12 comments on “Hard Gainer Extreme | Product Overview & Benefits

  1. Homeshredded Post author

    This stuff is great. Been using it for years. I've put on so much lean mass on over the years. This is so much better than those nasty high sugar weight gainers. They make you so fat if your not carful. I've always stayed lean on this. I started out at 9 stone and am now a lean 14 stone. Check out my channel if you want to see my before and after.

    Big shout and and thank you to Myprotein for all there awesome supplement range! ­čÖé

  2. CamYoung Fitness Post author

    I was wondering if u can take this more than once a day? Eg When I wake up and if when I get back from gym, I go to gym everyday pretty much.

  3. bang shot Post author

    im skinny and iv previously used serious mass but that didnt really help me, do you recommend this to gain musccle and mass and size

  4. Mpampis Sougias Post author

    Dos this give you weight ? I dont whatnt to get any wright juzt buld more muscle


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