Gym Locker Room Shower Prank

Dialing… Dialing… Good evening! Thank you for calling me cancer which I am This is Christine Uh, hey Christine, How’s it going? I have a.. uh.. problem I want to talk to
somebody about I don’t know what’s happening…uh…Who can i talk to about the issue i had in the locker rooms? Certainly our General manager has actually of the office for the moment but I would
be happy to take or register your concern or suggestion and i’ll have him to give you a call back if you like? Um maybe. maybe could gimme some
advice to Uh..uh you just the operator? what do you do you do dere? I’m one of the managers here. (: Oh. you one of the managers? Yes absolutely. all right excellente I was in the locker
room the other day after a hard workout and I don’t know what happened but I was
changing you know trying to shower and clean up and i was i was you know naked in
in the men’s locker room which is a normal thing right? like getting ready and there was a guy
in there I think his name was John you know what
happened he came up to me he’s like oh you got something on your leg there
there and I just stood there not really know what the n**** wanted so I’m just
standing there and he ends up touching my genitals and as if he’s wiping something off but nothing was there and then he ended up just straight up cupping my
ball sac and after that I just kind of stood
there be like man what the fuck you doing dog and then after that he walked away but I don’t know what it’s been creeping me the hell out all night you
know I be sitting here thinking man what what is going on like I am freaked the
fuck out right now you know I came in as a guest my first time coming to the gym and I
like the facility and all but I don’t know what’s happening… and was this
someone that you had met before, or this is a complete stranger that just
approached you and attempted to just sort of invade your privacy it sounded like? Yeah, yeah. He was just some random guy as if he was trying to be like a good Samaritan you know what i’m sayin’? like, he came up to me. He’s like you got somthing on your leg right? so he kinda touched my leg, right just to rub lil’ something off. And then, he touches the shaft of my unit and brushes something off, but nothings there right? so i’m standing there like “what the fuuuck” then, this n**** goes ahead, and essentially just takes his hand like a cup formation, pretends like you trying to drink some water. Right? like you pouring some water into your palms and go schhllp. Right? that’s what he did and. POP right under my
nut sack.. **Pause** I’m sorry to hear that, sir that is completely inappropriate, and absolutely unacceptable Absolutely! so what am i what can we do? Can you check the security Tapes or something, and find this n**** and fucking do something? let me see if there’s something that we can do to assist you.
May i just have you first name please? Okay, Tyrono – T – Y Rone…. Last name- okay and um Oh i’m sorry just your first name is needed. Let me place you on a brief hold, our general manager just walked in, i can have him uhm. speak with you… may i place you on a brief hold, Tyrone? Yeah, yeah go ahead (: Thank you. *Hold Music* *Hold Music* This is Ray, is this Tyrone? uh yeah, how you doing? so, what’s your name? can you speak a little bit you sound a little bit low on, on my end. Uhm, Yeah this is Ray i’m the general manager, and this is tyrone? Yeah, this is Tyrone. O-okay, I can hardly hear ya. But uh okay. Oh what’s the issue? am i too is something wrong with the quality? Paul want now i’m ready same arising
what you do is you hear me now gun I’m a qu qu me hey help anything hello agent Tyrone yeah ok ok I can hear
me now all better okay I how you doing Kelly ok did you know so she explained to you
what happened you were guests in the club in what way to come in and get two years
ago ok so on saturday was the scene in club
what time you coming – yeah I am a light like three o’clock is on
three time clock yeah and we in the West area that you
know by the shower area or in locker room oh yeah I was just getting out of
the shower area right you know i was just doing so much junk was just hanging
out there i guess i don’t know this man was it was a gate descent that’s what is that how they say it and
he came up to me so yeah you got someone you’d like to hear that time I just
stood there thinking like what’s happening your ceiling ok and then at the time I
don’t know how to react so I just stood there right so he starts like with some of my legs
I’m look like it off the shower your say-so all of a sudden he starts he starts
moving and touching the shaft of my way you’re saying and after that i’m like
man what’s going on man and he’s like here oh ok I got it was like there was
nothing there it’s like all yeah it was you just missed it this is a Caucasian male maybe a lil sip
it look like a complication african-american yeah you can occur caucasian probably about 57 blond hair
and blue eyes who want one here you blonde hair blue
us for blonde here how old will be he would maybe 40 be one
of them people that we see no up there ok he was wearing skinny no we don’t
have a plan and carry it was wearing skinny jeans very very defined across
his MO day out he may have the key may have been of
great descent ok for all right you can describe lot of different people are now
we don’t have cameras in an area of this think a lot of people may be almost 600
to say i have a blockhead – I was skinny jeans I you know I we
have several thousand members and get Rick and through the door and daily
basis for your body type of my security footage of song because it is we don’t
know what would you do if you stand there some more sucking stroking your
way you know since we’re man should treat me
out I was fatigued yes I just had a hard-ass work out
drippin sweat cop out of the shower somebody approached me with this USA I
really like the facility like 110 can’t so what do you think the yard the best
course of action is right now while picking identify and that something that
we can take them honestly we actually call party involved helping small town
and whatnot i sat on this for a couple days you know
think it was creeping me out you know in Western doctors where I was
born and raised I used to spend most of my days in the playground chillin out
relaxing all cool no soon be more side of the school this
guy came up to me you know up to no good started looking at
touching my manhood what to do what you want to come in that tomorrow we can
look at the video camera I may well you know i’m just doing some
investigating and then get i’ll call you back to see what we can do all right and what what you’re like me
and Cara biggums biaggi calls but I’m sure it’d be I chichi you miss the call
me mr. victims in the United stop being a boy he is a boy is sent to somebody
work g g as in girl you as a ukulele am as a
man who is as it sexually harassed it’s big and okay all right Jones so if
you want to come and take a look at that video you can do that but obviously we have to
know i was just your with it really hurt me you’re saying I was just letting you
know I walked out of there not know where you know disoriented you know i
whistled for a cab when it came near the license plate said fresh and the dice in
the mirror and I anything I thought this guy was really thought man forget it
let’s just get some fresh air you don’t say and I was just trying to get a
breather man shit really fucked me up inside he said you were coming out of the
shower and this person approached you yeah he said that something’s on your
leg and using it like a father sent me a speech last year in touched your
genitals yeah he was managed sorry man shouldn’t
be out right now I’m just thinking about it sorry Mandy saying he can talk now he
was just longer kind of God he was just kinda like if you could pretend pretend
my unit was like a bobblehead ok he was just petting it like pity
population was some kind of spring-loaded action just watching this
shit big booty bounce soon right clock ticking down if you want to give
me a call if you want come down and we set the time to look at the video on
Saturday bit if you can verify with the person hears it from you terrified the
person honestly up I will thank you i appreciate you how
I’m calling to thank you all right I notice ok I don’t know what the hell is that you
get that fresh fresh bread shit

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