Fitbit Charge – How to Reboot or Restart

Fitbit Charge – How to Reboot or Restart

In this video, I’ll will show you how you
can restart or reboot your Fitbit charge you want to do this when its not lighting up or buttons don’t seem to work or is just
seems to be dead. So you are plugging your USB cable
to your computer and we’ll plug it in to the port on the device and we’re going to do now is gonna press
and hold the button for 10 to 12 seconds we’re gonna do this until we see the
Fitbit icon and the version number. there’s a version number so we’ll let
go of the button. and unplug and there we go! how to restart or
reboot a fitbit charge.

76 comments on “Fitbit Charge – How to Reboot or Restart

  1. EconoChallenge Post author

    I got a flex for Christmas this year.  Wow am I learning a lot about myself and just how little activity I engage in while doing my day job.  If it was not for my wilderness excursions … I might be dead by now …. LOL

  2. spcyamada808 Post author

    Thanks! I thought my fitbit was broken since none of the buttons worked nor did it appear to take a charge. This was super helpful!

  3. Juan José Alvarado Post author

    Thanks a million Jim Cyr, I solved the problem.
    I was running when suddenly the device stopped working.

  4. Mr357 M. Post author

    I did it but for some reason it didn't reset the information. 😓 any other tip on how can I reset it? Fitbit Charge HR.

  5. Charlotte Ima Post author

    thanks!!! I slightly panicked, only had my Charge for 3 days, went for a jog and the display was null and void!!! All good now!!!!

  6. Linda Thomas Post author

    Thanks so much!!! My FITBIT HR wasn't charging and it now appears to be working fine! I really appreciate it.

  7. Stephanie Thompson Post author

    Any thoughts on what to do if I can't get it to charge at all? I plug it in and hold the button down but still get nothing on the screen. I can't seem to get any charge to do the reset.

  8. Mr. shah Post author

    My fit bit charge stopped working. The screen won't turn on and I watched this video and hooked it up to the computer and the lightning image appeared on the screen possibly indicating a battery issue. I held the butter in for 10 seconds and it shut off and wouldn't light up again.

  9. Mr. shah Post author

    If I plug it into the wall outlet it won't turn on or charge but when I hook it up to the computer it just has a lightning sign but nothing else

  10. Melissa Labrie Post author

    What do you do if the upgrade stopped working in the middle of it and now the device is frozen with a bar and exclamation point on the screen.  I have tried doing everything and it won't work.  I can't reboot, I can't sync and I even tried doing it through my phone and my computer and it does absolutely nothing.  I'm passed the warranty and this is totally aggravating me.  Hope you can help.

  11. Travis Hagan Post author

    My fit bit worked fine until I took it off to go on vacation.  When I came home it was dead.  I charged it and now the time is off.  What do I do now?

  12. Adam Ledger Post author

    Thank you so much. After watching this video my fitbit started updating and syncing no problem. 😀

  13. Malcolm Barrios Post author


    I am giving my fitbit charger hr to my girlfriend and I am having trouble pairing it with her phone.
    I have created an account for her as well
    I unpaird it from my phone and tried to pair it with hers but its been impossible to do so.
    I have done everything I could think of and her phone won't pair or even find the fitbit charger by Bluetooth.
    Do you know what I could do?

    Thank you 🙂

  14. Lady4Life Post author

    YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I wore my Charge HR in the shower on accident and the display died!  This worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Love Me Post author

    You are awesome!!! my fitbit was completely dead. would not do anything at all, even show it was charging or not and this fixed it first time!

  16. Kay Morishita Post author

    yep, thank you so much! i can sleep now and see if it tracks my hours and then i'll be all good for the morning! God i wanted it to reset for the longest time. so glad i saw you video 🙂

  17. Zeyn1111 Post author

    I thought the battey had died at first but wouldn't show charging when plugged in either! This worked!! Thanks a lot!

  18. Christine Rush Post author

    I tried this and it won't connect to my phone. even time my phone tries to connect and it says hold down. for 3 seconds the stopwatch starts and it doesn't connect to my phone.

  19. Alex Sullivan Post author

    Thank you so much. We thought my wife's Fitbit was broken. I tried ordering 3 different replacement cables and nothing would get it to charge. Turns out it just needed a reboot

  20. Edie Chase Post author

    It didn't work for me either, just starts the stopwatch. Have been on hold with Fitbit for 19 minutes!!!!!

  21. Elvis Garcia Post author

    Yours works though. The second you plugged it in, the display showed the battery charging, mine does not even do that. Mine I plug it in, and it doesn't even charge or display that it is charging

  22. bendietrees Post author

    THANK YOU!!!! My Fitbit HR battery died and when I plugged it in to charge it froze on the empty battery display…..did this trick and now it's unfrozen and charging! Yay!!!

  23. Matthew Davies Post author

    HELP!!! My Fitbit charge isn't working! It's supposed to be splash proof but when I was filling up my drink bottle it stopped working. I used this tip and it worked but I soon as I put it on, it shut down. Now I'm constantly rebooting my Fitbit Charge to actually get some use out of it. But after 15-30mins of use it'll shut down once again. Any help or tips??

  24. Chris Weglein Post author

    that worked. this is the third time my fitbit has displayed a bizarre time, like 6 hours ahead. the only thing is now i've lost today's data.

  25. db Music Productions Post author

    Thank you for this video. Too bad the folks at Fitbit don't have a YouTube site.

  26. UKCUF ELGOOG Post author

    i had a fitbit charge hr and wore it on my left wrist during the day. this is the time the tracker is most active. i wore the tracker on my right wrist for bed.
    I ended up with severe pains down my left arm and chest after only wearing it for two months.
    I havent worn the tracker for around 5 months and most of the pain has subsided. it felt like i was going to have a stroke.
    Has anyone else suffered similar issues, i would be interested to hear.
    I contacted fitbit and they agreed to refund the purchase price.

  27. Keljean Green Post author

    Super helpful video! Thank you. My fitbit was dead and wouldn't charge. So I followed the steps on the video and it did restart and now it is charging. Thank you!!!

  28. mrscelopez57 Post author

    I got it up to the V110 and took the plug off and it went back to the battery charged no display nuimber

  29. Kevin Korman Post author

    my fitbit charge will not reset. when i plug it into charger it just has a steady vibration….can you help me?

  30. Lisa Lyn Post author

    I tried to update my fit bit charge HR now its stuck on update and not doing anything please help it is just showing 12 full type of icon and not changing

  31. Stephanie Anne Post author

    When I unplug mine it completely turns off even though it's completely charged. Please help!

  32. Brandon Sexton Post author

    I bought a refurbished fitbit and it didn't work. They sent me another one, it too doesn't work. This didn't work on either one of them. NEVER BUY REFURBISHED junk!


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