Full Body Workout at Home : Lower Back Exercises for Home Workout

Full Body Workout at Home : Lower Back Exercises for Home Workout

Okay, so the last exercise I’m going to show
you is for the lower back. Really important place to work and a lot of people forget to
do it or just don’t feel like doing it because it’s not one of those things that they’re
always looking at in the mirror, but it’s so important. Especially as you get older
and you kind of start to hunch over, if your abdominals and lower back are not strong.
So, I’m going to show you some exercises that you may already know, but in progression.
So, this is just called a quadruped. Making sure that your body is nice and straight and
that your shoulders, watch out for the tent shoulders dropping. So all you’re going to
do is extend that right arm and if you’re able to extend the left leg or just the opposite
leg and arm and just hold it for about 5 to 10 seconds and then slowly come down and switch.
The big mistake I see people make here is they kind of wiggle around and they kind of
lift too high and then they drop it down. Everything needs to be done very slowly and
deliberately. Lift and lower. I would do 10 times on each side and then you’re going to
make it a little bit tougher, you’re going lift, hold and then try without moving your
body, pull the elbow into the knee without moving the rest of your body, you can move
the elbow and knee and then bring it right back out again and then switch. This just
adds a little dimension to it. Pulling in, makes it just a tiny bit tougher, out, and
drop and again. I try to get my clients to do about 5 to 10 reps on each side, hold it
5-10 seconds and down. I always end them with cat stretches. Which I’m sure you’ve seen,
but you want to make sure you do right. So you’re just going to drop and then just like
a cat when it gets scared, you just round out your back. I see a lot of people who kind
of do stuff with their upper body, that’s not how it is, you want to keep your shoulders
nice and low, straighten out, round out, exhale, get it all out and then drop and flatten it
out again like you’re a table and then pull in. Exhale as you pull in and drop. That should
be a really relaxing exercise and really relaxing way to kind of finish off your workout. Make
sure that you keep that breathing going and just let it go and then just give yourself
a hand for doing such a good job. So I’m Heather Rider and this has been expertvillage.com.
We’ve did a whole bunch of exercises that don’t require anything but your body and you
can do them anywhere. I hope that you had a good time and remember you want to keep
good form, keep the abdominals working at all time and you can always email me at heatherrider.com,
if you have any questions. Nothing should hurt, your knees shouldn’t hurt, your back
shouldn’t hurt, you should just feel good and worked out after this workout. Hope you
had fun.

45 comments on “Full Body Workout at Home : Lower Back Exercises for Home Workout

  1. Jesse Hedeen Post author

    hmm… I guess it could work for some people. Seems like more of a glut exercise to me though. Check out my basic at home workout let me know what you think.

  2. M P Post author

    I don't like this exercise. Even if you have good muscle strength you need a lot of practice to get it right and then it doesn't provide enough muscle load – as a result you need to do it a zillion of times just to warm up.

  3. Gerald Lemus Post author

    Idk about you guys but when i do this i work up a sweat and really feel it i always stand straighter too. soo i like it.

  4. Astharot90 Post author

    @Yukka244 yeah but don't sound like her voice, is different…..anyway is funny 🙂

  5. vigilhammer Post author

    This exercise works the Glutes and Hamstrings. This does nothing to the lower back..maybe 5%, but 80% for the glutes. And working the glutes results in lower back pain. So this is not entirely a lower back exercise.

  6. Bernadette Vaughan Post author

    happy new year hope its a good one
    looking for inspiration to get back to exercise think ive found it
    need a bit of toning more than anything i received kettle weights for xmas
    if you could explain ways to use them that would be great thanks
    many thanks

  7. freakichik Post author

    Oh sure she says "you can do these exercises anywhere". PSSSHHH!!
    No. No you can't.
    Apparently it's "socially unacceptable" to do them while in line at the grocery store…

  8. Kelly Miles Post author

    no its nut a fart idiots she was just going uh in thought to say 5 seconds just look at her face not her ass

  9. adaila abril Post author

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  10. TheAbStand Post author

    Lower back exercises are really important for anybody looking to improve their posture.

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  11. E Ging Post author

    I just f*cked my back up this morning and have been unable to stand up straight for hours.. I did these exercises and immediately could straighten up. Pain is still there, but MUCH better- I'll definitely continue these over the next few days.

  12. Bosner0101 Post author

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  15. Mayur Samal Post author

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  16. toost Post author

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  17. pasti skor Post author

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  18. Peter Werner Post author

    Wow – I'm impressed! I was sent here via a link on dealing with overwhelming, acute lower back pain. I've been bedridden since coming home from work last night, and could not even stand up straight without severe lower back pain. Did several of these stretches, and now I can walk! The pain is still there, but manageable. Thanks for 'unlocking' my back.

    Definitely time to start doing a regular back-stretching and core-strengthening exercise program, even when I'm feeling OK. Will be following your videos.

  19. Abel Chavez Post author

    Who this is crazy…..:) Worked like a charm. Had the lower back problem & did three sets of the legs only. Wasn't able to do the arm raising, kept on moving side to side, the video said don't do that. I was able to stand upright. Still have the pain, but not as bad as it was. Thank you……….:)

  20. Thon Colin Films Post author

    I have arthritic knees and no way could I kneel like this. Is there a version of this exercise to help with back pain that I could do lying down?

  21. Richard Coskey Post author

    I could barely stand up. This made an immediate improvement. Thank you. I couldn't believe how well this worked.

  22. Michael Langshaw Post author

    Rastafari Love…I'm a very active guy for my 49 yrs of age and this back pain just happen out of nowhere. Been going on for several days to the point where it hurts to lay down, stand up, sit down, and even dress my lower body. But after doing these movements right in the office I got IMMEDIATE improvements. Thank you and GOD BLESS

  23. Ashley Pendergast Post author

    I am glad that this video showed up while searching lower back pain to the point of inability to stand up straight. I almost fell off of a barstool (trying to get a sweater off the top shelf in my closet (short girl probs)) this morning, jerking all of my muscles HARD to counter the wobbly stool. I have a date at the zoo tonight (our "Wonderland of Lights"). I was considering canceling, but after doing several reps of these at work in my office, like many of the below comments, I was able to stand upright again. Of course, as below, the pain is still there but not as severe. I plan on doing this maybe every hour until we go out as this is one date I do not want to miss out on. The moral of the story – I need to get back in the gym because I'm a hot mess. Thanks so much for your video!


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