Ford GT race drivers’ fitness mantra for Le Mans 24 Hours

Ford GT race drivers’ fitness mantra for Le Mans 24 Hours

I still remember my first time there … I thought OK, its an endurance races … it’s a bit longer than the normal six-hour races … but I thought OK not so different, but obviously it’s completely different. Le Mans – 24 hours
Starts at three o’clock on Saturday … finishes at 3 o’clock on the Sunday. Three drivers per car … so roughly eight hours each but it doesn’t always work like that. On year I did ten hours. For Le Mans they are obviously
going to be in the car for a long time so it’s about training them to be able to withstand the heart rate … high intensities over a long period of time, the high heat that they are subjected to, they can get cockpit temperatures
of anything up to 50 degrees. They like to push me pretty hard here but that’s what we are here to do. We’ll start off with a bit of a warm up 20 minutes jogging up and down … stretching … Usually we’ll go into some
fairly intense cardio workouts and then go into an upper-body circuit. So we’ll do that with the upper-body
then we’ll do that with the core that’s 45 minutes on each and then we’ll finish with some
neck on the neck machines and then have a good stretch, bit of a massage and then head home after that. So, two and a half hours a day. The most thing with training the neck is the safeguarding of it because it is a small group of muscles and you can’t just load it up with heavy weight. At Le Mans they can generate
up to 3G of lateral G … and also there’s braking and accelerating G which can be up to two and a half G as well. Obviously when you are in the car you are not just getting the G-force at 90 degrees from the left or 90 degrees from the right it’s coming from all different angles. This one for example is sort of left … … and back … so it works all the different angles. The most common injury depends … it can be anything from buttock to lower leg cramps it could be spasms in the head and neck. It can be into the shoulders as well. Bad ergonomics can actually shorten
the driver’s ability to stay in the car. With the set up we’ve got at Ford … we’ve been able to eliminate that part. Nutrition is individualized … but generally speaking its about
the timing of macronutrients … which are your carbohydrates, protein and fats. What we’re trying to avoid
are spikes in insulin levels. On average they will lose anything
up to 3 liters in a 3 hour stint. So ideally they want to take on about 12 liters of water over a 24 hour period. That is where it’s important that you don’t have a mix too heavy in water or too heavy in electrolyte. It is all about maintaining that balance. If they are driving on average
8 hours out of the 24 … the rest of the time ideally would be sleeping. It doesn’t always happen … it’s quite difficult for the drivers to switch off. You are not sleeping you’re
always listening to the radio … what the other drivers are saying … Try to hear if your car is still running. i’m absolutely exhausted … at the end. It takes me about 4 or 5 days to recover afterwards. You put so much into it. These days the cars are so reliable … they are so quick … you are just absolutely flat out. It’s just a 24hr sprint. It’s the world’s greatest race. When you get to the finish … if you are lucky enough to be up on the podium. You look down and there is 100,000 people all crowding onto the track
and into the pit lane … you feel like an absolute rock star. I’ve had that view once … and I’m determined to get up there again.

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    wow, i didnt have idea that harry drives a ford GT, so awesome to see he's with ford. It's must be so cool go from Jota Sport to Ford and drive the insane GT. Good luck!

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    There's no need to put the subtitles by default, they all speak perfect English……

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    У нас в России водители маршруток точно такие гонщики….

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    Sir Jack Brabham

    Informative! thanks for sharing it.

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