HIIT WORKOUT ABS – 10 Quick Exercises ➟ Get a Flat Stomach – No Equipment Home Workout

HIIT WORKOUT ABS – 10 Quick Exercises ➟ Get a Flat Stomach – No Equipment Home Workout

welcome to this hiit workout for abs. today
we will be working your stomach to burn fat off of there. we will be working on your deep
core muscles. we will be working on your obliques. these three muscles together pretty much make
up your entire abs and if you don’t work them, you’re not going to have the abs that you
want. we’re starting off with side bends. your core is engaged and you’re just leaning
from side to side. you’re popping your knee. this is a really basic way to get your abs
and your hips and your waist ready to work even though nobody really wants to do these
exercises. but we have to do them. its just one of those things. toe touches. you’re going
to keep your core engaged and you’re going to try to touch your toes. this is one where
you want to be careful. you dont want to do this too quickly. you want to do this slowly
otherwise youre going to get dizzy and you’re going to fall over and that’s not cute. do
your best to stay standing. do your best to go slowly. do your best to make it through
this warm up. because we havent even started the workout yet. next up, warrior reaches. you’re going to
do that funny thing that youga instructors do. i know. just put your hands up and lean
from side to side. keep your abs engaged. i keep saying keep those abs engaged because
it is very important. the last warm up is hip swings. your stomach is sucked in and
you’re just popping your knees. *singing* first exercise of the day is hollow body holds.
keep your back on the floor. your lower back should be on the floor at all times. suck
in your abs. keep your abs sucked in and engaged. that was good!you made it. next up we have jumping jacks. you already
know how to do this one. so im just going to be over here watching you. praying for
you. sending you good feelings. you can do this! keep going. get on the floor. you’re going to do plank
reaches. keep those abs engaged and just raise your hands one at a time

54 comments on “HIIT WORKOUT ABS – 10 Quick Exercises ➟ Get a Flat Stomach – No Equipment Home Workout

  1. Kayley G Post author

    How long does it take for this workout to become effective in other words to get a flat stomach❤️💗

  2. serena's journey Post author

    I have one question: how many times should i do these workouts to see results??💕

  3. No Time To Slumber Post author

    Hey Mr. Cool!! I call him that because of the shirt he wore in your recent video of you n husband n toddler opening the Youtube box.

    Any post partum excercises from you??

  4. راسي عنيد وقلبي حديد ومشكلجي حته الوريد Post author

    تمارين رااااائعه

  5. منال manal Post author

    شكراً للترجمة
    و كتابة العنوان بالعربي
    Thank you so much 💜💜💜💜

  6. iza0stella Post author

    I am definitely going to try this workout !:) But probably in a month or so because I’ve started to eat healthy and finally am working out! But thx for your videos you can always motivate someone:)

  7. shanti sree Post author

    I like ur smile.. 😍 u always doing total video with smile for us.. Thank u babe

  8. My Music Yip Post author

    Wow! With Chinese subtitles 🖒 but part of screen, postures is covered by the black background of the subtitles 😕

  9. Deborah Motley Post author

    How many times out of a week should a person do this to see results? Love your videos <3

  10. Stephanie Shanonn Post author

    I love your wider hips video and I’m definitely going to try this. I don’t mind my weight but I just want to look more toned and thick yknow 🙂 thank you for your wonderful workouts and motivational pep talks during those videos it really helps ❤️

  11. Irish Puno Post author

    Thanks for another useful video!!!! 💜 Do you have any videos on how to engage your core?

  12. Abigail-Elizabeth Monroe Post author

    Can you please do an inner thigh exercise video please? Also, I notice that I am gaining muscles but I am not losing the fat in my thighs. What should I do????????????

  13. karissa wheeler Post author

    I love the voiceover commentary on all of your videos! Makes it fun to listen to while I’m doing them. And for some reason it motivates me even more

  14. ZOo0o0oOZ Post author

    تمارينها سلسة ونتائجها مضمونة..فأنا دوما أتريض على فيديوهات هذه المراة الخفيفة الظل 🤓

  15. Diana Garcia Post author

    Its difficult to workout when you're laughing at what you're saying and then your little boy who joined the workout…lol…hes so cute!

  16. Aso F Post author

    شكرا ع الترجمه لقد استفد منك كثيراً كنت انسخ عناوين الفيديو واترجمه

  17. k lanabi Post author

    Hello .. i have a question ^^
    U do have so many abs exercises vids .. wgat is the diffrence between them !? Which should i follow to get a flat belly ?!

  18. Brittany Ebbs Post author

    Hi, I absolutely love your workouts and totally notice results but can you please include the preview of the exercise like in your other videos 🙏🏽 I struggle to get into position quick enough 😅

  19. Tere Avila Post author

    Been doing this intermittent for two months and just eating a little bit less and the results are cool.💛✨ Thank you Koboko💜


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