Fitness Motivation (YOUR WAKEUP CALL!)

Fitness Motivation (YOUR WAKEUP CALL!)

Happy New Year! Happy New Year Guys, from
me to you. Now with that out of the way, can we start
working out? What is it about this time of year especially
December, everybody like to put off their dedication to fitness until, when, January
1st. So I figure, what if I made a video here where
we speed that process up because I know if you start now, by the time January 1st rolls around you’re
already going to start to see changes and feel better about yourself and be ahead of
the curve. And here’s the deal, we can’t keep relying
on external stimulus to motivate us to workout. We can’t keep relying on dates to make us
workout. Because guess what? We’re always going to
find a reason to keep putting them off. I’ve said it before in a video of ours. Someday
is not a day of the week. It never will be. If you keep thinking that Happy New Year,
those three words, trigger your dedication to fitness. Well guess what happens on June 1st, you going
to say Happy Half a Year. You’re not going to care anymore, You’re not
going to care. Or people will say When I get Back from Vacation! Or when the kids go back to school! Or When
My Friend decides to workout with me. Everybodys always got, or next Monday. At
least that’s a day of the week but it’s not now. And people always want to push the date further
and further back because they know that changes are coming. And they don’t want those changes. They know
they need to, they see it in the mirror every single day. They re-convince themselves every single morning,
when they look in the mirror and go, I’ve got to do something about myself. I’ve let myself go. But there’s never a strong
enough stimulus to make them say I’m going to make that day today. And my job as a coach is to make sure that
your day is today. The crazy thing is if you think about what
it is that gets people to move and act on something. it’s usually some form of a displeasing event
will cause you to really want to change and do it right away. If you were to step on a nail and you had
that nail sticking in your foot, do you think you would say, Ah that really sucks but I’ll
take it out tomorrow, we can wait. No you’d be getting that thing taken off right
away and out right away. Or if you had a rabid animal running around
your house because you left your door open. Would you say, that’s ok, he’ll be fine for
the night we’ll get rid of him there tomorrow. You’d be getting him out of there right away. So why is it that when someone sees themselves
and hates what they see because it happens all the time, guys. I get emails, really heartfelt, serious, deep
reaching emails, guys looking inside themselves and being honest, and saying, I can’t stand what’s happened
to me. I used to be a Division 1 Athlete and not I can’t move. Or I used to look so good that I had everybody,
you know asking me what I did to workout and now I have nobody thinking that I ever worked
out. Things that really hurt. But meanwhile, despite
the fact that they hurt, there’s always some reason why we pushed them off. And I’ll tell you this, it doesn’t have to
be that way, if you guys make this a dedication to changing in your lifestyle. You’ll get it to work and you’ll get it to
click and you’ve got to start right now. There is no better time than starting right now. Forget New Years, forget all this bullshit
guys seriously. I mean I like, well actually I don’t like New Years all that much, I don’t. I like the Holiday Season. I don’t like New
Years in particular because, I do, I feel that people wait too long and they put so
much emphasize on that day, and those two weeks because we know that three
weeks later, January 21st 85% of the people that started resolutions on January 1st have
given up on them. They’ve given up on them, they’re gone. There’s
no more stimulus of January 1st is gone, Happy New Year is gone. If you have to write it on your calendar every
damn day if that’s what’s going to make you workout. Then start saying it now and use it every
single day for the rest of the year. I don’t care, if that’s what you need. But you’ve got to start doing something. And don’t do this, please don’t do this. Don’t set yourself up for failure by creating
our own barriers, people are renowned for doing that, they will create their own obstacles so that
they know they’ll fail. So that they’ll have a reason for why they’ll fail. Don’t go join a gym that’s 60 miles away.
Ah, you know I can’t ever make it, I mean it’s sure a far way away. How am I ever going
to make it to the gym. Great, then you’re probably not going to.
I wouldn’t have made one 60 miles away, so don’t do that. Workout at your home. Or like I said, ah,
you know, my workout partner didn’t show up today or they’re going to be out of town for
the next couple of weeks so I can’t workout. Then don’t rely on a workout partner. Let
me be a workout partner if you want. I do that in our ATHLEANX System. I try to be your literal workout partner,
I try to tell and coach you through every workout. I’ll do it. I’m happy too. But don’t start setting up these obstacles
so that, oh I can’t follow any type of eating plan because I don’t like steak. Then don’t eat steak! Eat Chicken, Eat Fish,
Eat one of the many zillions of protein options that we have that don’t require, and if you’re a vegetarian, eat the vegetarian
items, just don’t eat what you don’t like. There’s so many foods, you don’t have to confine
yourself to this really restricted diet of foods that you don’t like, that’s an obstacle that you’re setting up
for yourself so that if you don’t dedicate, and I mean really dedicate to changing your
life, and you wind up falling off that path, you
could easily say that’s the reason why I fell off that path. No, that was an excuse and that was a self
made obstacle that you put up in the first place. So, that being said, Happy New Year, no seriously
I really mean it, Happy New Year. This is going to be your best year ever. And if it needs to start right now, then it’s
going to start today because I think it should. I don’t think we should ever be procrastinating
and pushing back what we could do tomorrow, that we can do today. Especially since you’re able bodied, you’re
able to do it, it’s a blessing to be able to have this day to be able to make that change,
so go for it! That fat that you see in the mirror, or whatever
it is that’s displeasing you, the way your knees feel, the way your shoulders feel, make that the nail in your foot. Get it the
hell out of your foot and start! That’s the whole point guys. Start acting
today, I’m telling you, especially guys that use our program. If you’re going to see changes, you will see
them fast. We have the ability to create fast changes because we start training you differently
that you’ve ever trained before. We train you like an athlete. When you start
training like an athlete, you see changes because you’ve never trained this way before.
Even if you are an athlete. And you can do that guys at ATHLEANX.COM with
our ATHLEANX Training System. and again, I’m happy to be the guy that takes you through, I’ll be your workout partner, just let me
do it before, God’s sake, get off your ass, let’s go, it’s New Years now. Guys if you found this video helpful, if it
gave you a little bit of that little kick in the ass that you might have needed today to get yourself motivated to start doing something
about it, that is exactly why I did it. In the meantime I’ll see you guys back here
in just a couple of days with some more videos of course. See you soon.

