Fitbit Charge 2 Review This Might Be The Best Fitness Tracker Of 2016!

Fitbit Charge 2 Review This Might Be The Best Fitness Tracker Of 2016!

Fitbit Charge 2, Fitbit must be doing something
right since these are all the rage. As the name implies, this is the second version
of Fitbit’s Charge model. And man did they step their game up. After spending a few weeks with the Fitbit
Charge 2, its easy to say this is the best fitness tracker on the market and it has certainly
raised the bar for the rest of the competition. Lets find out what makes this fitness tracker
so great. For $149.95 or $179.95, depending on the color
you get… youre getting a stylish Activity and Sleep tracker, with an integrated Wrist
mounted Heart Rate Monitor. Opening the box is very easy and inside you’ll
find the Charge 2 itself, some documentation that you’ll probably never read, and a charging
cradle thats rather reminiscent to a predator without his or her mask. Its important to note, that when choosing
your Charge 2 you must select the right size wrist band. Unlike the Fitbit Flex 2, the Charge 2 only
brings one wrist band. But don’t worry, you can still switch out
the wrist band. You can even get classy leather wrist bands
that will look great if you work in an office. The stock wrist band that comes included with
your charge 2 is made out of silicon with a soft touch feel to it and a textured design
on it. The casing it self is made of aluminum and
what I’m assuming is glass. The Charge 2 over all is an exceptionally
well crafted product. All of the panels are flush, the wrist band
its self dosnt wiggle where it interlocks with the main case, the side button is stationary
and has a satisfying click to it and the screen it self is easy to read and is bright enough
to see in any condition. Just keep in mind this is not a traditional
touch screen. Unlike modern touch screens that relay on
the conductivity of your finger prints to read inputs, this screen reacts when force
from a tap is applied. This method of touch screen is usful because
you’ll still be able to interact with the Fitbit Charge 2 even if its covered in sweat
during your workout. At a glance, the Charge 2’s screen will
tell you the time, date, distance walked, calories burned, flights climbed, and active
minutes. By pressing the side button you are sent to
the heart rate monitor screen. If you press the side button again you will
then be sent over to the workout screen, here you can tap the screen and select from a verity
of workouts and when you see the one youre about to do you can press and hold the side
button again and the charge 2 will start tracking said workout. The charge 2 can automatically detect and
start tracking your workouts, but we found that for better accuracy you should initiate
it yourself. if you press the side button again you will
then be sent to the stopwatch screen. And if you press the side button one last
time you will sent to the Breathing Session screen. Breathing Sessions are designed to help you
slow down and relax by focusing on your breathing. You can set the default sessions to be either
2 or 5 minutes long. The Fitbit it self will guide you through
your breathing and tell you when to inhale and exhale. After doing the sessions a few times i did
find them to be useful and helped me calm down and relax. Now, keep in mind the Fitbit Charge 2 is not
water proof. So you cant take it swimming like the new
fitbit flex 2. It is splash resistant though which means
you can get it a little wet like when youre washing your hands or something. but you better not submerge this guy. Fitbit also advertises a 5 day battery life
for the Charge 2, but honestly its more like 4 days. The relatively short battery life is due to
the hear rate monitor being on 24/7. Aside from being able to track your calories
burned, steps taken, flights climbed, distance walked, and minutes active… the Charge 2
can also take your sleep. Through the fitbit app you will be able to
see the quality of your sleep, times when you were restless the night before, and how
many times you woke up. having data like this can be very useful when
youre trying to improve your sleep quality so you can be more productive the next day. You can even set the Fitbit Charge 2 to wake
you up at the best time when youre out of REM sleep with its silent alarm. Unfortunately I found the vibration from the
wrist band wasn’t enough to wake me up. So if you do decide to use the silent alarm,
have a back up set just in case. Speaking about the Fitbit app, we’ve said
it before and we’ll say it again… Fitbit has the best fitness tracking app on
the market. When buying a fitness tracker youre not just
buying the hardware, youre also buying into the included mobile app. Fitbit does a great job of laying out all
of the nessacry information right in front of you. Its easy to read and understand, and if you
want more detailed information about your stats fitbit has you covered. The Fitbit mobile app also does a great job
of keeping users motivated through challenges to beat and medals to earn. You can even see how you stack up against
your friends. After testing the heart rate monitor against
an EKG machine, we found it to be very accurate for hear rates between 60 BPM and – 130 BPM. It wasn’t until we got into higher BPM’s
like in the 150 BPM – 190 BPM range that we saw the accuracy fall. If youre an athlete that constantly works
out in the Higher BPM range then you’ll still need to wear a chest strap heart rate monitor. Also, if youre a runner thats interested in
the Charge 2 its important to understand that this guy dosnt have a built in GPS like the
Apple Watch Series 2. So if you want to map out your runs you still
have to carry your phone with you. Which will be ok for some and a problem for
others. If youre buying a Fitbit Charge 2 its because
you want an accurate fitness tracker and not so much a smart watch. That being said, the Fitbit Charge 2 can also
show you notifications when you receive text messages or have an incoming call. It can even give you a small preview thanks
to the screen unlike the Flex 2. Its not much, but it certainly helps. In conclusion, the Fitbit Charge 2 is our
favorite fitness tracker here at GYMCADDY. its exceptionally well made, powerful and
stylish for just $149.95. The Fitbit Charge 2 is great if youre into
running, aerobic exercising, yoga, bike riding, crossfit or moderate weight lifting. The Fitbit Charge 2 isn’t so great if youre
really into bodybuilding or powerlifting since you cant wear it while you wear wrist wraps
or wrist straps, so you cant track your workout. But if youre looking for something that can
track your calories burned, steps taken, track your sleep and keep you motived in a sleek
package then the Charge 2 is for you.

7 comments on “Fitbit Charge 2 Review This Might Be The Best Fitness Tracker Of 2016!

  1. Rohan Ramakrishna Post author

    But the Device is buggy af 🙁 had a sync bug that progressed into a bricked device, now i cant connect it to any of my devices.

  2. TCB FitBit Review/ Taking Care of Bizness Post author

    great video- what's the top 2 reasons that it's better than the other trackers on the market?

  3. Jon P Post author

    had a problem syncing the android app, no problem with syncing the iOS app, I wear it all the time, but how accurate it is I don't know.maybe someone will test all fitness trackers for accuracy..


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