor band 5 cannot control music playback. Which means that you cannot control
your music like changing tracks or adjusting the volume from the
Honor band 5. And this is the only feature I was bummed about. Because I was so used to this feature on the me band 4. And this might be the only feature why I
might switch back to the me band 4. Second downside is the additional watch
faces. It is available in some countries but for India this is not available. Maybe we will get it in future. But for now we are stuck with 8 pre-loaded watch faces. And one more little downside I noticed here is that the display on the Honor band 5 is a little bit laggy. So if you keep on scrolling really fast you
can see some lag in the input. Now the band itself is an important part when
buying any fitness tracking band. But along with that we also have an app to
that go in conjunction with the band. So let’s also take a look at that. So to run the Honor band with your smartphone it uses the Huawei health app. So the app itself is pretty simple and easy to use. You have all the briefing on the
homepage of the app like your steps, workout time and sleep. You can further select any of the measurings to get detailed reports. Now there are also all the settings for the band like alarms, app notifications, raise to wake, etc. Which you can customize according to your needs. So that was a quick look at the app itself. And we also have another thing to talk about
another major thing which is the battery life. So for the battery we have 100
milli amp hour battery in this Honor band 5. Which is similar to the owner
band 4. And… Honor is saying that it can last up to 14 days. But it will vary according to the usage and the settings you keep. Like if you keep the heartrate
detection turned on then it will decrease the performance significantly. For my type of usage I am getting roughly around 12 days of battery backup with continuous hardware detection
on with smart mode. So the battery life here is decent. It totally depends on how you use the band. Like you measure your workout, steps,
heart rate, sleep and all the things. It will totally take that
into the consideration of the battery backup. Now the next thing is price. Which totally depends on where you buy it from. And I have different recommendation
for different people. So if you get it from amazon.com you will get it for $50. If you are from India you can get this for 2600 rupees from
Flipkart. Which is roughly around $38. And if you get it from any Chinese website
you have to pay around $29. Which is around 2000 rupees. But the version they are selling this on Flipkart doesn’t confirm if that had the
oxygen level sensor. But if I put it simply if you are living anywhere in the world you will get it way cheaper on Aliexpress
or any other Chinese website. But if you are living in India. You can get this for two thousand six hundred rupees without the oxygen level sensor. But you will get the variety with it. Or you can get it from Aliexpress for 2000 rupees with the oxygen level sensor but without any sort of warranty. So it’s all up to you to decide. And links to all of this is down below so you can take a look at it. But if you ask me personally I would totally
recommend getting it from China. It’s the best and
cheapest way to getting the Honor band 5. You are paying around 600 rupees extra for the Honor Band 5 from the Flipkart. And still you are getting the features from the exactly from the Honor band 4. Its like you are paying for the Honor band five and getting an Honor band four in the box
of Honor band 5. If that makes sense but overall for the band I think the
band is fantastic. There are some things I like about it and some things I don’t. Like I really like the bright display, 10 sports mode, heart rate monitoring and
the oxygen level detector if you get one. On the other hand the things I don’t
like about this band is that you don’t get the music control page. So if you want to skip to the next track or adjust the volume do you have to take out the
phone every time to do that. Also the second one is the missing
oxygen level detector. But if you get it from anywhere around the world except India then this is not a big deal. But I still wonder how the Honor band 5
will stack up against the me band 4. So in the coming week I will be testing
both of these bands thoroughly. So I will be posting a comparison review
video on the channel. So make sure you subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications. But that’s been it guys hope like this video and if you did just click the like button below. Share this video with your friends and subscribe to
the channel if you haven’t yet. And I’ll catch you guys in the next one!

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  1. Abishek Chandrasekar Post author

    Honor won’t track outdoor cycling for all phones only available in EMUI 5.0 and ios. Correct it.

  2. G d Post author

    Watch face available… In app.. Open, me →my device→watch face → more →recommended→install the watch face….

  3. shubhashish jena Post author

    I dont find the blood oxygen level feature in my honor band 5. Can u tell me where is it or how can I check it . I ve already updated d app n it has been paired with iphone SE.

  4. Akhilesh Chauhan Post author

    Well you can get additional watch faces by making a account on huawei cloud and install huawei services and then reintall huawei health and log in to your huawei cloud account and you will get around 39 watch faces

  5. ponz znop Post author

    does it works with other bluetooth devices ? i have bluetooth boat headset with mic for taking phone calls already connected to phone… now can i able to connect this band additionally via bluetooth ?

  6. safwan khairdi Post author

    Did you face any bluetooth reconnection issue when u are back in range and it still doesnt connect??

  7. Naya L Post author

    More close up when you take a shot the app, please, so that it’ll more readable its feature. And try to test the accuracyof steps, heart rate, calori etc

  8. Boddu Lokesh Post author

    Thank you for the review. The spo2 is showing in my honor band 5 but not showing in my Huawei health app. Please inform how to get spo2 in Huawei health app.

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    Hey can u make a sleep tracker review. Which is better for sleep tracking honor band 5 or mi band 4?

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    Not A single YouTuber is focusing on the fitness mode….pls review each and every activity mode and is outdoor cycling available on this band with my one plus phone….?
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