Home – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

Home – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

– Hello, everyone. Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji. And today I’m coming at you with a very special announcement, something that is very
near and dear to my heart and this year my home. And that is we have a new 30
day yoga journey invitation rolling out to you as of today. (uplifting music) I’m super excited. This is a project that
started six or seven years ago and I can say without a doubt this project has had a
huge influence on my life. This has completely changed my life. And it is a precious, precious opportunity for one, someone, us, to take time to nurture what matters most. So often the time that
we take for ourselves is kind of the first thing to go when things get hectic or busy. And this experience really
helps you prioritize that time and that self-care. In addition, it has come to really embody what I think is so special about this community and this exchange. It really blows my mind actually and has totally cracked open
my heart over the years. And that is kind of the
essence of Yoga with Adriene which is I’m taking care of myself in my little corner of the world while also kind of saying
but I’m also here with you like we’re in this together. We’re all in this together
and I got your back. And I feel like this year’s theme of home really just encapsulates
both of those things in the most beautiful way. And again that’s like I’m
taking care of myself. I’m choosing to honor this time for myself and cultivate you know
more rituals and practices of sustainable care and
this commitment to self-love while also, yeah,
high-fiving across the waves and saying, yeah, we’re in this together. So, here you go. This is your official invitation to join us for 30 days of yoga. This is not a challenge, while it will be challenging absolutely, it is not a challenge. I like to think of it as a story, a ride and we’re gonna write
it and ride it together. So, it’s free. It doesn’t cost a thing. So, we’ve taken that challenge out of it. You can do it in 30
days with everyone live starting on January 1st. Or if you’re coming to it
at a later time in the year, you can pick it up whenever
feels right for you. In addition, you can do
it in 30 days, wham bam, or take your time. When we say do it in 30
days or do it in 365 days, it’s still gonna be a great story. It’s still gonna be a beautiful way to hold yourself accountable and keep checking in with
your body, with your breath. And ultimately, this year, we’re really honing in on what I believe kind of the whole philosophy
of yoga to be all about which is we’re not trying to transform or move towards something, an accomplishment or
something in the future that doesn’t already exist inside. So, we’re not moving towards a goal. We’re actually returning
to what’s already there. So, we’re gonna uncover that together throughout this program. And if you have certain
setbacks, injuries, obstacles, whether it’s, yeah,
something that’s in healing, maybe weak wrists, maybe you’ve had a horrendous
yoga experience in the past, I want you to know that
this experience is designed to help you meet those things head on. And I’m gonna be your humble guide joining you each day and
leading the practice. But ultimately this is a
program that reminds you that you, again, have everything you need and you’re in charge. And what if we could wake up each day feeling closer to that
power, to our inner power? What would our world be like
if we all had that opportunity? So, I hope you will consider joining us. Everything is more fun with friends. So, I hope you will
consider inviting a friend or family member or coworker or neighbor or if you have an enemy, maybe a frenemy, let’s go ahead and invite them too. I truly believe the more
people doing yoga, the better. So, hop on over to sign up for this. Again, it’s free. With each video will come a
daily email from yours truly and this is where we just kind of get into a little bit of the poetry
of yoga and the philosophy. And maybe they’ll be some helpful tips or just some musings on the day. So, it’s meant to kind
of go with your practice. You can read it before or
after, whenever you have time. And I hope you enjoy. Alrighty, so go to
http://www.ywahome.com, sign up, then you’re gonna get all the
juicy details and information, anything you might need. Myself and Benji and the
FWFG team are totally here to answer any questions you might have. Please invite your friends
and use the hashtag #ywahome to share your experience. We are all in this together. I look forward to going on
this journey home with you. Take good care, namaste. (uplifting music)

100 comments on “Home – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

  1. Swetha Naidu Post author

    Ohhhh my goodness. I'm so excited. This project is going to change so many lives. (✷‿✷)


  2. Ritika Jain Post author

    Joining in! I have never practiced yoga before. Been wanting to start since quite a while. Hoping for the best for myself 🙏

  3. Law with Denise Post author

    Thanks Adriene. Over the years your videos have helped me become a happier and healthier woman. Wishing you all good stuff for 2020 and beyond.

