what’s up guys my name is Caley I’m 20
years old and I’m extremely passionate about fitness. Recently I’ve been
fascinated about the idea of helping as many people as I can as many people as
possible reach their maximum potential help them become the better version of
themselves the best version of themselves and so I decided to create
this movement and what I want to do with this vlog is I want to take you guys
along with me on this journey. Some of the many things that you can expect are
personal development advice, behind the scenes of what it takes to build a
business from the ground up and everything Fitness related. So I reached
out to my buddy JT who’s an extremely talented content creator and he’s going
to help me produce this vlog and strategize on ways of making this
movement become a reality Yo whats good brother? Did you walk here? bro I came on a boat you’re vlogging already?
yeah bro i already started shooting the whole shit sunny like two seconds ago
DC literally Cedars going down to the to the bat-cave Bob
well that’s Bob so you tell them what the vlog is about yet oh you did
all right cool let’s talk strategy so you haven’t know who your audience is in
mind mm-hmm right now you have to ask where is your audience currently going
for similar content we know on YouTube who they’re already going for some hair
out to write everything we just looked at right now but if you plan on
preaching about personal development and really getting in depth with fitness
because telling people yeah you got a workout it’s not enough it’s not right
you got every you got to be really smart about it like spend some time teaching
yourself like Anatomy so so you really got to like just sit down one day and be
like shit I gotta get smarter yeah so just literally people as much shit as
you could possibly count the fiber fitness coffee so I’ll try like brand
that and then try to sell that within five your videos it’s basically lion’s
mane quarter subs elixirs and you mix all that together and you create the
super coffee and so that like you just said what do you do it’s um
gotcha but yeah so the idea is just take what you already know and become smarter
in that subject yeah and just double down yes once you become
smarter than the content we drop is gonna be a lot easier to create and have
much more value to yeah yeah yeah if you do not start producing an
enormous amount of content you will lose you will lose customers are simple if
you start making content and showing your expertise and passion and kindness
and quirkiness and other passions you will become unstoppable if you do not
put in that work you will lose what up vlog it’s the next day Wednesday May 6th
May 16th right May 16th and he’s about to hop into a meeting
call with vaynermedia are you doing reasonably what’s going on like no I’m
cool because I’m really realistic as to the
price that garyvee establishes so let’s see what you know what happens if they
work at if they work with startups if they’re willing to work with us then
yeah let’s do it if not keep searching on my name is Callie and I’m one of the
owners of fiber fitness my role this is Tony I’m a health club consultant and
I’m working with Cali fiber fitness it’s a new fitness facility in Garfield New
Jersey it’s about 11,000 square feet now the last five seven years everyone is is
shifting to or adding to their marketing a social media presence I’m a firm
believer in what Gary says when he says that you should document versus create
we’re going to start a vlogging channel and try to build my own personal brand
as well as starting a podcast and just you know showing people the rawness and
the authenticity behind what it takes to actually build a business from the
ground up if that makes any sense I said I’m debug with the lyrics I’ll
shoot everything walking I’m all precision bad decisions taught the
language I’m talking I’m talking right now so it’s so the price right is right
there yeah so right there like where that door is from here but it’s like
it’s it’s it’s more in-depth than it is wide yep oh my god
thank you thank you yes we’ll just try to go in this is this is a beautiful space so
where is the main entrance alright so the main is gonna be right there so this
wall right here is gonna get knocked down but not not like we’re gonna open
like – wait you’re right you have the main entrance right here so you walk in
walk in they’ll be the reception area right here our intention is to have a
kiosk maybe in electronic theost where the guest that is interested in the gym
he’ll have the opportunity to walk around the receptionist will tell you
all right so take a look around and feel free you walk around you like what you
see there’s no no one holding you accountable or pressuring you to
actually buy the membership so you walk around you go wherever you want and then
you come back if you’re interested you sign up on the electronic kiosk so this
area right here this is going to be the premium section the hydromassage right
there we’re gonna have to tranny over here from that ceiling drop back it’s
gonna be the premium section so whoever buys into the premium package is gonna
have access to that this is kind of where the turf area would begin so the
strengthening conditioning the entire flipping carts that side will be the
cardio lines the cardio section you know basic cardio equipment on this part
right here will be your basic strengthening equipment but you
basically see you know any other gym where you’re passing through right now
roughly I think this is the freeway that section right Tony I think this section
right here would be the locker rooms the bathroom yeah so that’s that’s pretty
much it so what do you think about the gym JT Oh me yeah dude I think that this
space is amazing you want to see the way you described it to me I thought it was
a bit smaller this is huge dude I love it so this is what the place
looks like at the moment there is rubble dust and dirt everywhere it definitely
does not look like a gym yet but you know like we said gonna document the
entire process so Tony tell the camera real quick you’re in the industry
you’ve been in it yeah who are you well I don’t know if you have an old tape
line for there but I’ve been in the health club industry since I was 22
years old right out of college and started with Jack LaLanne back then as
an instructor and moved up into sales and management and then when I got
involved with Bally’s health clubs I was a vice president regional vice president
for Bally’s how was how was marketing back then versus now
oh god just newspaper ads and television a lot of TV although they still do mean
TV now I see Planet Fitness is on there but you have to have a lot of clubs and
you have to have a big volume to be able to to get the book out of a television
but it was radio it was TV it was newspaper back then and and then it got
into mailings which people still do for grand openings and pre-sales and then it
matured into email and then social media marketing YouTube Facebook Twitter
Instagram what we’re doing how are cool because I want to post it on LinkedIn
see grandma’s sure real quick install I just closed the
picture of the videos yeah like if he asks I’ll just say oh and fYI just we’re
just filming to develop the company’s brand let’s do when we’re documenting
little bit more documents documenting every step and you know creating this
company or whatever so we’re at City Hall right so you know Garfield City all
see you all meeting with the good people of Garfield so I wanted to show you the
plan yeah let me see what you got you the you’d be the owner yeah but this
one’s gonna be something different I promise I mean I don’t have a problem
with you know it’s gonna be a fully sprinkle building you have to get us to
the layout of the sprinkle as you go through the hoops to do whatever you
have to do yeah we’re probably going here yeah okay so get your architect to
work on it and put up Instagram so Kelly and I were just talking about the Pareto
principle and what that is is that when you’re showcasing and this is in life
and filming 20% of what you see has been made up by 80 percent of the work right
so if you’re opening up a gym and on opening day that opening day was 20%
that’s what you’re seeing but you’re not seeing that behind the scenes all the
meetings you’re going to all the strategizing all the hustle and work
that goes into that one opening day with 80% of the work and that’s what you
don’t see which is why we’re actually vlogging and documenting everything so
we can showcase this and later on in the future look back and say wow this shit
was real it wasn’t an overnight success type shit
it’s gonna take a minute but we’re gonna get there and you’re gonna see it all
happen preaching sitting down with Gary Vee putting the bullshit aside
he said you found your lane so Brian it’s just a matter of time don’t ever
sugar-coated a cuz don’t help knowin strength they want
successor they want sympathy it’s just how it sings I’d rather not smile fake
I’d rather keep it all Gary


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    Better watch your six Eric ! This guy is coming for the TOP ! Wish you success brother.


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