Fitbit Charge HR Review – Great Tracker or Great Waste of Money?

Fitbit Charge HR Review – Great Tracker or Great Waste of Money?

The Fitbit. Some strange looking watch thing that can track your steps your progress your heart rate to sleep in your activity
today I am giving my Fitbit Charge HRReview Over the last month I’ve used this thing daily. The FitBit Charge HR tracks everything from your activity level to how many steps you took to how many miles you walked to your workouts and everything
that goes into this watch into your so you can use that fitbit charge HR with
an app that you download on your phone for the iPhone app for the Android your
top of that you most likely played candy crush on even though it’s meant for work
(you know who you are)… so The FitBit charge HR automatically syncs to the average which makes it easy
to track your progress everything in between. Let’s first talk
about accessories go beyond the app you can sync it to your computer with an
accessory called the dongle your name what is included with your Fitbit Fitbit
Dongle. It basicallycharges via a USB port now come with the smallest a little
bit longer but you know it’s got the USB a great year and you plug this and into
the Fitbit Charge HR review and it charges the battery so you don’t have to go and replace the
battery in this thing you plug it in it takes about an hour two hours to go from
Mt to about a full charge and on the box they say about five days on average has
been less than about two or three days before needs to be charged out I think
it’s because I’m obsessed with pushing the button on the side here and
consistently looking at my stats some people said charge doesn’t do a good job
as far as trapping your workouts as far as the heart rate is concerned I put
this to the test I’ve done some insanity max 30 work out their high intensity
interval training and I’ve gotten great results were compared to my polo Hartley
chest strap and got near-perfect results on both of these devices now during the
normal course of the day that you recommend you wear your Fitbit two fingers below your wrist but during
the course of a work out what I found to be more accurate is when I slide it up
above the river and for whatever reason into practice pushing out blood flowing
a lot faster your heart rate up and it’s much more accurate of above then after
the workout your wife off all the way back down to figures below the best
tracks your heart rate is actually it doesn’t have a chest wrap it all is
within the watch itself it has two LED centers can seem banking right now on
the bottom of the pit track their blood flow rate so it’s really cool what I
like about it is when I go on long walks right I do for a bike ride or something
like that it actually knows you’re on a walk or bike ride so immediately tracks
that within the Fitbit Charge HR review dashboard which is located on the comment i three you
create and it all seems to that report your average heart rate it does
all of that within that community is growing so large I actually recognize
that a lot of my friends are you I guess I’m just kind of behind the times so I
myself up there and get with the times so I got this thing and the problem with
that is the app I see all my friends and I like gradual based on how many steps
you talk so it’s now become this I guess you can say this and how can I beat them
to get to the top of the leaderboard fall into place as far as the material I just basically
a lightweight material and you can see it actually looks just like a regular
watcher doesn’t have anything else you can just how big or small your and it
does come in different colors as well so you can check out the different colors
based on what everyone who want to where I just wanted to be a little bit
indiscreet as I’m walking around and doing the things I do recommend charges
hii recommended over the charge there is a big difference charge charge charge charge tests for
heart rate my opinion it’s only like I think 22 $50 difference to the H are
getting his tractor heartbeat throughout the entire day how cool is that and you know it’s completely harmless
month it’s changed my life to track my sleep I know how long I sleep I know how
much you know when you like moving around even when you get up to go to the
bathroom but ill let you know because it tells you when you’re awake when you
restless and when you’re fast asleep and having a great sleep now course as
always I to have the best prices you can check it out for yourself
see what the prices are at today there’s a link below my check out that charge my charge I hope you enjoyed this review if you did subscribe
button guys is more fun fitness mat and also if you want to check out the link
below in description of course if you want to give your own review of the 15
charges and let’s get the conversation started Fitbit Charge HR Review thanks a lot for watching this video on didn’t let Day

36 comments on “Fitbit Charge HR Review – Great Tracker or Great Waste of Money?

  1. Michelle Harry Post author

    Are you still doing the combined workout of body beast and insanity max 30? If so, how are your results?

