Green Smoothie Recipe by Ninja Ultima™ Blender | Lean Green Ninja

Hi.  I’m Caitlin, with Ninja Kitchen, and
I’m here to show you my favorite smoothie, the Lean Green Ninja.
The Ninja Ultima Blender is perfect for green smoothies, and here’s why.
The top Total Crushing blade is going to break down your ingredients, including ice, for
those cool nutrient juices.  But your bottom, High Speed Cyclonic Blade is what’s really
going to break down all of those greens into a drinkable smooth consistency.
Now let me show you.  I’m going to add some really nutritious and delicious ingredients.
I’m going to start with mangos and pineapples, which are full of vitamin C, which are great
for your immune system. Bananas, which are full of potassium.  And
the star ingredients, my greens.  So I have kale, and spinach, which have great health
properties, including anti-inflammatory and anti oxidants.
And it’s got a little punch of iron. I’m going to sprinkle in some flax seeds.
So if you’ve ever tried to make a green smoothie with flax seeds in a traditional
blender, you know that it lacks the speed and blade power in order liquify all those
ingredients. With these flax seeds, I’m adding a little
boost of omega-3 fatty acids. I’m going to add a little bit of water,
for some hydration.  And I’m going to add some ice cubes, because everyone wants a cool
refreshing drink. I’m going to go ahead and blend this until
I reach my desired consistency. Look at that.  In just a matter of seconds,
I get a great green smoothie.  And look at these results.  Silky smooth consistency,
and it’s full of vitamins and minerals. It’s quick. It’s easy.  It’s few ingredients.
 It’s my go to recipe in the morning. Find this recipe and more at
To your health

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