100 comments on “Fitness Motivation (YOUR WAKEUP CALL!)

  1. D4rk3dge Post author

    Happy new year jeff! Thanks for the wake up i did fall asleep… I´m glad be in your program and you be my mentor. =]

  2. Omar Patino Post author

    Awesome way to inspire motivation in others. Well said, there is no need to wait for tomorrow and start today. Thanks for making these videos.

  3. gracie99999 Post author

    Hello, thanks for the motivation. Just wondering when you have time if you can put out a video regarding how to build neck size without weights.
    I couldn't find anything on your videos and see this area in body lacking in comparison to the rest.

  4. MrBennyye2 Post author

    good video, i bet 80% of the people that watched this started to pick up theyer training.
    you have my support on this channel keep it up

  5. Imagine Cerebral Post author

    I've seen countless stories of people giving up their new year's resolutions
    Actually it's pretty simple to sum it up it's all about what really matters and what doesn't really matter in life, if it doesn't even matter we won't bother with it. My opinion, though.

  6. nepson13 Post author

    its easy to me to work out even if its snowing and im not motivated i go to the gym but in other parts in life i cant do it

  7. New Shadez Post author

    the hard part is the start, but trust me guys, once you start, after every work out it will be easier to the point that you will start loving it

  8. MrMonroe77 Post author

    I couldn't agree with you more.great video why put off what you can do today until tomorrow..

  9. yo dude donut please Post author

    My conviction was shifting but after watching this video i feel ashamed and i am gonna try my hardest no excuses. Thanks for your words of wisdom dude mad respect for you.

  10. cyberqreiber Post author

    Man, did I recognize myself in your video… I played basketball professionally until I was 25 years old, and now I have 295 pounds :(. and everything hurts- back, knees, shoulders….

  11. Jesse Benton Post author

    I have to say that I am tired of the way my stomach looks. I had a six pack when I came to Korea, now it's gone due to diet changes in a different country, alcohol culture influence, and poor motivation. However, this video has given me some "GET IT DONE!" motivation. As my knees hurt, I was thinking of buying a home rowing machine. What are your thoughts

  12. koleary1798 Post author

    I watched this about a week after it was uploaded last year. I was googling "workout motivation" and this popped up. The guts of a year later and i gotta say, its been the best year ever. I dropped 60lbs, put on some decent muscle, got some self confidence and as my mother tells me "found my smile". I love working out and eating healthily now. Its not something i even have to think about. I don't crave junk food and im addicted to the high of accomplishment after every workout. Im going to step it up a gear in the new year and buy the Athlean x program. Im sure i could find a torrent but goddamn i want to give Jeff some money.
    Btw, reason Im waiting until the new year is that im straight broke from buying christmas shit ha.

  13. Ben Post author

    I wanted to add on a little to what I said before. I found the thing that really got to me was creating the habit of doing it daily. After I managed to its easier for me at least. to motivate myself I've been trying to find those people in my life that push me to get better and use everything in my power to motivate myself. Big goals have also helped me, try looking at yourself in that mirror and imagining how amazing you will be if u keep at it. Take pictures so later on u know you've changed and use that to motivate yourself more or record your progress so u can look back on it and know you've improved. The important things in life aren't easy and if u keep at it you'll be that much closer towards them everyday.

