Georgian Dancers Push Their Physical Limits for Tradition

Georgian Dancers Push Their Physical Limits for Tradition

(bouncy, energetic Georgian folk music) (bouncy piano music) – [Narrator] Georgian
National Dance is a folk dance comprised of strong, athletic movements from the male dancers and
floating, effortless movements from the females. The unique choreography combines
folk with classical ballet and modern dance, and the company’s best are part of Georgia’s
original professional dance company, Sukhishvili. – Our dance company
exists more than 70 years and my grandparents
created this dance company. It was wholly due to them
that the Georgian dance became so popular in my country. Now our dance company
is more than 100 dancers and a live band. – [Narrator] The company has
traveled around the world, and since it’s creation,
has performed in front of over 50 million people. But preparing to take
the stage takes years of rehearsed practice. – [Nino] They need a lot of training, because we perform very difficult dances and complicated movements. We dance on the toes and
they have nothing inside. It’s like a thin leather boot. – [Nino] We use daggers and
swords through the dancings and they need to have
a good fighting skills. – [Narrator] To be a Sukhishvili
dancer is a huge honor in Georgia, and with a
school of over 3,000 dancers in training, the future
of traditional Georgian folk dance is bright. – I hope that Georgian dance
will be popular always, because it’s very patriotic. We do our job with a great love. We dedicated our lives to this. (chiming)

100 comments on “Georgian Dancers Push Their Physical Limits for Tradition

  1. Stephen Leong Post author

    How is it possible that people can start war over a single commemt thats not even related to this vid ?

  2. 8bitDayDream Post author

    They have such an amazing intensity of dancing! The men dancing are tough as nails! And the ladies are beautiful

  3. Shorena Vekua Post author

    What a strange music on background? I just don’t understand why the author puts some “ Bregovich style “ music on the episode where she introduces the very unique and very Georgian Dance . Also it is Sukhishvili with S not shukhishvili with SH !

  4. hbarudi Post author

    Good for Georgia to maintain its culture. Georgia is an interesting country and its location and a very nice country given its surroundings.

  5. The Beyonder Post author

    All them russians and ex soviet states are pushing the human body with their ballet and dancing this clip reminded me of john wick 3 were that ballet girl just took off her toe nail …

  6. Raghavendra Bhargav Post author

    I believe no one could be stronger and flexible than these guys really great traditional dance!! It is worthy to make mandatory to the children of High school atleast who barely have good physical fitness due to current life style.

  7. It was ME , DIO Post author

    Did you know some of the worlds most innovative dance move comes from Israel??

    Google "Dancing Israelis" for more information.

  8. thrive1111 Post author

    Transgenders and feminists will RUIN your art/sport. Stay in your country for Europe and America will bury you 🙁

  9. Lisa Plambeck Post author

    You have to wonder how many times the boys get hurt in all the years it takes to master this dance.

  10. mollinq mollinq Post author

    Their dance is the hardest out of any national dance ever. It's incredible! Greetings from Espana!

  11. singles house Post author

    კი მაგრამ ე სლავურო ხორვტულო მუსიკა აქ რა შუაშია ვისი გადარეულია ამდენი როომ არ იცის?!

  12. Carys Gosha Post author

    I’ve seen other dances and thought they were the best in the world, but…. when I saw this i was like…. OMG I WANT THIS I LOVE DOING DANCES AND SPINS WITH A LITTLE MODERNEST TO THEM.

  13. Falling Wren Post author

    Thought it was American Georgia for about 10 seconds and I was like how long has this been going on just a few states over

  14. Stream Punk Post author

    You can follow them on Facebook.

    And they are on tour now If I am not mistaken, at least on tour in Europe, they just at the beginning of November were in Tallinn, Estonia.

  15. Janelle Bird Post author

    amazing! SO AWEsome!! I would love, love, love to be able to go to one of these shows! So fascinating! Thank you for working so hard so that the world may see such Beauty and talent!

  16. BOB BISWAS Post author

    Love Georgia from India , your ancestors invade in India around 48 A.D . Today their decendents are known as = Gujjars ( Son of Gurjistan ). They are our brothers . Love you Georgia .


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