Fitness and Health Promotion

I always liked working out. I enjoy learning about the body. I work at a gym. My job requires me to be helping other people so my job is helping me study for most of my program because I can actually apply it back and forth. My favourite class would probably be Mechanics of Exercise because you really physically what’s happening with all the muscles and how they interact. We do an aerobics class that’s probably the best project. It’s nervewracking to do it but it’s really cool to learn all the different things that an aerobics instructor has to do and then we had to go to a class and write about all the things they did wrong and it was really interesting. Some of the job opportunities is a personal training, working as an instructor, at a gym as like a manager, physio. With the program started here at Durham College from an expressed need from the community for fitness and health professionals. It’s very very important for our students to learn about the human body. It’s important for them to learn how the different systems in their body interrelate and what happens when exercising. We go into the lab and work on things like skins fold, we do aerobic testing, we do other testing like strength and stability and stuff like that and then I actually work in the gym up here so after that I usually come up here and work and that’s my day! What we find is students who come to our programs who are drawn to our program, those are the students who have an interest and a passion about their body. It does not mean you are a size 0. You can be physically in shape but you need your knowledge base to succeed with that. You really don’t have to be fit to be in our program, you just learn about how to be fit.

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