Glute Medius – The Weakest Muscle in Your Lower Body!

Glute Medius – The Weakest Muscle in Your Lower Body!

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, I’m going to show you today how to address
the most underdeveloped, weakest muscle in your lower body, bar none. By doing so, we’re going to help to improve
your big lifts. Like the squats, dead lifts, and certainly
any single leg activity because the muscle group that we’re talking about here today
is the glute medius. Unless you’re having a concerted effort in
your programming to train this muscle, you’re probably not doing it and you’re leaving yourself
exposed to a lot of other damage down the kinetic chain. Most of that in the knees because we know
that if you have weakness and instability up at the hips it’s going to affect the position
of the knees and that most often will result in too much torque, and pain, and injury in
the knee. So what we can do for the glute medius is,
we can do this in a lot of different ways. The first way to do it is to get up here against
the wall, okay? Lift up your leg here. This is not the leg we’re actually working
because in order to get the glute medius, what we want to be able to do is abduct the
hip straight out to the side. Now, when we do a closed chain it looks a
little different than it would traditionally as people know as abduction of the hip. This way. Straight out to the side. Well, when we do with our foot fixed on the
ground and you drop the hip out to the side, you’re actually squeezing in. you can see if I kept it going it’s not different
with the hip ending up out here on the outside of my body. So you will just allow yourself to get lazy. Drop down to the side. Allow your hips to drop down in this direction. The only thing that can actually bring them
back up now if you do this right is the contraction right here of the glute medius, leaving it
straight across. Sideways. You should feel it tightening right here in
the hip. Right in the butt. You come straight across and you try to lift
your hips up even a little bit more at an angle this way. You feel the squeeze, you let it drop and
get lazy. Feel the squeeze, let it drop and get lazy. If you can’t do 20 of these in a really slow,
contracted way, squeezing every single time without the burn becoming something you can’t
even tolerate, then you really, really have weak hips. Even doing exercises like the squat when you’re
being told to keep your knees out as you go down is going to become very difficult for
you and is going to be somewhat problematic when you try to keep your knees healthy when
you’re doing squats. But you guys know that there’s different levels
for different people. We can make this more difficult by adding
some resistance. So if we find that our athletes are strong
enough in the bodyweight version then we add the ball. What we’re doing here now, is picking our
hip up into this ball and we’re doing the same thing. We’re going to drop down, but what we’ve now
added is resistance. As I try to drive across I have to push against
the resistance of this ball, which is making this a hell of a lot more difficult. So you try to drive across, again, this is
slow and controlled. Drop the hip down and out, and then drive
across. Down and out, and drive across until it’s
level again, or even a little bit up. This becomes much more difficult. Again, the target here is, can you do 20 in
a nice, slow, controlled fashion without it causing you so much pain your hip that you
have to stop? Maybe you’re even stronger than that. That’s a good thing because we want to make
sure that we’re keeping those knees healthy and you’ve got to get strong enough to do
that. You can go the full level here, which is adding
a band. You put it right up around your hips and you
anchor it. Depending on how far away you stand, and how
much resistance is in this band, you’ve now made this exercise even more difficult as
you try to overcome the resistance of the band. So the idea is, regardless what level you’re
at remember; there’s no other way to strengthen this muscle group unless you’re directly working
it. you’re not going to hit it through your squats,
you’re not going to hit it through your dead lifts, but those exercises are still going
to be severely impacted by your ability to have a strong hip in order to perform them
at their best. Guys, I hope you’ve found this video helpful. If you’re looking for a training program that
doesn’t overlook muscle groups – because we know they’re all important, they’re there
for a reason – you’ve got to make sure you’re strengthening them all, and you’re strengthening
them the right way, getting them to work the way that they want to work together. Head to right now and get our
ATHLEANX training system. In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below and let me know what you want to see
here. We hit 2 million, guys. I really appreciate all of your support for
helping us get to this point, but I am committed to making sure that we’re going to not slow
down here. We’ll continue to give you the best information
we can find anywhere on YouTube. All right, guys. I’ll be back here in just a few days to hopefully
do that yet again. All right, guys. See you soon.

100 comments on “Glute Medius – The Weakest Muscle in Your Lower Body!

  1. ollvi Post author

    no wonder i have pain in my right knee when doing single leg movements, because my right glute medius is much weaker than my left

  2. Asd Dassl Post author

    What is wrong with just good old Jane Fonda leg raises? Much easier to use a band to add resistance

  3. Eugene Sedita Post author

    I've been following you for many years and always useful information important not just for hypertrophy but for athletic fitness which is at the base of all athletic and health initiatives. Thanks , gene

  4. Alston K Post author

    I have a pair of very strong legs which enables me to do 300 pounds squat. However, I still had a knee injury. I was confused until I found this video

  5. Sunny Sebastian Post author

    If your glut min is already seized, should you do this exercise or only do it to strengthen it to avoid it getting knotted in the first place? Great Channel!

