Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch 3: Which Should You Buy

hey what’s up it’s Jerad with State of tech
and today we are going to compare the fitbit Versa with the Apple watch 3 now
I am doing this comparison because this is a true battle that I’m kind of going
through right now I love both devices I have liked Fitbit for a long time I
feel like they are kind of going through this transitional time right now where
they’re really trying to figure out what people want out of their devices and
they’re getting their you know they really are but there are things that I
really like about the Fitbit Versa and there are things that I really like
about the Apple watch and that’s why I’m doing this video because I wanted to
kind of discuss those things and hopefully if there are some of you out
there that are trying to decide between one or the other that maybe this video
will help you out so I purchased the Fitbit Versa right when it released
I’ve spent probably a good two weeks at least with it and have gone back and
forth between wearing my Apple watch and this kind of depending on you know what
the scenario is I was at a conference last week and I had a lot of meetings
and a lot of things on my agenda so I switched to the Apple watch just because
the calendar on that is a bit better although still a little confusing and
challenging to use it’s better than than what’s on the vs. so it really does
depend on what you’re wanting to get out of your watch so that’s what we’re gonna
talk about today in this video so the Fitbit Versa obviously is cheaper than
the Apple watch even if you go with the Apple watch 3 that doesn’t have LTE and
this one does have LTE the the watch is significantly cheaper but it does some
things better than the Apple watch mostly the fitness aspect of this this
watch the Fitbit Versa is better as far as the sensors and the data that you
actually get the consistency of those sensors everything seems to just perform
better on the Fitbit now it should because the Fitbit is a Fitbit device
and that’s kind of the sole purpose of it although the Fitbit Versa is meant to
be something that you could probably wear 24/7 now it has pretty good battery
life considering that the sensor is running 24/7 even when you’re asleep
it doesn’t stop track for a little while and then start
tracking again like it’s the heart rate monitor is consistently tracking you
throughout the day and the night which provides it with better data of course
you know it doesn’t have things like GPS like the Apple watch does but it also
does a pretty good job of like tracking when you maybe go on a run or a walk or
a bike ride or something like that it does a pretty good job of keeping track
of those things even though it does require your phone for GPS so if you
want that really consistent tracking you’re gonna need to have your phone
with you but I mean the alternative is to get an Apple watch that is much more
expensive there so of course the Apple watch does a better job with the
tracking because it has GPS built in and then if you have the LTE version it has
the benefit of being able to pull from your location data and everything as
well so your location is much more exact and so if it’s very important to you to
have that route that you took maybe you’re using an app like the Strava app
or something like that and or RunKeeper and you’re wanting to keep all of your
you know runs and everything and the actual location information there you’re
gonna need something a little bit more than this if you don’t want to carry a
phone with you if you carry a phone with you it’s gonna be perfectly fine so
let’s talk a little bit about the features of the Versa and then we’ll
jump over to the Apple watch the things that I like so I like the minimalistic
display I love how thin and kind of you know
this is a much smaller device than the Apple watch the Apple watch is a bit
thicker it sticks up a bit more I’m constantly bumping it on things the
Versa is more just slim and almost not even noticeable the watch strap is okay
I’m not a huge fan of it but it is replaceable if I wanted to replace it
with something else I just haven’t done that yet I have taken it off it does
come pre-installed with the small strap which was a little too small for my
wrists like put the large one on and whole arch one has a ton of room so the
difference between the small strap and the large strap is is huge so that was
kind of nice that it came with that I like being able to just kind of tap on
the screen and go between my heart rate my steps and cow
he’s burned very nice of course I can just swipe and get through you know the
different apps we have the AOL Instant Messenger looking exercise app which I
really like I like how they have built these out you know so whether I’m
running biking or swimming treadmill weights I can basically or interval
timer which is great of course there are you know interval timers you can get for
the Apple watch but I just love the fact that this is all built-in and and just
works really well so you can even go in and customize these here and kind of set
them up just for better performance I like these of course there are apps
there’s the fitness app and the Apple watch that you can do this on but I feel
like when I have used the Fitbit Versa and I haven’t used it for all of these
basically just for running and treadmill and weights it does a better job of
giving me the data that I was kind of expecting the Apple watch of course does
that but the neat thing about the vs. it doesn’t seem to really kill the battery
life like it does on the Apple watch now granted that might be because the the
Versa doesn’t have GPS it doesn’t have some of those sensors that the Apple
watch has but you know I don’t I don’t necessarily think that stuff matters of
course I don’t need GPS if I’m at the gym or if I’m running on a treadmill or