  14. kasper lundkvist Post author

    So i've never been a fan of veggies/beans the only veggies i really eat is paprika, cucumber and carrots, should i just learn to eat veggies or do you have any tips of what i can do?

  15. Gary Garland Post author

    I quit cigarettes on the 31st of December. started eating the recommend amount of calories, protein and my veggies. on the 1st I weigh 139. lbs now I'm already up to 144.5 lbs if it wasn't for your videos to help motivate me I don't know where I'd be

  16. Kurt Post author

    New Years resolutioners at the gym are the worst. Great that you want change but if you know that you're just going to quit after a couple weeks, could you please skip the crowding the gym/sitting on singular pieces of equipment for ridiculously long amounts of time whilst texting process? There are cheaper ways to test your fitness motivation waters at home or outdoors.

  17. Serger Goedhart Post author

    i need a motivation video for cleaning m,y room., I yust cant'get out of my seat to do it

  18. PBinNJ Post author

    I confess, I love his attitude. This video conveys everything about his attitude that is helpful by telling it like it is without preachy cliches. He hits the "motivation" pitfalls right on the head. He conveys authority without being overbearing, self righteousness or condescending. He humanizes training and makes no attempt to create a myth of the superhero gym enthusiast.

  19. john doe Post author

    Hi Jeff I've been watching your channel for three months and i just finished up my second month of working out. with your help I've cleaned up my diet and have lost twenty five pounds in the past two months. I've been able to change my physical appearance and feel faster stronger and on a whole new level. thank you

  20. Kervens Jasmin Post author

    I would buy athlean x if it wasn't 60$. 40-50 is fine for my budget as a student.

    Edit: my spelling was horrible

  21. Kalvin Cochran Post author

    I think you did good but chances are most people will see this and say, well I would go do this but I'll never get better anyway.

  22. Leah Summer Post author

    Jeff youve helped me become 185pounds of fitness in my own garage gym without a training partner over the last 4 years bro,thanks cuz!

  23. Steve M Post author

    Great stuff,i work out at home every morning at 5:45 i'm over 50 and slowly and surely getting to my Goal.Thanks for all your great Vids and greetings from Europe

  24. Magnus Emeritus Engen Post author

    It's not that hard. A start is calisthenics. Pushups,pullups(get a pullup bar),bodyweight squats. That's a good way to start. You don't have to go to the gym before you have done those for a while and can get a lot of reps. Then up the resistance with weight

  25. Edwin Jackson Post author

    Do it, just do it!

    Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday you said tomorrow. So just do it!

    Make your dreams come true. Just do it.

    Some people dream of success, while you’re going to wake up and work hard at it.
    Nothing is impossible.

    You should get to the point where anyone else would quit and you’re not going to stop there. NO! What are you waiting for?!

    If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up.

  26. Terri Cunningham Post author

    u r right on the money….My wake up call is staying out of a wheel chair as I have 2 forms of arthritis and I hurt. so thats why I lift weights eat clean and do cardio.

  27. Edgar lópez Post author

    " ill be glad of being youre workout partner"
    – Jeff

    that means a lot man thank you so much, i had a receant accident and broke my left clavicle bone, i was barely getting in a great shape when this happend, im tryn to get back on track but i just cant remember what motivated me, ill use youre guidance,

  28. Hassan Sow Post author

    Hey Jeff !!

    Really appreciate the advice and tips you share on your videos !!
    I was just wondering if it is possible to build lean muscle without the use of supplements?

  29. Shmily Levy Post author

    well guess what jeff ur my workout partner and ur the best one I ever had tnx so much

  30. Fizalex Post author

    "Someday is not a day of the week"

    I freaking love that. You're the best thing that ever happened to me Jeff, you helped me get the drive and confidence to take my own health into my own hands.

  31. Anna LA Post author

    Plus New Year’s resolutioners piss off those of us who have been working out forever. They come in the gym, take up equipment, and do nothing less my-term. Hey Jeff, women lift too.

  32. Sylvie Satie Post author

    How long does it take to get a nail out of a foot? Maybe a few hours if surgery is involved. Same with chasing a rabid animal out of a house. Getting fit is a much longer process taking weeks months years and decades. Once the nail is out or the animal is gone the problem is solved. Looking good, losing weight, being strong are vague. Basically the human animal is genetically inclined to excel at quick urgent in the moment decisions and fail at long term vague not urgent ones.

