Honor Band 4 vs Honor Band 4 Running Edition

Hey what’s going on guys the Shivam here. And in this video, we are going to compare the Honor band 4 versus the
running edition. And we will also find out which one is best for you. And you can also watch this video in Hindi
from the top right corner in the info card. Now kicking things off let’s talk about
the design of both of these bands. The Honor band 4 standard edition looks like
very modern looking health tracking band. And we have a 0.95 inch AMOLED
touchscreen display, which is gorgeous. It is also very bright and you can
easily use this in bright sunlight. On the other hand, Honor band 4 running
edition is very sporty looking health band. And it has 0.5 inch black and white
OLED screen. Now the display is not as bright as on the standard edition and you will have some difficulty when using this in bright sunlight. We also don’t get any touchscreen like on the standard edition. But we get this feather touch button
below that to control the device. Now the strap is replaceable and
you can change them when you want. Honor offers single tone blue, black and pink for the Honor band 4. And we have blue, pink, yellow, green and red double tone straps for the running edition. Now if you still don’t like any of those then
you can also go to Aliexpress and get tons of straps to choose from. Coming down to the features, first of all both of these devices are 50 meter water resistant. And then both of these devices come with all the typical health tracking band functionalities like counting steps, calories burned, sleep
monitoring, app notifications, etc. But there are also some key differences
between them. One of the biggest difference between the two is the heart rate monitor. Honor band 4 has a heart rate monitor which can measure your heart rate while the running edition doesn’t have one. But one thing that running edition has over
the standard edition is the running tracking. The Honor band four running edition can guide you for correcting your running posture. It can measure a lot of things like ground impact, steps per minute, contact
time, etc. Which can help you a lot in improving your running skills. The band also come with this little device which you can use to mount this on your
shoe and track all the steps movement. I also did in-depth review on both of these devices which you can find in the top right corner in the info card. But now for the battery life, it is
what you expect from the two. Because of the heart rate detector and AMOLED screen, Honor band four standard edition has
around 14 to 15 days of battery life, while the running edition has
battery life of 20 to 21 days. Now the battery of both of these
devices can perform differently according to what the settings
you keep in the Huawei health app. Moving on to the build quality. Both of these devices are very solid built bands. And you can easily rely on them for quite a long time. I didn’t get any scratches by using
it for a couple of weeks. And if you get some wear and tear on the band, then you can always change the
straps on both of these devices. So the last thing I want to talk
about in this review is the price. And which one would be the best
for you. So the Honor band 4 is priced at the 2600 rupees or $45. And the Honor band 4 running edition is priced at 1600 rupees or $30.00. Which you can check out from the links down below in description. But the way I would recommend these devices would be, if you are looking for a good fitness tracking band with fantastic screen, heartrate monitor and all that, then you should definitely go for the
Honor band 4 standard edition. But if you want to train yourself for
running as a prior purpose of the band or you want something to just count steps and tell your time, a very minimalist approach, then you should go with the Honor band 4 running edition. Now if you’re thinking of buying the Honor band 4 running edition just because you’re a low on
budget, then you shouldn’t do it. You should wait, save some money and get
the Honor band 4 standard edition, if you can. Because for overall usage Honor band
4 standard edition is a better health tracking band. But otherwise, it’s your money, you know how to burn it, Anyways that was today’s video. You can find links to both of these
devices in the description down below. And hope you guys enjoyed it and if you
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