  4. Emily Alkema Post author

    Once again, Adriene brings out a theme that matches exactly what I need in my life at the moment. My mother has sold my childhood home so I'm dealing with that now, and reevaluating what home means ❤️

  5. Puppy Talk Consulting Post author

    I did last year's TRUE and it was such a beautiful gift to myself! I am so excited for this and thank you so much for offering it ❤️

  6. Meteaura22 Post author

    Love you Adriene! Happy to be home with you, my friends, my family, my frenemies and even my enemies. Namaste. <3

  7. Pamela Kelly Post author

    Looking forward to this, it will be my first year to try it. My yoga teacher recommended your channel! Do you know what length the daily videos will be? Or will it vary day to day – I want to plan when I will do them so I can try to stick to it at the same time each day!

  8. Tricia Campbell Post author

    I'm currently working through your other 30 days of yoga and it's my favorite part of my day. I am so excited for this. Merry Christmas! ❤

  9. Tintswalo Baloyi Post author

    I’m so excited 😭😭😭 I’ve done the other 2 and they have made such a big difference. I am truly grateful for these.
    Thank you sharing your light with us💕

  10. SamanthaGTV Post author

    I came here specifically in search of this for the new year. I’ve been so inconsistent with my practice this year and need some, well, consistency. So excited!!

  11. Jill Pemberton Post author

    Hey bengi I got a yoga pup her Name is Joaquin and andrienne you have helped me through life sickness and in health and all around the world I’ve told people you are the best yogi …. and you have removed the darkness from my life and brought me back into the light NAMASTE

  12. Madame Mouna Post author

    I'm doing your 30 days of yoga right now and i'm at day 18.should i start with u or complete the first playlist? I'm new at this pratique i'm starting it with u. Big hug from Morocco

  13. annabelroxs1397 Post author

    Adrienne you are my original teacher, any time I ever look for a great yogic experience I always go to you first, not that anyone is lesser, you are just an amazing soul and a very comforting spirit to have in my home with me as I learn the art of yoga.

    I began flowing alone after a couple 30 day practices but began doing just what you said, looking for the transformation and ofcourse, I hurt my back. I am finally able to move freely again but during the healing process everything you ever said came to me and it made so much more sense this time because I finally learned the hard way. I am beyond excited to do this in the new decade, you are such an inspiration, a non judgemental attitude and a complete team player.

    My definition of a leader is a person who is not only motivated and motivates others through that motivation but ensures and takes them along for the ride, a leader makes sure anyone they are leading gets to the top, and becomes as great as they can and even better. A leader is a person who wants others to be better than them wholeheartedly, a leader pushes themselves continuously to keep the bar going higher and higher so we can all climb to our best selves and become leaders. You are a leader.

    I thank you so much for your knowledge and insight, you taught me how to love yoga and more importantly myself, you taught me how relaxing down dogs truly are, the beauty of perseverance, love in any situation, making even 5 minutes, shoot even a minute of time for me, and so many other things. Happy holidays to you, little Benji boo 💞 and your loved ones! May wisdom, strength, abundance, love, and all positive vibrations come to your life this next year !

    And happy holidays to all out there, thank yourselves for believing in you and knowing you are strong and capable, I hope for all your greatest manifestations come to you this coming year! Much love and safety friends 💞🌍💞🌎💞🌏💞

  14. Marsha Rosales Post author

    SO HYYYYPE!!!!! I look forward to it and try to enlist my friends every year! I'm so ready ❣️❣️❣️

  15. Alena Post author

    Every year I tell myself that I will make your new year challenge. Every year I wasn'nt able to make it. Maybe 2020 is THE year.

  16. Barbara Lowe Post author

    I love you adriene! 😭 you're the best. I'm so going to do this with everyone, a very lovely beginning to the new year 💝 I'm going to start school on the sixth, so I'll try to my best to meet with you every morning or before bed ❣️

  17. My Berglund Post author

    So, so, so excited! Tons of my friends and family get stuck into the challenge each year. The name is fantastic 🙂

  18. VirginiaWhiteRose Post author

    I am looking forward to it! I've been practicing with you since last autumn and your calming presence as well as your yoga practices helped me to feel better, become stronger and more flexible, and take care of myself. Thank you!

  19. ola wilkinson Post author

    I had ankel operation last May and stopped doing Yoga. I think am ready to join you again on this 🙂

  20. Kingofhell Post author

    Adrienne, thank you for everything you do! Im ready to start new year with you and other amazing people!! 💓

  21. Agoraphobication Post author

    How do you always know?! You always know exactly what we need. I'm moving to another country early in the new year, so I'll be redefining what "home" means to me throughout January (as well as doing some soul searching about my life and what I want to do with it next). This theme is absolutely perfect for me at this time of change in my life – a grounding, a reminder that we carry home inside us no matter where our physical bodies are. A reconnection to the familiar inside of us in unfamiliar environments. You always know, Adriene. Can't wait to begin!

