Feeding the Frasers: With Sammy Moniz and Mat Fraser

Feeding the Frasers: With Sammy Moniz and Mat Fraser

It’s crazy how much goes into a shot
When I first got that machine I went to like some roaster in Burlington and
it was like two weeks of just like I would take a sip and I was like ooooh dump it make another one I finally went in I was
like guys what am I doing wrong and he was like all right take me through your
process you know what do your grinds look like how much are you dosing how
much are you pulling and I was like what are you talking like I’m dosing like 18 grams or
I think I told him no I was dosing 16 grams he’s like try doing 17 I was like
oh thanks a lot buddy and then I go home put in one extra gram of coffee which is
like that much and then boom it’s a great shot of coffee I was like holy
shit like that little difference makes that much like a world of difference in
the end It’s frustrating sometimes but amazing others Oh my gosh look at these they’re so cute
street taco size I saw that it had obviously like you know large medium
small but these are so cute oh my gosh look at them they’re like the perfect little size that is a Sammy sized taco So Adee is the one that told me about
Instacart and it has changed my life I love getting my groceries delivered it’s
amazing it has I’m like clearly not sponsored but I tell everyone like
my brothers and sisters my mom my dad I’m like you guys why are you going to
the grocery store anymore like just order your groceries it has saved me so
much money cuz you don’t do that whole like oh I could totally use some bananas
I could totally use some you know of this and you’re not you just you
have a list and you just pull it off the app it’s incredible
it’s awesome too for traveling like that’s been the biggest help if I try my
hardest whenever we’re on the road to get you know an Airbnb wherever we can
or have somewhere with the kitchen just because it’s a comfort you know when
you’re eating you’re own cooked food versus having to eat out all
the time especially for anywhere from you know for four or five days and it’s
awesome the other day we were in Salt Lake City I think was the last trip and
you know it’s like a new city we didn’t have a car and I you know we showed up I
knew that we were gonna get to the Airbnb around 8 o’clock at night and it
was like oh groceries will be here in an hour it was just so perfect it was
before we even left the airport I had groceries delivered or had
groceries ordered to be delivered and it was just like now the next morning we
just got up and made breakfast and like kept going like nothing was nothing that
changed it was nice I mean I’ve always really enjoyed cooking and kind of used it as a way to relax at the end of the workday
so I was working a nine-to-five job I was coaching at a couple gyms at the
time and I would get home and I think I’d maybe had you know an hour from
getting home to then needing to go to bed because I would get up at 3:45 in
the morning the next day and start the whole day over again and rather than
just getting home and sitting on the couch and turning the TV on and zoning
out I started cooking it’s just a way to you know like relax and decompress and
you know obviously it was helping me either prepare dinner that night or
prepare my lunch for the next day or breakfast or whatever it was you know
you need to eat so it was something that was kind of checking that box of
something I needed to do but it was also something that I looked forward to and
enjoyed and had started following a ton of food bloggers and reading a bunch of
cookbooks and when I left that job and started living with Mat I remember
asking him you know what do you want for dinner tonight and he said oh can you
make that chili you made and I was like okay I made a chili at some point and
now he wants it so I was like all right great I gotta remember what it is that I
made that he now wants and that kind of started for me of like well I don’t know
what I did last time because the way that I’ve been cooking is kind of a
little bit of this a little bit of that whenever you have accessible to you and
so I started writing down the recipes that I was making I started you know
keeping track of the ingredients that I used and you know even if it wasn’t
super specific of you know a teaspoon of this a tablespoon of that it was at
least okay this chili had poblano peppers in it maybe a little different
than just a red pepper or green bell pepper added some flavor so I wanted
to write down that that’s what I did and so I just started doing that and then on
my own personal page I just found that I was posting a lot about food and sharing
recipes or sharing not even recipes at that point actually it was just pictures
of the stuff that I had created so a buddy of mine was like oh you should
totally do like a page on this and that was even before Feeding the
Frasers came about like what like what do I have to say you know what people
