Garmin Vivoactive 3- How To Change Activity Tracking Settings

in this video we’ll go over the activity
tracking settings on your vivoactive 3 now your activity tracking settings you
can access it through one of your widget screens here get your steps your
progress bar you also have your move bar that you see on your display but to
actually get to the settings tap and hold get to our menu go down the
settings we’ll scroll over and find activity tracking and let’s say you want
to turn off activity tracking status can see here that it’s enabled you can
simply turn that off to turn it back on it simply go back turn it on some other
settings you might want to turn on and off we have the move alert you don’t
want to be reminded to move you can turn that off we can turn that on you can
turn off your goal alerts on/off or down activity so it’s the one turn that off
an auto activity start you can that’s currently off you can actually turn that
on if we wanted to and that is it quickly your activity tracking settings
on your vivoactive 3

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