Glute activation exercise – Clams

Glute activation exercise – Clams

Dom McKay musculoskeletal therapist
today I’m going to be showing you two different ways of doing a clam exercise
now clams activate your gluteus medius muscle which sits on the outside of your
hip so if you’re suffering from any sort of hip issue lower back pain or just
anything else related to weak gluts then this exercise will help you to
strengthen and activate those glutes stay tuned so we’ll start off with our
basic clams which is we lie on our side we stretch this arm out above our head
and then bend the knees so one knee is on top of the other and then all we’re
trying to do here is to lift that knee slightly so we’re externally rotating at
the hip now another important factor with this exercise is that you want to
keep your abdominals sucked in so we’ll take a deep breath in and
breathe out and kind of get that neutral spine position here you can also kind of
support yourself with this palm on the ground and then just open up the leg
there relax and close open up and close now you want to be targeting this part
of your hip you also don’t want to be opening that right up and engaging the
muscles of the lower back so you want to keep this pretty much isolated into the
side of the hip now as this gets easier you can also just wrap a thera-band
around your knees to give it a little bit more resistance now the next
exercise you want to do or the next level of this is to lie with your body
in a similar position but you straighten the top leg here and then you just lift
up that leg and come down lift and down much the same principles involved Tummie
sucked in hand on the floor to create that extra point of balance
and isolating the exercise into the side of the hips you want to be doing sets of
about 10 to 15 of this 2 to 3 sets daily

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  1. OmOmaR79 Post author

    Great exercise thanks Dr. Can you do a video about lower back pain on one side? I have checked with my Dr PT and its not sciatica!


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