Hip Abduction and Aduction Machine

Hi, my name’s Tori Gusewelle. I’m a personal trainer here at the SIU rec
center. I’m going to be explaining how to do the hip
abduction and adduction. So you’re gonna place your feet on these little
feet holders, pull this yellow knob until you can bring your knees together, and then
release it. Go ahead and grab ahold of the two handles,
and you’re gonna use the outside of your thighs to press the pads apart as far as your flexibility
allows, and then slowly bring them back in. You wanna exhale as you bring your legs apart,
inhale as they come back together. This is the hip adduction machine. So you’re gonna first place your feet on the
feet holders, pull on this yellow handle again, and extend out as far as your flexibility
allows. Then you’re gonna use the inside of your thighs
and bring those pads together, and then gently release. You wanna exhale as you bring your knees together
this time, inhale as you release.

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