Fitbit Charge 3 Vs Fitbit Versa – Everything You Need To Know

Fitbit Charge 3 Vs Fitbit Versa – Everything You Need To Know

Today Fitbit announced their new Fitbit charge
3 which is currently available for pre order and should start shipping sometime in October. Even though the new Fitbit charge 3 looks
very similar to the current charge 2, Fitbit has managed to pack the charge 3 with some
pretty good improvements. Heres everything you need to know about the
new Fitbit Charge 3 and how it compares to the outgoing Charge 2 and Fitbit’s current
crown Jewel the Fitbit Versa. First lets talk money, in classic fitbit fashion
theres going to be a base Charge 3 and a Special Edition Charge 3. The base Charge 3 will come included with
a single silicon wrist strap and will retail for $149.95, which is what the current charge
2 retails for. The special edition Charge 3 will retail for
$169.95 and will come included with 2 sets of wrist bands and will have all of the same
functionality as the base Charge 3, except its also going to have an NFC chip for contactless
payments. Personally I would get the Special edition
Charge 3 just for the extra band cause I think fitbit should just included an NFC chip on
both models. If you want to pick the fitbit charge 3 up
I’ll have links in the description below and it you use the links its really helps
out the channel. Now lets talk design, the Charge 3 looks very
similar to the out going charge 2… but there are some key differences. The charge 3 now has corning gorilla glass
3 protecting its screen just like the Versa. So the charge 3 should be able to stand up
to scratches better than the Charge 2. Even though the screen on the charge 3 is
still a black and white screen like the Charge 2, the screen on the charge 3 is now an OLED
touch screen thats 40% bigger than the screen on the Charge 2. And noticed how I said touch screen, the screen
on the Charge 2 is a haptic touch screen meaning it doesn’t respond when you swipe the screen
like you would normally do on your phone, its responds to the force of your tap… you
have to tap it hard enough for it to register an input. But since the Charge 3 is now going to have
a touch screen you can now swipe left or right on it like you normally do on other touch
screen devices. We’re going to have to see how this new
touch screen behaves when you’re trying to navigate through the menus when you’re
sweaty at the gym. Another significant change on the Charge 3
is the new side button. Unlike the charge 2 or the versa which have
big clicky buttons which I personally like… the charge 3 has a brand new inductive button,
similar to the home button on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7. It doesn’t actually move when you press
it but it does vibrate to simulate that click and to let you know that it received the input. And the reason Fitbit upgraded the button
on the charge 3 was so that they can now make it swim proof. Something that the out going charge 2 isn’t. So you can now confidently swim with the Charge
3 in the pool or in the ocean without having to worry about damaging it. Another upgrade the charge 3 has going for
it is that I now has a claimed battery life of 7 days, where as the charge 2 has a claimed
battery life of 5 days and the versa has a claimed battery life of 4 days. But I’m will to guess that with real world
use the charge 3 should be good for 5 days between charges. And finally the last major upgrade I want
to mention about the charge 3 is the addition of an SpO2 sensor which is also found on the
Versa which allows for the potential to estimate changes in blood oxygen levels and help track
new health indicators, like sleep apnea. So those are the major hardware changes coming
to the charge 3, a bigger brighter screen, an inductive button which allows for water
proofing, better battery life, and an SpO2 sensor… but the charge 3 is also getting
some pretty significant software upgrades as well. The UI is going to be re amped so its easier
to navigate and you’re going to have more robust smart phone notifications similar to
what you would find on the versa or on a more expensive smartwatch like the Apple Watch. And for the ladies watching, the charge 3
is also going to be able help with female health tracking just like the versa does. And finally lets talk about what the charge
3 doesn’t have… the charge 3 still lacks a built in GPS. Meaning that if you’re a runner your still
going to have too bring your phone along cause the charge 3 still relies on connected GPS
just like the previous Charge 2 and the Fitbit Versa. And the reason the fitbit didn’t include
a built in GPS on the charge 3 was to save room for more sensors and a bigger battery
and to keep costs down. And I feel thats perfectly fine. But what I am bummed about is that it still
looks like the Change 3 doesn’t have wireless charging. Personally I just feel the charging clips
that come included with most fitbit devices are just too clunky and clumsy. So thats the Fitbit Charge 3, I personally
feel its a pretty significant upgrade to the outgoing Charge 2. Its has a new bigger and brighter touch screen
which should allow for easier navigation through the menus, it now has an inductive button
which now allows the charge 3 to be swim proof, its has a new SpO2 sensor that estimate changes
in blood oxygen levels, it now has a claimed battery life of 7 days, and its UI has been
improved so it can be usual outside of the gym. Its still lacking built in GPS, but it think
thats perfectly fine. I think just the Fitbit Versa, the fitbit
charge 3 is going to be another hit.