don’t care about what I’m posting I care about it and so I’ll share it on my
stuff and then it was just like the the whole format of the photo I had the
idea in my head of okay maybe I could create some sort of log for myself you
know it was more I was already writing down the recipes I was taking photos
just so that I had some sort of recollection myself and then you know it
was like using the Instagram page as kind of my own personal recipe book of
something you know whether it was something that I created and just made
up or I got this recipe from this food blogger or this cookbook so that I could
remember the next time I wanted to go and make that chili I was like that’s
where I got it from that’s the recipe I followed and you know that’s now when
Mat says I want that chili it’s like that’s the one that he wants not this
other random like a little bit of this a little bit of that chili that’s kind of
how it started So before I was just taking the camera
wrapping it around my neck and using the strap as like okay I need to be this far
away so kind of line myself up and that’s how I got it to some level of
consistency of like okay if the strap is pulled tight and my arms are fully
extended and it’s right over the stool then that’s about should be about the
same every time it was not the same every time this turns out we’ve got some
shrimp in the oven and we’re gonna be making tacos with a tomatillo jalapeno
salsa some slaw and it’s either tacos or a bowl I might do like a cauliflower
rice bowl just depends on what we’re all feeling today food photography is
beautiful when it’s all curated then there’s napkins and there’s edible
flowers next to the food and you know like it’s it’s really really pretty but
for me it doesn’t necessarily seem accessible where’s this I feel like it’s
accessible anybody can look at it and be like oh it’s shrimp and couple peppers
and like I could do that you know if she makes it look so simple maybe maybe I
can make that for my family and so that’s kind of like I liked how that the
pictures themselves just simplified things like it didn’t it wasn’t dressed
up it’s not there’s no you know like napkins and silverware and all these
things kind of cluttering the food it’s just the food as it’s getting prepared
and then the food on our plates you know Working with Adee and she’s given me
I travel a ton so a lot of it is just learning how to eat when I’m on the road cuz when
I’m home you know I’m in full control of it and I didn’t have to when I started
working with Adee I didn’t have to change my diet I didn’t have to take
foods out or you know add foods in I was already eating really well I love
vegetables I love simple foods you know that are flavored with spices and
it was really easy to just follow a protocol um but for Mat it’s mostly
just like he just needs calories he probably doesn’t eat enough he just
needs to eat more because he’s training you know eight hours a day and recovering in the you know the off times and so you know I think it’s just
like I said we have different goals so for me I needed a little bit more
guidance on ensuring what I’m doing at home you know is working and so that way
it’s also giving me tools so that way when I’m on the road I know how to make
better decisions when I’m you know only at a diner but in the mornings I eat
essentially a salad with eggs like I mixed greens and roasted vegetables and
and then I put an egg on top and like that’s what I call breakfast but
you can’t really get that at a diner when you’re on the road it’s toast home
fries and scrambled eggs are kind of your options so it’s learning how to
travel and be prepared with my own stuff but then also you know follow some of
the guidelines that I’ve learned along the way Adee and I were friends and just
were having conversation and she was like hmm she’s so insightful you know
and she’s like I’m hearing you talk about these things and if you ever want
to get in our system and have a space to talk about them here’s that space and that’s what’s cool it’s like it’s just a it’s just a it’s
an avenue it’s a space where you can go and talk to somebody about just how your
week was I mean it’s crazy that a lot of the check-ins are just how’s your week
tell me about it what was great what was good what was what was not so great and
then you know I think I started my last check-in with I feel like this is the
first time I have nothing to report and then it was five paragraphs and I went
back to the top of it and you know you always like maybe maybe you’d do this
maybe you don’t but oh it’s pre fruit pre proofread words are hard proofread
and so I went back to just make sure that there weren’t any grammatical
errors and I’m like oh my gosh that’s a funny first sentence to start with of
like I’ve got nothing to say this week and then five paragraphs later I had
something to say apparently none of it on food just
like checking in on how things are going and how I’m feeling like that’s the
