Frozen Shoulder Physical Therapy Pulley Exercises

Frozen shoulder is thickening of the shoulder
capsule causing pain and stiffness resulting in limited mobility. In this patient, the left side is affected. Passive motion is the best way to treat a
frozen shoulder thru pulley exercises. First, take your pulley and hang them to the
top of the door and shut the door. If your motion is severely limited start with
your chair facing the door. Make sure the nonaffected side is lifting
the affected side. Hold each stretch for 10-15 seconds. Turn your chair to the side to do the side
motion, again, holding each stretch for 10-15 seconds. Over time, your motion will improve and you
will be able to stretch higher. Once your shoulder’s motion has improved,
turn the chair away from the door. Begin passive motion directly in front of
you and hold for 10-15 seconds. Next, move the shoulder 45 degrees to the
side and continue passive motion exercises, holding 10-15 seconds each time. Then move the shoulder 90 degrees completely
to the side and repeat the steps. When you do these exercises, make sure you
perform 3-4 sets, holding 10-15 seconds each. Make sure you do all these exercises twice
a day. Rotational exercises shown here are best done
standing, first with affected shoulder behind your back. And then rotate out like you are hitch-hiking. Please subscribe to our channel so we can
continue to make these free educational videos.

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