  2. Geetesh Joshi Post author

    Hey Bob I have a query … I am approaching my Week 2 of Insanity & as I was lookin at the Calender I saw Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs on same day !So Do I have to do it in succession or Pure Cardio in morning & Abs in evening ?? Coz after Pure Cardio I get very tired & theme again going for warm up & then Abs will create a prob. !! Plz help 😓

  3. Mathew Debio Post author

    i recently purchased the Fitbit Charge HR as i had the app for a while but wanted to know more information, say i was on a treadmill id have my phone on the side so it did not bounce around in my pocket and the Fitbit Charge HR is great, i average around 23,000 steps a day .. i reckon thats good enough haha

  4. Sameer Karmali Post author

    Good review really enjoyed it. Have you tried the vivosmart hr? I'm torn between these two devices

  5. Hayley Lucas Post author

    Does the phone (with the app)  need to be connected/near the fitbit all day? If not when do you need the phone to be with the fitit?Is the app only for syncing?

  6. Becca Cina Post author

    I've been looking for the best price.. all I know now is iPZ mall priced it at $117.. Do you think that's consider as a reasonable price? Where did you purchase yours??

  7. Doctor Hal Post author

    Hi, can I add you to my fitbit friend list to stay motivated? Great videos ✊🏻🙌🏻

  8. Rick Hackley Post author

    ? About Fitbit charge hr. Love it, but noticed that it counts all the bumps as I drive my 18 wheeler as a step. So I'm hitting some awesome step counts….. How do I fix this in the settings?

  9. Margaret Vap Post author

    During my disappointing year-long experiment with the Fitbit Charge HR, I experienced failures of three separate units. The warranty on the unit was for one year. Let me point out that the environment to which these trackers were exposed was a relatively leisurely, non-abusive one. They were never dropped, submerged in water, or treated harshly.

    After only 3 months, the ORIGINAL unit began to physically split on the top next to the digital readout, with a crack on the side. Fitbit Support was contacted and a SECOND unit was sent to me.

    Although the SECOND unit was not physically damaged, this unit was not counting steps accurately and not showing a heart rate. It may have been a software issue with the unit. Therefore, another 3 months later, Fitbit Support was contacted, and a THIRD unit was sent.

    After 4 months, the THIRD unit began to split on the underside of the readout, revealing the battery. When Fitbit Support was contacted for the THIRD time, their response was that the one-year warranty on the ORIGINAL unit had expired and so declined to replace the THIRD faulty unit. They touted their "excellent 100% quality product" in their email declining to replace this THIRD failed unit (it's still support for the ORIGINAL unit!), and "magnanimously" offered me a 25% discount towards the purchase of a NEW Fitbit tracker.

    Seriously? You can't get the one I've already BOUGHT to work, and you want me to shill out MORE money? Why would I even consider spending MORE money on a product that has had three units fail in a year? How about getting me a product (that I've already paid for!) that doesn't fall apart and does what it's supposed to do?

    That "excellent 100% quality product" statistic must not include MY experience, because MY experience was 0%. Which is just about the same as THEIR chance of getting any more of my money, with or without a discount.

  10. B.J. Thomas Post author

    excellent video. my need. a constant HR display while running. that's it. I don't care abut the rest. my polar ft4 doesn't do it constantly (it's also fairly hard to read). I use my phone for gps , pace, etc. No apps, just HR. no personal problems with a chest strap, it would just be more convenient to have it all in one unit. what do i need? thanks.

  11. adam abarca Post author

    Mine is telling me I burn 5,000 plus calories a day. I think that's inaccurate. It also tells me that I walk 18,000 plus steps each day….. all that and I can't even drop one pound. I'm giving it the benefit of a doubt bc I do hard labor at work, but still those numbers seem drastic

  12. Just Letters Post author

    I saw a few reviews. Yours actually covered how to wear properly, plus you threw in the recommendation on below the wrist bone.   Good Job, unlike some other boneheads who decided to read the instructions.

  13. Sudden Revelations Post author

    Haha it's as accurate as a chest rate monitor. Dream on dude. 😜. Btw so you know your heart rate. It tells you just about nothing. Just get out and exercise and stop OCD about what your heart is doing.


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