something like that so it’s nice that the battery life isn’t quite as affected
with the verse as it is the Apple watch some of the other apps the music app I’m
kind of bummed because you have to really connect the watch to your
computer and load music on there it’s very reminiscent of an old-school mp3
player where you have to plug it in load your music on there you’re stuck with
that music which is fine but you’re stuck with that music and then you have
to go through the process all over again I like having a lot of variety and even
though with the Apple watch I have to use Apple music I can access pretty much
any music that I want and if I’m on LTE that’s great when I may be outside if
I’m in at the gym or something like that I typically would just connect to the
Wi-Fi so that I’m not using my data plan so if you
don’t have an LTE Apple watch you can just connect to the Wi-Fi there and then
stream but it does only work with with apple music which is kind of a bummer on
here of course you can load over your music or you can use Pandora or there’s
Deezer which I haven’t really messed with too much but pandora is nice
because you know of course anybody who use Pandora but the problem is is that
you have to sync over your Pandora stations and and it still has to store
music on the watch I was able to get it to play some music over Wi-Fi but the
Wi-Fi setup process is kind of a pain so if you were wanting to like add
additional Wi-Fi locations it’s just not as easy to do as other devices so of
course you know the things that I do really like about this watch is
occasionally it is saying hey it’s prompting me hey get an extra 50 steps
that you know right now to reach your goal or what not it’s like I’ve been
sitting for a long period of time I might get up and walk around a little
bit might decide to go outside maybe walk you know around the block or
something I mean just things that are gonna prompt me I typically am more apt
to do this at home on the weekends I you know if I’m being sedentary it gets me
up maybe go play with my kids and just move around a bit and so the reminders
are really nice of course you can set up stuff like that on the Apple watch but I
don’t know why but the ones on the Apple watch I’m just more apt to to get rid of
just to make them go away because they’re pretty much the same all the
time and they’re not giving me exact goals like on the Fitbit saying you know
50 something steps a hundred and some steps like it’s giving me some sort of a
goal that I can achieve and it doesn’t seem like too much and so you go out and
do it and then you’ve added to your day which is great the thing that I like
really the most about the Fitbit Versa and the reason the I personally would
get the Fitbit Versa is because of the heart rate monitor of course the Apple
watch has a heart rate monitor and the heart rate monitor runs quite often on
the Apple watch but it doesn’t run 24/7 so the data that you’re getting with a
heart rate monitor of the versa is is better and of course
if you’re looking at your sleep data that’s even better because it’s giving
you that consistent information there and even if you go and look at the sleep
data that both watches have captured you’re getting better data out of the
Fitbit Versa now the nice thing is that you can load pretty much anything onto
the Apple watch a lot of app support which I found that I don’t really use
that often now things that I do really like is calendars text messages phone
calls stuff like that which of course the Versa will do you can get call
notifications you can answer or hang up on them which is great but of course if
you answer the call you’re gonna have to have your phone ready to go up to your
ear because it’s not going to allow you to answer the call at least from my
experiences take the call through the Fitbit Versa itself so you can hang up
an answer calls through the Fitbit Versa you can see your text messages you can
see your calendar reminders but on the Apple watch you can actually respond to
those text messages you can answer those phone calls and you have a little bit
more that you can do with those calendar items now from what I understand on the
fitbit Versa and a future update you are going to be able to respond to text
messages on the fitbit Versa from Android and I I’m not a hundred percent
sure on the phone calls I’m assuming that you could probably answer phone
calls on it I just haven’t done that I typically if I’m gonna look at my watch
I’m in the middle of something and I want to cancel out that phone call I
typically don’t answer phone calls too often on my Fitbit device so we’re
looking at my Fitbit Versa right now it’s early in the morning so I don’t
have a lot of steps of course that’s actually almost afternoon but I’ve been
in my desk all day so let’s take a look at my sleep time yesterday so you can
see here I really like the information that it gives it tells me these
different percentages like whether I was awake and rim light sleep or deep sleep
tells me exactly what time I went to bed and what time I woke up I can look at my
30 day average which gonna be too good because most of the
time I’ve been using a standard Fitbit which does the Fitbit flex which does
track my my sleep but it doesn’t have the heartrate information so it’s not
gonna be as solid of information as if I have the Versa or one of the fitbit’s
that does track your heart rate 24/7 so this is pretty good typical range it
looks like I like this being able to see the kind of the typical range it lets me
know where I’m at and concerned comparison to other people looking at my
sleep stages I can kind of scroll through these this is just good data I
mean in comparison to what you get on the Apple watch and sometimes I don’t
even necessarily know where to go because there are several different apps
that integrate with the Apple watch and it’s Fitness data but I just like I just