craziest thing is that you don’t realize how connected food is to everything and
how it makes you feel on the inside outside and how it affects your
confidence and how it affects your you know like just attitude towards the day
and food’s great We definitely focus on high nutritious foods versus processed
and packaged and you know I try to make as much as I can
homemade you know for instance like I probably could have found a mix of
shrimp that was seasoned already and cooked in some sort of sauce and you
know jarred can of salsa not that we don’t use jarred cans of salsa but it’s
like if I can make it and I want to try sorry I’m coming your way Just blocking the steam it was coming
straight up straight at the camera so I figured rather than get it all fogged up You know if you’re trying to live a
healthy lifestyle then sweets aren’t necessarily your your best friend and so
it was like okay well I still want a cookie but I’m gonna try to make a
cookie that fits what I’m doing so whether that be gluten-free or refined
sugar-free or whatever it was and you know the truth with substitute baking is
unless you’ve got it really dialed in it’s not necessarily delicious and so it
then leaves you wanting still that delicious treat that you once again food
is memory so if I want a cookie I’m thinking about that chocolate chip
cookie or that diablo cookie it’s my favorite it’s like a Mexican chocolate
it’s like spicy chocolate cookie it’s so good but if I’m gonna have that you know
I decided and kind of how we live here is like I’m gonna have that cookie I’m
not gonna try to make a substitute for it I’m just going to allow myself to
have that cookie and you know make healthy choices around that if that’s
something that I want to treat myself to you know we just kind of live in
moderation so nutrition is definitely important and something that we you know
focus on and that’s that’s the goal is to be conscious of the stuff that we’re
putting in our bodies but also allow ourselves to if we’re gonna have
something we’re gonna have that and then we’re gonna make you know conscious
decisions throughout the rest of the day or you know for our other meals
throughout the week so nutrition has always been the focus I think it also
just kind of adjusted from being okay how can I sneak in a treat to how can I
just live a really healthy life and then allow myself a treat every once in a
while I think for you it there wasn’t really a
plan of anything coming of it right like it was just she realized her personal
Instagram page was turning into all food and so she made a separate page for it
you know I’ve seen some of the cool stuff that’s come of it in terms of like
Traeger grills had Sammy out to FitCon and like they used her recipes for the
influencer dinner so I mean that was like 120 – 150 people so I
mean just that like I was there to like with some other CrossFitters to take
pictures and Sammy’s there for a whole different reason like she’s not just a
+1 so you know it was a really cool experience of like she has her gigs
I have my gig and I mean whatever she wants to build it into I mean it can
stay as fun for as possible or like if it turns into something awesome we’ll
run with that too you know um kind of look at it as like the equivalent of like my
CrossFit career of I didn’t plan on any of the stuff being built into what it is
now so I mean who knows we may keep taking photos on a little stool or at
some point you know when we build our new house in Vermont there may be like a
studio kitchen you know who knows what it’ll be built into but regardless of
what it is it’ll make for a good story It’s basically like a at home like Denny’s menu of like like you’re at Denny’s you don’t even need to read anything you just point to a
picture and so like I’ll go through Sammy’s the Feeding the Fraser’s Instagram page and I’m like oh like you know just something like we haven’t had
in a while so you forget it exists or that’s even an option I’m like yo
do we have the stuff to make this and she’s like yeah give me 20
minutes and then she’ll whip it up and she’s be able to pull up the recipe on
her page and so she knows what she needs and she can tell me if we have it or not
I think a big thing to realize is that everything that is on that page gets
yeah when was it was the last year
before Regionals or before the Games like I had to be like stop making cheese
cakes stop making like these desserts cuz like I’m going to eat them you know
so once again depending on the season depends on the recipes getting made but
yeah she was like she’s gotten into like this niche of like just making more
desserts like she made a cheesecake and it was a huge hit at whatever gathering
we had and so it was like I want to experiment with this type of cheese cake or this one I’m like you have to stop it’s in the house I’m going to eat it like I
have to compete in like a month like I can’t be going out there like 210 (lbs) These are the tough moments when she’s
like making a dish I’m sitting here like drooling and she’s like give me one
