Home Workout that WORKS FAST – (4 Minutes and 4 Moves!!!)

You got 4 minutes? I’m going to show you how 240 seconds can
feel like 2 hours and 40 minutes, or actually, Torture. What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. 240 seconds. How can we make that be a legitimate workout? Well, when you apply what we call Athean Burst
Training, where you’re working strength training into your conditioning, working on getting
your heart rate up. Oh, you can do it, and anybody that’s tried
our stuff before can tell you that. As a matter of fact, today, I am not going
to be talking by the end of this video. So, I’ll do it right now. We have 240 seconds, 4 minutes of activity
here, 1 minute each of 4 different exercises. We call it Torture 240. It also is going to torture your muscles. You will see quickly, again, as you start
to work your way through this. Single Leg Lateral Burpees. I’ll show you what all these look like as
I start doing them. One minute for those. Dumbbell Renegade Press. It’s a Renegade Row with a slight variation
on it and a balance component. Again, athleticism is built into all of our
Athlean Burst Workouts. So, they’re all-encompassing, right? You got to train more than just cardio which
is why we sort of have our whole Burst Training Philosophy. This will execute and show us that. Alternating Side Kickthroughs. An athletic-type movement, conditioning based. You’ll see what we do there. And finally, Jump Tuck Splits, a minute of
those. So, all you need is a stopwatch. You need that one pair of dumbbells to do
exercise number 2. But again, this is what Athlean Burst is. If you haven’t already guys, then head over
to AthleanX.com right now, grab our training program. Burst Training is mixed in with our Strength
Training, and they’re also mixed in with Rest Days because as you see, when you start training
hard, you can’t train for long. And you certainly need to rest and recovery
built in. So, with that said, let’s come over here and
try to work this workout through all the way. So, I got my stopwatch. Again, Single Leg Burpees is where we’re going
to start. And we’re going right into Dumbbell Renegade
Press. So, I start this. I’m going to put it right down there on the
ground. We’re going to come over to the side, hop
down, that leg stays up in the air. Ok. Down, leg up in the air. Ok, so In the Single Leg, there’s a lot of
balance. Ok, down, Burpee, over, and Burpee. Try to make sure you’re breathing. Work on that lateral explosion to the side. Again, athleticism doesn’t occur in one plane,
it occurs in all 3, so you got to train that way. Where am I at? 49, ok one more, a minute. Next, is our our Renegade Press. Set them over here. Row, Row, hop into a balanced position, press
it. What’s difficult is, when I hop in, I’m up
on my toes. So, any lateral balance, I’m either going
to fall forward, to the side or back. Try not to. So, Row, Row, Hop in, Clean them, press. Again, I’m at balance point. Back down, Row, Row. 35-pounders for me here. Two down, two to go. Next, Alternating Side Kickthroughs. In position down here like this and then kick
through. Roll your other arm out. Back up, kick through, roll your other arm
out. There you go. A lot of one-armed, controlled strength needed
here through the shoulders. A lot of side-step work through my legs. One minute. Whew. Saved the best for last. Jump Tuck Splits. So from here, Split, Split, Jump, Tuck. Alright, here we go, finishing it off. 1, 2, in, Jump Tuck. Starting to burn. Whew, couple more. Can’t get them up any more. whew. Can’t even lift them. One minute. If you want to see how you can trade in long
workouts for hard workouts, and get much more effective benefits for your training, then it’s time you start training like an
athlete and join us here on Team Athlean. I’ll see you guys over at AthleanX.com. As I said, I shouldn’t even be talking. I’m going to recover. See you.

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