George “Iceman” Gervin Finger Rolls @ LA Fitness Grand Opening

George “Iceman” Gervin Finger Rolls @ LA Fitness Grand Opening

Three…two…one… [cheering] Hey, wait wait wait wait wait! The club’s not officially open yet. [Music] Now it’s open. [Music gets louder] Today we’re at the grand opening celebration of the San
Antonio Loop LA Fitness with George “The Iceman” Gervin, nine time NBA all-star and four-time NBA scoring champion. How do you feel about the event so far? It’s nice, man. You know, I got an opportunity to, you know,
walk around and see, you know, everything that’s here. Um… They have all the machines. They have everything for cardio,
the weights, racquetball, basketball, swimming, so…it’s quite a place. He used to be my trainer for my basketball team! INTERVIEWER: Oh, really? Yeah. Hey B! You ain’t workin’. You ain’t workin’. How you doin’ man? I’m a people person. You know, I’ve been in San Antonio for
about forty years. You know, I’m a San Antonio Spur. I have a great relationship with the community. I have
seven different programs for kids here in San Antonio. I have a charter school called the George Gervin Academy. So I believe in San Antonio. So whatever I can do here in
San Antonio to make San Antonio a better place, I’mma do my part. INTERVIEWER: What do you- How do you think they can utilize as to…maybe
come up with their own move and be the next person to come up with something like the finger roll? GEORGE: Well you know, what’s important is getting proper training.
And I think that’s what LA Fitness provides. It provides certified trainers. And I think that’s what’s most important.
You know, it’s one thing to come in here and just start lifting and…not necessarily knowing what you’re doing.
So to have the proper instructions so you can do it the right way. I think that’s the key. You know,
the plan was to bring a great facility like this to San Antonio, bring the instructors, bring all the equipment, and it’ll help better
San Antonio community. Um…so that’s what it’s all about. Thank you, LA Fitness for coming to San Antonio. [music]

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    Might you have potential aspirations to set up a branch (with a lap-swimming pool) fairly near Houston's expanding light rail system? Houston's rail is presently only around 8 miles long but it will reportedly reach around 40 miles in about a year:


    The red line expansion area seems particularly appealing, and it's reportedly going to open by October '13 or so. Living near the EXISTING rail system is becoming too expensive .


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