  33. David Farina Post author

    "Let me be your workout partner." I just realized after a few months of following this channel and some major results (15 pounds lost and serious muscle gains) that this is exactly what your channel is for me. Thank you, Jeff, for your help in getting me back to using my home gym.

  34. Wes Chambers Post author

    hey Jeff, i`m not a big New Year`s fan either!!! i started working out on August 14th, 2017, and i`l still working out and loving it, and its March 11th, 2018. i have always had a passion for working out, but i never had the money to be able to join a gym. i had to have help with it, before i was able to start going to the gym. i`ll be 67 years old on April 10th, 2018, and i am in the best shape i have ever been in, in my life. yes i`m still overweight, at 6" 1" and weighing 280 pounds,but i used to 297 pounds. i am sticking with it, as i mentioned before, i have a passion for working out!! thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  35. Myriam Parra Post author

    ATHLEAN-X is my training partner! It is solid, like I will be very soon. You guys totally rock these videos. Not only do they enlighten & educate, but in my opinion they are a public service to those of us searching for a guiding light. Thank You!

  36. Aydin Abdullayev Post author

    Hello Jeff, funny enough i re-watch most of your videos, and this one was one of first once i found . it was about 15th of December and i needed someone true, honest, fair… who i could trust blindly and un-blindly(because you explain science behind your words). And now for me keeping myself in good shape and fixing all of my undeveloped problems is easy. Apart from exercise, whenever i have time free at work or with my family, I have the urge to do something for my buddy-body. and if i am sick i just use your warm-up or "fix" videos to keep mechanism in shape. there is a down side though … every-time i see an ice-cream or cake.. i remember your cake video … Sad… but useful. we as people don't like being sick, but we love getting sick(sugar, alcohol, tobacco and generally using anything in excess). Thank you, i don't know if i would live more… but for sure more happy… i just hope you'll do a video what to do with all this sexy signorinas hunting my gluts :D.

  37. Craig Pruett Post author

    Jeff thank you so much for giving me the motivation to get off my ass. I know youre going to say its me, and there may be some truth in that, but had it not been for you and Jesse's hard gainer series, id still be the guy looking at myself in the mirror screaming you're too skinny. Im still too skinny, but as of yesterday I started. Now im deciding weather to get AX1 or the max size program.

  38. Muddy Boots Post author

    why did i have to watch this at 12am in the middle of the night? Now i gotta do some pushups

  39. Mark ONeill Post author

    Stopping drinking was the hardest thing. Working out is kinda fun if you are not hungover or low-energy.

  40. Behold The Jury Post author

    @ATHLEAN-X @JeffCavaliereI want to start working out at 5 a.m every morning at the Gym but I'm not sure how I should eat before the workout and also throughout the day to gain Lean Muscle Mass.
    I'm 23 years old. I'm 6 ft tall and I weigh 135 lbs.
    Can you recommend a diet plan? Thanks!

  41. lardus86 Post author

    I had the problem with the gym being 16km away, through mid city traffic. So I had to leave at 5am to miss traffic. Of course if I overslept for even 5 minutes I used it as an excuse! Now, I live 1.2km away from the gym. Even on an "off" day, I regularly find myself going in just because I feel like it! No excuses, not even the rain 🙂

  42. Nun Ya Post author

    i love you jeff 😉 <3 its so true the things you say. it really gets me deep down and all over its hard to explain. omg i see people in wheelchairs everyday i walk to school and i am just so greatful that i am, what you say, able bodied. ahhhhh..

  43. Cloud Strife Post author

    it never gets old (neither the video nor jeff 😉 ) – I'll start tomorrow (again, since i trained already today)

  44. valvegramp Post author

    Never did get that rush from any workout before… but I'm in the best mind I've been for a long time and working hard to get into better shape…. and watching your videos has helped me with that…… that mirror never lies …. oops gotta go training time … cheers Jeff …and thanks .

  45. gino capone Post author


  46. STAR T.V Post author

    i started that when i got changes in me but after that lang i am fit enough but i cant break that limit i cant see changes in me anymore please do aomething jeff😟

  47. Lelouch Lamperouge Post author

    As George Carlin said, you really just need to get hit in the face with a golf club, that'll motivate you. Or at least get you moving around.

  48. JD Smit Post author

    Good afternoon sorry I just found your channel and its gr8 I can feel the pain every day after Im done at the gym but can you please make a video off fatloss exercises that you can do at home and then a back workout video that hits every part of your back?

  49. Ronny RA Post author

    I still come back to this not because I feel bad, but because I know that when I did, it would get me through those moments and I see where I am now. I'm proud that I started and kept on going, lost 60 pounds of fat and I feel so good. Fitness is a journey which I'm happy to travel through.


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