  22. Samah Nassek Post author

    Thank you @Adriene 💖 Thanks to you, I’m learning to dedicate time to myself regardless of life’s pressure and duties 🙏
    Thank you again and I wish you a very pleasant holidays 🥰

  23. This and That with Denise Jordan Post author

    Looking forward to it, Adrienne. Thank you for the invitation. I’ll meet you on the mat.

  24. My Plate Review Post author

    Yay!! Its that time of the year finally!! So excited to join the YWA Family yet again for this beautiful journey. All the best everyone. Love you Adriene ❤️

  25. a1kommunikation Post author

    Thank you for great yoga. You and the lovely way you are has helped me a lot of times through both happy and deficult times. You help me keep my balance and focus on, what’s important. Thank you so much. ❤️
    I’m in the happy situation, that I’m giving bearth to a son on monday. Is there any of your positions, that I can’t perform, when I’ve had z-section? 💙
    With love all the way from Denmark.

  26. LadyNeal 81 Post author

    I am so ready for this!! I found her videos earlier this year and did all the 30 days and I’m ready to do one in real time!!!! My life has changed so much because of learning yoga from her

  27. Gracie James Post author

    I am so excited for this! I have grown so much through doing yoga in 2019, and I can't wait to challenge myself more in 2020!

  28. Cristina Gutierrez Post author

    Last year’s ‘Dedicate’ was an amazing journey, incredibly meaningful and challenging. It changed my life in a difficult time. I am so excited and reaaally curious about this year’s journey. It seems as if I’m embarking on a loving trip with an old friend. Keep spreading love and changing lives. May these Holidays come full of love and health to all of us. Namaste Adriene.

  29. Dani Happy Farms Louisiana Post author

    Confession: sometimes I put on a video of Adriene's and just do my own thing. Her voice is so soothing and encouraging. It feels like home already. Anyone else do this? Love love this community. Best. Comment. Section. Ever. Looking forward to another 30 day challenge.

  30. Agnes Jeppesen Post author

    Thank you Adriene. I needed a reminder that my better self is not in the future, but she is right here already.

  31. Adrian Maher Post author

    Hi Adriene, This is the first time I have ever commented on your site but after watching this I want to share how much this resonates with me at the moment. I turn 60 next year and after decades of giving to others as a nurse, wife, daughter, sister mother, granny, I am totally burnt out and am challenged to take some time for myself without feeling guilty about it. I have been following your videos from the start and I so look forward to my time with you each morning as we workout together. So as I begin my 60th decade on this earth I have stopped working and am in the process of removing all the negative people from my life who sap my energy (hard to do when they are very close loved ones) but I need to put up boundaries to care for myself. Thank you for your beautiful encouragement – it always gets me when you say "I've got your back".

  32. Nina Namaste Post author

    Adriene is the type of person you meet for the first time and randomly tell her your whole life story, start crying and sobbing and when you leave you are like what the hell just happened?

  33. Megan Parreira Post author

    Moving back to my hometown so this is the perfect theme for me. It's a new place but I'm feeling like I'm going home! I'm excited to get started!

  34. Kylee Lewman Post author

    I am so excited! I just finished Dedicate today, and that last day is so liberating and wonderful, putting the lessons from all videos together on our own! I’m far from home now, so this new journey, I am so excited and grateful for! Thank you, Adriene & Benji ♥️

  35. theFitty Post author

    ah, it's happening again! I remember doing the 30 day yoga challenge about 3 years ago (omg has it really been 3 years?!) I got so emotional on the last day :') I really felt like you were a part of my day everyday. And this year, I've officially been certified and even released a few yoga follow along videos (and pilates) of my own ^^

    Namaste, all Yogis! Namste, Adriene. <3

  36. Alexandra Post author

    Hi Adriene! I keep wondering, how does doing yoga in the morning compare to doing it at night? I can’t wait to start the 30 days!! Xx

  37. Alexandra Post author

    What’s so interesting is that for the majority of the 30 days I will be at my parents house for holiday, but by the end of the “journey home” I’ll be back in New York for college.

  38. Christina Bina Post author

    Hey Adriene, after so many years, to me this has been the most gentle, most beautiful 'find what feels good' invitation I have received from you. Last year was the first time I did the 30 days in 30 days and I did it while pregnant. This year, I will have my 8 months old daughter with me, probably trying to touch the laptop and making it very difficult for me. Maybe, I will practice in the evenings when she is asleep. I hope this will guide me back to a daily practice. Thank you Adriene for having my back!

