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Hey guys! We have a new season of Ask A Trainer just around the corner.
This season’s featuring Pro Results® Trainer, Morgan Connors. Morgan, let’s hear a little bit about your fitness background. What got you into fitness?
What gets you excited about it? So, what got me excited about fitness was actually from my own personal experiences with fitness and that really came from an accident. When I was younger I was a pedestrian in a car accident. Oh no! And you know to hear the words, ‘paralyzed for the rest of your life’
is something I’d never wish on anyone, it was really hard to take. And so, I spent about 9 months in a wheelchair before I really just got up one day and I was like,
you know what – You just decided- this just isn’t me. Exactly. You know, I got up and out of the wheelchair.
I was on crutches, I worked with a cane and I went from walking to jogging to running. And then it was, you know, I really had to restructure my life, you know,
like it completely just rewrote my entire story. And so, what was I going to make it? And then I kind of got this weird motivation from my accident and was inspired by my first responders.
So, the paramedic that was attending me… still remember his name to this day. He was a great guy, handled the scene perfectly. Do you want to give him a shout out? Cole, if you’re there, thanks again. You did fantastic. Thanks for helping her, Cole. So yeah, I actually went in to emergency medical. I did that for several years and
then was kind of moving on to a different part of kind of just following that career and I became a personal trainer, I got certified, I continued my education
into biomechanics for corrective exercise. Wow! Donated a lot of my time until LA Fitness found me! And I thank them every day
for the opportunities that they’ve given me. It’s a great career. What an awesome story, you know, from tragedy to trainer! I’m really excited that we’re going to be working with you,
you know, on this season 4 of Ask A Trainer. You guys, stay tuned, this is going to be a great season.

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