  6. LongBoarder Anonymous Post author

    No need to go to Salsa or Dance classes. Just gonna push my hips against the wall and until my back throws out. That way I won't embarrass myself in front of others on the dance hall. Hips don't lie 😂, but I do cry from agony.

  7. Raines Faigafa Post author

    Love the video!! Very helpful and useful information. But I just can’t keep myself from laughing whilst watching 😂

  8. Clinton Boucheix Post author

    Hey Jeff, I'm just getting into this exercise seriously. I have some lifelong grinding on my right knee and I want to fix it before it becomes a debilitating problem.

    The challenge with exercise is a nerve pain in my foot. I fractured a bone in my foot some time in my teens and depending what kind of exercises I do, I get this painful jab right around where the fracture was and a little below towards my Little toe.

    I've been doing these glute med exercises but I notice I'm getting this painful jab in my foot show up throughout my day. How do I train this and minimize the nerve pain? And why exactly would this be flaring it up? It's the outer bone in my left foot above my pinky toe.

  9. Suraj Gosai Post author

    in which leg are we supposed to feel the squeeze? the one towards the wall or the other leg?

  10. Julie Post author

    Superb information again. I have a knee problem, flaring up when jogging – I've had to stop completely. the physio hasn't even MENTIONED going glute exercises and I now have a hunch that THIS is the problem. Your exercises are going to reap me some tangible benefits I think. Much appreciated.

  11. Ryan S Post author

    Hi Jeff, I have weak hip/knee ankle mechanics, should i start with rehab exercises before attempting the squat and dead lift? My knees crack and my feet are flat along with hip pain.

  12. Summer Castillo Post author

    Can we do other exercises besides that one like the side leg raise and clams

  13. goalposthead79 Post author

    i must either be doing it wrong or have really good muscle development in this area because i dont feel this at all!

  14. gnote206ify Post author

    My hips won't relax after the third time doing it, will it eventually relax if I keep going?

  15. M Stevenson Post author

    Jeff, there’s an Athlean XX video about getting rounder glutes. I’m not so keen on the video lesson. Please please ensure that the content addresses these smaller and often overlooked muscles around the glute Maximus! Your product’s name is on these videos for women but — quite honestly — the quality of the lessons and info is nowhere near as good as on your channel here.

    Take a look

  16. Ben Janson Post author

    I gotta hand it to you Jeff you know what your on about, I keep getting running injury’s so I got a running analysis done, turns out my hips are super weak causing most of the problem and the physio recommended this exact exercise.

  17. Summer Castillo Post author

    This is no damn joke I am literally up to 80 on each side and they burn like hell during and after im done with them for like a minute after I do them with the ball. Now I'm gonna upgrade to the band. HELL YEAH!!!!

  18. Summer Castillo Post author

    Question I have the athlean x program do I have to do this exercise as a additional exercise or just follow the program

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    Oh no, he didn't, taking off the panties is no no, aren't we making enough fun of him already for the shirts???

  22. Elaine Peacock Post author

    Love it! Having tightness in my hip flexor to the point walking becomes painful. Could use some suggestions please 🙂 Also, is AthleanXX for women connected to your program?

  23. WJT SHANE Meijer Post author

    Bar none? what kind of lift is this? 0 weight and just a bar or am I just an idiot?

  24. K wal Post author

    Another homerun video by Jeff "The Stud" Cavelier himself!! Jeff is the shit! Listen to him guys!

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    I have bad back and have to wait to long in between workouts sometimes. Please do a video for advise on working out with prior lower back injury. Thanks in advance from a loyal subscriber.

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    This video pissed me the fuck off because I don’t understand what the fuck he’s doing it doesn’t work for me

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    After watching a few of your videos, I’ve finally realized why my lower back has been bothering me for so long! Weak glutes! It’s affected my back, my IT bands and my knees. Thanks for this awesome information!

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    Good video as always. A quick question though…..
    Do you find a benefit to working the gluteus medius this way, as opposed to doing the leg lateral/abduction raises mentioned in the beginning of the video? Or is this just an "easier" option, as in less equipment needed? Thanks!

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    I want to do that sir but i cant see the proper set of my foot.. I wish you have a video from foot and up

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  33. Max Power Post author

    Aug 24 2019: I just did these! 20 on each side. WOW, Afterwards felt like I was unstable to walk for about two seconds. LOL. Great knowledge! Thank you Mr.C!

  34. Damon Macready Post author

    All the muscle groups are important. They are there for a reason! Comment of the year! Thumbs up!

  35. Pleroma Post author

    Awesome video I assumed the medius was worked during my squats im havin knee issues by the way 49 years old

  36. The Viewer Post author

    My right hip has always hurt for some reason and I tried to fix it with a lot of things, stretches, other exercises. This exercise just now eradicated a problem I've had for 5 years, in 5 minutes.

  37. jklfds85 Post author

    This is not a problem only body builders have. I am a runner and I messed up my knees just by running with weak glutes. THANK God for people who enlighten us like this guy. After I started working on my glutes, my knees felt better, literally within DAYS!!!


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