Fitness Journey #4: Diet = Myth / Arm Day!

Fitness Journey #4: Diet = Myth / Arm Day!

Yeah big but it’s cutting season What is up, what is up, what is up? missing for a while It’s kind of a lot to unravel, but I’m not gonna I don’t want to make this intro too long So I just like briefly touch on what I want to touch on. Give me a little two-part intro part one. I Honestly think dieting is a myth. I think people who eat healthy by lying to you people who eat fruits and vegetables Have fat infused in their stuff people who eat salad have cholesterol sprinkled all over their salad it’s just so hard for me to diet and I don’t know why my version of a diet right if I were to order a Cheese steak. I would only eat half of it if I go to chick-fil-a You saw I go to chick-fil-a instead of ordering four strips over three strips or instead of ordering 12 not getting six nuggets Like that’s my version of a diet It’s just cutting back on what I eat and that’s like about as much as I can do. So if you guys have healthy eating tips healthy eating habits that you think I May benefit from something that’s working for you that you think can work for me. Also, um drop a comment. I’m all for it I’m all for the advice as of the day of this video. I want to take guiding very seriously I’m getting a little bit bigger I hope you can see the gains, but I’m getting a little bit bigger, but for the physique that I want I Have to have a diet a lot of what I read they say it’s 80% what you eat or maybe even 90% what you eat and The rest is actually exercising and lifting so I need to make those changes. I really need to make those changes So my challenge moving forward and what I’m gonna keep making videos of is like progress updates on Fat loss and I’ll do like a body reveal or something. I don’t something to make it a little bit interesting But yeah, so challenge number one from this day forward is gonna be that part two of this The reason I’ve been missing for a while is that I injured myself during one of my arm days my right forearm I Pulled one of the muscles down here and then ever since then it’s been about seven weeks now But ever since I pulled it lifting has been like almost nearly impossible at least four arm days Chest day shoulder day back day leg day. Well legs obviously because it’s not my arm But I’m able to get through most of them my arm days though, which is the video that I wanted to upload next really suffered ever since then today is gonna be my first day back to a to a full weight Session to a full lifting section full exercise session. I’m doing an arm day So I wanted to make sure I got this video out there. Um Like comment subscribe. I have a lot of things that I want to do I have a lot of changes that I want to see so this is this There’s a lot of things in the pipeline for what’s gonna be coming to the channel stick around I hope you like what you see if you have any tips any advice, especially with dieting healthy lifestyle I think I’ll talk to you to death enough. Let’s get to the workout again arm day arm days The best day chest day is the best day back day. I really don’t care about it Dehydrated you need to refresh grab a Snickers What so That’s on day. I don’t know if you get to help but I can tell Towards the end there my arm was killing me and It was pissing me off because I couldn’t finish I couldn’t do it I wanted to do but overall I think it was pretty good I know. Yeah, man, that’s it. That’s an arm day Coming up next week. There’s a couple challenges that I saw some people do I think I think I’m not gonna show you’ll see what I put up when I put it up I don’t know which one I’m gonna pick you up, but there’s a couple challenges that I want to Try to do I’m gonna record them and I’m gonna put them up There’s also a few more surprises that I have on the way so Stay tuned stick around Catch you in the next one. Peace One last thing. I also stream on Twitch, so Link in the description if you like video games if you like nonsense and jokes in town foolery That’s all I’m about so Link in the description if you want to follow me on Twitch. If not, it’s fine. I’m gonna play games. Anyway. Peace

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