Fun in the Sun Workout | Tone It Up Tuesdays

Fun in the Sun Workout | Tone It Up Tuesdays

Hey, girls! Hi! Hey, it’s Karena and Katrina
from and we’re here on Livestrong Woman. Sun’s out, fun’s out. What does that
mean? I think we should workout and have some fun. Okay. Because girls just want to have
sun. Alright, let’s start with a warm-up. Take a wide stance. And we’re taking our hands
over head and clasp our thumbs together. And sway over to one side, as you bend that leg.
Brush across the floor. Come up to the other side. Do that three times. Warming up the
entire body. And now we’re switching sides, strecthing out the whole body and warming
it up for this amazing workout. Last time. Whew, alright. Alright, Single Leg Squat.
Ready, ladies? Single Leg Squat. Follow Katrina here. Okay, so you want one foot forward and
then one toe back. It’s just acting as a stabilizer. You’re gonna go down, touch the sand and then
come back up. Great job. And if you’re really risky, you can even lift that back foot up.
Yep. I’m gonna keep mine down. Good. So from the side, you’ll see it’s just a lot of balance.
You’re keeping your knee in line with your ankle and your abs tight. 3, 2, last one.
Just a little fine toning. I want you to stay right there. Toes up. You’re just gonna kick
back. Put your hands on your waistline. Abs are in and tight. Good. And 3, 2 and 1. Good.
Other leg. Alright, so go down. Again, if you wanna keep that back leg off the ground
you can. Or you can use it as stabilizer. Really lift and tone. Just really lift and
tone the booty. Who feels it? Yeah? Okay. 3, 2, last one. And cinch. Good. It’s these
little motions that really cinch your muscles in. Abs are in. Sculpt. Great job. Good. Beautiful.
What’s next? Alright, next we’re doing a Side Lunge with a Knee Up. So we’ll step to one
side, lunge, come up and twist. So we’re working our glutes, our abs, getting your abs tight.
Take your time. Down then push-up. Down then push up. Down, up. Let’s do three more. Last
one. Whew, alright. Other side. Let’s do it. Down and up. Good work. This is great because
it works the inner thighs, the booty, the quads, the abs. Two more. Everyone smiling?
Last one. Good. Yay! Alright. Now, it’s time for one of our favorite moves: the Bikini
Walk-out. So we’ll start standing up here. We’re going to lower down, crawl down our
legs. Come out into a plank position. Then you’ll lower your knees, perform a triceps
push-up, back to plank and walk it back. And deadlift it up. You ready? So go down. Walk
it on out. Good work. Triceps push-up. Good. And then walk back. Beautiful. And then squeeze
the booty when you come back. Down everybody. Down. Walk it out. Into the plank. Triceps
push-up, tucking your elbows into your sides. So what we want to do is focus on tucking
your elbows, like kissing your elbows to your waistline when you go down, okay? So it’s
not just a normal push-up. You go down. Tuck those elbows in. There you go, yes. Yes, yes.
Good. Love it. Squeeze the booty on the way up. Go down. Katrina? Yeah? I’m feeling a
little frisky. Oh, no. Alright, girls, freestyle dance. That’s right, get your heart rate up!
Hear the music. Yeah, dance! It’s okay! Alright, back to your Bikini Walkout. Alright. And
down. Two more. Walk out. Whew, hee haw! Alright, this is a really fun one. We’re gonna go down
to our knees. What we want you to do is just lean back until you feel a nice–just a little
pull in your thighs. And then you come back up. You’re abs stay tight. And then make sure
your spine stays neutral. This is a great move. A lot of woman ask: How do I work the
fronts of my thighs? And you don’t need any equipment. And you can add dumbbells too for
your raise. And you have to do one more thing while you do it. You have to say with me:
Hee haw! Hee haw! Hee haw! Last one. Hee haw! Alright, so Side Plank with a Lift. Alright.
So we’re gonna work the waistline, especially for bikini season. So you’re gonna go onto
your forearm into a side plank, just like Karena. And you’re gonna bring your hip up
and down. Good. Big smile. Yeah. If you wanna bend that bottom knee you can and rest it
on the ground. Good, yeah. That’s perfect. So that bottom knee can be at 90 degrees.
Alright, now come into a forearm plank. And let’s hold. Hold that there. Abs are in. Great
job. Pull your belly button into your spine. And roll into the other forearm and let’s
do ten. Good. 9, 8. Good job. 7, 6, 5. You got it. 4, 3, 2, 1. Good job, girls! Alright,
give us some love. Alright, down. Ready? Tone it up! Good job.

48 comments on “Fun in the Sun Workout | Tone It Up Tuesdays

  1. LivestrongWoman Post author

    First day of summer is next week. Let us know if any of you take this workout with you on a beach vacay!

  2. ash2asl Post author

    this was great. I love all your workouts, and loving karena's shorts, wonder where they are from i'd love to have a pair

  3. Elanta Cao Post author

    WTF is the girl in the blue tank doing??!! =)))))))) Anywhaysss!! Awesome workout!! <3

  4. Jamie Holton Post author

    The girl with the black shorts and black tank top just disappears sometimes? odd. 😛

  5. Viktoriya G Post author

    just did the workout….Phew!! its good! got me moving. definitely going to do it more often! Merci 🙂

  6. Trialk Post author

    if that happened in the beach i hang out. there would certainly be at least 50 men on the background staring!

  7. Fotini Ha Post author

    wheres the printable workout??!!! it hasn't come out yet & that was weeks ago girls!!! 🙁

  8. Holly Payton Post author

    this is so disrespectful. first of all, NONE of those girls were overweight, and second of all, even if one of them was, that girl would just be trying to become fit like everyone else watching LivestrongWoman! Nothing wrong with that!

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