  39. Krista Solovjova Post author

    Thank you, Adrienne! It's a great idea for starting the new year. I have had a downer this December, not unusual for me, and this – I hope it starts my year on the right foot. (:

  40. Sugey Cubero Post author

    I love how you take your time with your yoga practice. It helps me learn how to focus on what my body is saying ❤️ you are awesome Adriene

  41. Jabami Yumeko Post author

    Adrienne, Sorry for my bad english, I am in Madagascar, I just want to thank you for all you've done for me even you don't know me. In my country yoga is not something that many people do: Here yoga is something rich people can afford to.. It costs a lot of money just to go to a class. I just did not know how to cope with stress anxiety, and with life in general. I started yoga 4 monhs ago with you. And I feel way much better about myself my body and my life. This is more than just workout. There is omething different going on with my life. Last week I started 30 days yoga with you and i am on day 11; i will probably do this one in the middle of the next year. Love from Madagascar 🙂

  42. Michael Dwiggins Post author

    Thank you Adriene for these videos. They have been the rope holding me to sanity for the past 3 years as a brother loses the battle of addiction. Looking forward to this series and this community of beautiful people to continue my journey back to normality.

  43. StorMorot Post author

    It's always nice to watch one of the greatest personalities in the world. Apart from Benji, Adriene is also quite awesome.

    Seriously – I found you just a few months ago and recently started with yoga. Your likeable personality, pedagogy and warmth is so genuine and motivating. It makes me feel fantastic despite my bad knees and severe depression.

    Starting the new decade with 30 Days of Yoga seems like the right thing to do. I'm in! Thank you so much for everything you do! You deserve every praise you get, and then some more.

    Happy new year!

  44. MaryAnn Post author

    Caitlin sent me here. I've been overweight for 3 years because of my thyroid and PCOD. So i want to challenge myself. Also love your dog <3

  45. Noelle Richards Post author

    I've been doing your on and off for years and you are my only yoga source but I have not done a bit of yoga for over a year for various reasons (and excuses). This will be the first time I will tune in daily so that I can participate in the journey. Can't wait!

  46. Barbara River Post author

    I already signed up and I'm so excited! Yoga with Adriene has been helping me so much and all of Adriene's videos are simply amazing! Thank you Adriene, for everything! 2020 will certainly be a wonderful year to all of us! Hope you have a very happy new year! 🎉Namaste❤

  47. SandraR MULMills Post author

    I do not join in with a 30-day yoga every year but I will aim to do it in 2020 and in preparation while I have some days off from work I am slowly working through the foundations of yoga 41 videos on a playlist that really allow me to individually complete each pose and the sequences that complete each of those poses with you Adriene and anyone else #YWA
    Namaste: )

  48. Kitija Krūmiņa Post author

    The timing of this couldn't be more perfect. I need me some yoga with Adriene time soooo much right now. I've been doing these for 4 years now. Thank you so much Adriene! Much love and light to you, my friend. Looking forward to the next journey with you and Benji.

  49. Bry Pinchie Post author

    Been a visitor to your channel for only 5 or 6 months, but I am finding the truth in “find what feels good” now. I’ve lost about 20 lbs, have a flexibility and stability I never imagined I could have. I have even mustered a few sirsasana poses (hope I spelled that right lol, headstand thingo). To the point lol, I am so happy that I decided to give Yoga with Adriene a try because it’s now a part of my life and the benefits are absolutely endless! I cherish my sessions with Adriene and of course Benji ❤️Thank you For sharing your passion with us!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  50. Makissa Post author

    Wow I was getting emotional over this. Can't wait to start the new year out with this series. Much love from Malaysia!

  51. Sidne Jay Post author

    currently doing the 30 day challenge: Dedicate. can’t wait to start Home. you’re awesome Adrienne!! thanks for making showing up on the mat worth it every session!

  52. Linnéa Post author

    This years theme couldn't be more fitting for me. A week ago I moved back after five months of exchange studies and I am still trying to figure out what HOME actually means. I am starting to believe that it is less about a physical place and more about something else. I am looking forward to this journey so much. The best of luck to all of you!

  53. mary mulligan Post author

    I am in .! ! …did this last year ….was Amazing …! … My mind lightened and Boy my body shape changed so much …Ahimsa xxx

  54. Kristina Chernikova Post author

    What a beautiful gift for New Years!! My birthday is on January 1st, and I can’t wait to start yoga again with you and millions of other amazing people in your community. Thank you for what you do 🙏🏻💞


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