Healthy Blender Recipes – Blender Salad In A Vitamix

Healthy Blender Recipes – Blender Salad in
a Vitamix Hi you guys, its Laura here from,
some of you might know that I’m a huge fan of blender salads. I like to put my produce
in a blender, blend it and drink it. It’s a great way to have your vitamins on the go.
Well, recently I splurged and bought myself a Vitamix and I’m so happy I did. It’s a phenomenal
machine and it’s a great thing to have if you like to make blender salads, protein smoothies,
or you can cook a lot of things in the Vitamix. The Vitamix is really cool because what the
Vitamix does is it breaks open the cell walls of the produces and it releases more nutrients,
more vitamins, more minerals and more antioxidants from the foods. So it gives you the benefit
of juicing, but it keeps all the fiber and the pulp in which I really like to have. So,
let me show you how to make my blender salad in a Vitamix. It’s a little bit different
how you have to layer it so that things don’t get caught in the blade. So, there are two
cups of water in here already, and I’m going to use the same seven ingredients that I’ve
talked about before. You can switch it up though! I just happen to like this combination
a lot. So I have two cups of spinach here. Put that in first. You put the lighter ingredients
in first. Then I have two stalks of kale. I just broke them in half, and just “smush”
those in. One whole tomato. One Persian cucumber, I just cut in half. You can also use a half
of a whole cucumber if you want to, you don’t have to use a Persian cucumber. So, now I’ll
start processing this, and I’ll add the other ingredients after. So, you just use the tamper
to push it down and you start on variable 1 and work your way up. Then you start processing.
So now I’m going to put the other ingredients in and mix them in. Now I’ll put in celery,
two stalks, a lemon peeled and a beet cut in half. The beet is the hardest thing to
process so I put that in last. Then do the same thing, start on Variable 1 and work your
way up. Tamper the ingredients down. Now I’m going to turn it on high and let it process
for like 30 seconds so that it gets really juicy and then I’ll be back. So there you
have it. I processed this for like 30 seconds and it makes this wonderful blender salad.
I then take it in these “to go” cups because like to tote it around with me when I’m running
around. If you like it colder, you can add a little ice to it if you want to. Also, if
you want to make it a little bit “sweeter” what’s really good is a half an apple. You
can use a half a gala apple or half a green apple if you want to. You can play around
with the ingredients to see what you like. It’s really a great way to add a lot of extra
fiber to your diet, not to mention all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that you’re
getting. So try the blender salad. If you can, get yourself a Vitamix, I highly recommend
getting one!

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