like the what Fitbit has done here the information that I want there’s just
more of it and it’s better data I can always see my constant heart rate and
kind of see where that’s been I can go back and view my heart rate where it’s
peaked and where it bottomed out usually during sleep or rest so this is pretty
good I just I like this information I like being able to see this stuff it
definitely helps me better kind of get a picture of my overall I guess heart
health as I’m moving throughout the day which I’m not super old but I am
approaching 40 and I like to have this information available to me
so this is just good stuff this is good stuff that you cannot get in the in the
Apple watch app so let’s see if I go into the Apple watch health app which
does have all of this information I’m gonna go into my sleep analysis and just
kind of look at that data and as you can see for last night about six hours of
sleep you know let’s see if I can go too well this is all data that’s let’s just
look and see how deep we can get into this data here so you know it’s it’s not
there just isn’t very much data you know I see in bed and asleep that’s about all
that I get so I don’t understand whether or not it’s deep sleep or REM sleep or
any of that stuff I just know whether or not I was in bed or
sleeeeep and it doesn’t really give me anything in depth of course there are
other apps that I found that I can use that perhaps might give me a little bit
better data but the Apple watch app in and of itself this this app just doesn’t
give you as good of data as as other apps so then here we have the kind of
the heart rate Max and minimums I can go to yesterday well I didn’t wear it
yesterday so I only have like today’s data and last night’s data through my
sleep and of course I can go back I mean I it’s just a couple of days that I
haven’t worn the Apple watch because I was wearing the Fitbit verse and more
consistently and so any gaps in here is typically where I was wearing the Versa
so I mean you know this is good information it just seems that the
Fitbit Versa kind of gives me a little bit better information I’m gonna go into
there’s another app that I have which one is it
and cardiogram is one of them that I use I guess I need to reload my data here so
cardiogram gives me I think a little bit better data so I can go in maybe I just
like the way that it breaks down the data better than the Apple watch so
that’s an app that I typically use a bit because it gives me a little bit more
data to work with Auto sleep is one that I use just to kind of get a better
picture of my sleep these are things that I just end up having to use because
of the fact that the default app for you know Apple health just doesn’t do this
stuff and then heart watch I used to I just I don’t know I’m messing with all
these apps all the time just to kind of look and see I’ve been trying to find
one that’s like cross-platform between Android and iPhone I just haven’t found
anything good so nonetheless it really comes down to what you’re wanting to get
out of your SmartWatch if you’re looking for something pure fitness that gives
you the best fitness data but still has a couple of SmartWatch features I think
the Fitbit Versa is gonna be the best option and especially if you are more
budget conscious you want something that’s a little bit cheaper
gives you kind of the best of both worlds the Fitbit versus definitely
going to be that if you’re wanting something to make you know track some
fitness but also you want productivity you want apps you want all of the stuff
on your wrist you want cellular connectivity the Apple watch is really
the only thing that you’re gonna be able to use and get the full functionality
out of on Apple’s ecosystem on the you know Apple watch phone iPhone iOS phone
OS whatever they’re going to be calling it that’s really the only option that
you have so if you’re cross-platform like me you’re jumping back and forth
between iPhone and Android really the the Fitbit is great because it’s a
universal across both platforms and you’ll be able to get that data and keep
it consistent you just lose out on some of those kind of more technical things
you know some of those apps that you would be able to use on the Fitbit vs so
who knows maybe they’re gonna be investing more in the app ecosystem for
the Fitbit that would be fantastic however they’ve been at it for a few
years now with their smartwatches and there hasn’t really been a whole lot of
movement there so who knows what that’s gonna look like so to be honest I don’t
know necessarily what would be best for you you really have to look and consider
your options I think for me I like the Apple watch because it does
give me that complete Apple that complete Apple ecosystem with you know
being able to connect to my air pods being able to use it with using Siri and
not even though I don’t like Siri is better than no voice assistant at all so
I mean there are things about the Apple watch like really like considering the
fact that I already have one I would be going with it if I had nothing right now
and was trying to make a decision I probably would go with the Versa just
because the versus cost is so much better and the data is actually pretty
fantastic so I hope that helps you out down in the description below are links
to where you can see both of these devices on Amazon clicking on those
links help support our channel here I’m not about selling you guys things I’m
about providing an information so that you can make the best decisions on your
own so I hope that this kind of look between
the two helps you to some extent if you have any questions or any thoughts of
your own add them in the comment section below
if this video helped you give it a thumbs up subscribe to our channel so
that you can get updates and I hope to see you back here soon take care

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