32 comments on “Fitbit Charge 3 Vs Fitbit Versa – Everything You Need To Know

  1. zorrilnz Post author

    Fitbit need to put more focus into their app. No use all these fancy devices when they can't even release an update that doesn't break half of them. As much as I love my Versa, after months it remains so basic with such limited functionality which with every update in software seems to fix something and break 2 things.

  2. toinfinityandpandas Post author

    Wow just a few days ago I was looking into the fitbit versa! I started straying away from the idea because there were a lot of features I didn't see myself using as often.

    Then I got an email about the charge 3 and I really think I'm gonna get this one! Thanks for the thorough breakdown. I owned a flex a long time ago and I thought of picking up another Fitbit product again.

    I don't think I'll need the NFC charge capability but the idea of a second band is Handy. Wonder if it's a loss if I bought a separate band.

    Can't wait to see future updates to the OS as well once this rolls out.

  3. Matthew Wallace Post author

    Let's hope the silent alarm on the charge 3 is better than the very weak vibration on the charge 2.

  4. Jordan Towills Post author

    Reason it doesn't have GPS built in not to take sales away from the Versa and more importantly its Ionic

  5. Oliver Murphy Post author

    I have the charge 2 but honestly no GPS for me = no sale.
    I'm looking for a GPS smartwatch that tracks running, swimming and heart rate when swimming… accurately that is.
    I love Samsung but their gear products have many reviews of very poor accuracy and also brake and let water in and then Samsung doesn't cover in the warranty.
    Hopefully their new galaxy watch will be different.
    Honestly looking for any product recommendations please thanks!

  6. Denise Loves IT! Post author

    I have the charge 2 glad i waited.i was considering the versa. But prefer the style of the charge series.i have been with fitbit since the original charge. To anyone who already owns the versa or ionic an is also considering purchasing the charge 3, if i were you.i would pass.

  7. John Delaney Post author

    I wonder if the Charge 3 will be better at tracking elliptical workouts than the Charge 2….

  8. Juan Coronado Post author

    I have the versa. I wouldn't recommend it. If you read the forums at fitbit, you'll see that almost everyone has a problem with it (either syncing problems, ghost steps even while charging, ghost floor, etc.) Right now I have syncing problems and getting a lot of floors registered (around 40-50 when the real number should be 5-7). Already got a replacement and still having the same problems…

    Wish I checked the forums first before I bought it..

  9. xiiao Z Post author

    But seems that Fitbit still have no whatsapp or any other 3rd party notification for iOS user.. While it been ignoring the users… How hard is it to have 3rd party apps. Whiles other smart watches at a cheaper price can.. still using charge2. And waiting for that software update.

  10. Bridgeeeena Post author

    You compared this to the charge 2 more than the versa and even then it was mostly just an overview of the charge 3. Inaccurate video title but I watched the whole thing anyways so intriguing enough.

  11. Harry D Post author

    Can you tell us if the 3 has a vibration motor better than the charge 2 .. is it a stronger better vibration?

  12. Staplechips Post author

    On the Versa the spo2 sensor is not in use. How´s it for the Charge 3? In my opinion they are not allowed to advertise it when it cannot be used.

  13. Tabitha Qualls Post author

    A lot of people are talking about connected vs. built-in GPS as a game changer. Honestly, I'm okay without GPS at all. No worries lol, the Charge 3 is great

  14. soldier dk Post author

    Hey everyone i have a question!!
    I do weight training and walking mainly also I want to track my sleep
    So Fitbit or Garmin?

  15. Davis Vibe Post author

    I have the Fitbit Charge 3 and it’s awesome! I get notifications for lots of things and it’s so cool. The Charge 3 has a battery life of 7 days so that’s even more cool😊


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