minute so also the photos are literally my plates of food that I’m waiting on This mango is like the most perfect mango ever
yeah it’s really good You want your man to be eating shirtless
make it a spicy meal How the turn tables have turned
I was just gonna say that
How the turn tables have turned I explore that’s why you got me It’s perfect
yeah I saw more of my home state in the first year that Sam and I dated than I
did in my first like 24 years of living there This is a rare sighting of Mat
making his own plate remember that one time you stirred my blueberry jam
in the kitchen it’s really because there’s a camera here and I feel awkward being like Sammy
another plate So I manage CrossFit athletes and
everything from you know contract negotiations for partnerships and
sponsors to you know helping them execute on what those contract
obligations are so everything from photo shoots to social media to brand
marketing activations with their various brands so I work very closely with the
athletes but then I also work closely with their brands making sure that the
brand is getting what they you know are asking of the athlete and vice versa
thanks that was easy we’ll catch up again on Thursday then all right bye Just about the biggest thing that I’ve
learned is just lowering the expectation I can’t make home on a travel trip I can
do my best to replicate it but it’s also it’s not home so okay maybe I have salt
pepper and oil it’s a good start I can make something delicious you know
season up some vegetables or a steak with just that but you just you make it
work so it’s the same thing being on the road now it’s like I have a small little
toolkit of things that I I do and I apply and a lot of it is just lowering
the expectation and understanding that I’ll be home in a couple days and if I
can leave a trip and get home and feel good about the efforts that I put into
getting some sort of movement in to you know even if I’m not tracking every gram
of something I’m at least making a conscious effort to you know get grilled
chicken get you know be specific about how I want my vegetables cooked or get
dressing on the side because who knows what type of mix it is and just little
things like that those are little things for me that make ordering out at a
restaurant or traveling on the road just a little bit easier Yeah you don’t realize how much goes
into it until you have a post in front of you’re like oh my gosh what do I even say I’m just providing you a snapshot into our daily life I’m not an authority on
anything I’m just sharing a passion of mine and hoping that it you know
inspires other people to be passionate about something or to you know find
passion in cooking and find passion in bringing people together through food
but I’m not necessarily an authority when it comes to you know what you
should and shouldn’t be eating that’s that’s that’s for you to decide and for
you to figure out what works best for you so what I’m showing is just you know what we happen to be eating at a at a
given time there’s there’s no particular I think reason why I’m posting something
on a specific day or during a specific time it’s just that’s what I happened to
cook this week so here you go Is this really for me? Oh my god wait a minute did you see this on Alex Anderson’s post Yessssss Film crews are fun when I’m not the one getting filmed this is way cooler I love that that’s what she thought I
look like a little bitch get up This is a new high for me like lifetime high
is being videotaped watching The Office Yeah so I had done some level of tracking before I think it just makes you more aware I don’t necessarily think
it’s changed anything that I cook I mean you know like tonight’s a perfect
example I’m having one meal one because it’s leftovers and just you know
leftovers are just as good two because it’s easy because it’s leftovers and
three like this is something this is pretty typical of what I’ll eat on a
regular basis of just like super simple I’ve got a little bit of cooked
vegetables a little bit of like a heavier starch you know something that
just will fill me up some meat and then you know just some some greens whereas
you know I’ve got a lovely steak and rice and and vegetables for Mat so it’s
still very simple but you know I don’t need a 12 ounce steak if I were to make
one of those for myself I would portion it out appropriately and probably
wouldn’t sear it in butter and you know make it all extra yummy I would just
make it yummy you know if that makes sense I just put the sauce that I made in it
with some lime juice and then cilantro what sauce is that
the green sauce that was in the blender this afternoon
the salsa you know we don’t necessarily like
prescribe to a certain thing but there’s definitely waves throughout the
year of okay when he is getting closer to competition and when he’s training a
ton we’re not so concerned about you know cookies or brownies and
things like that in terms of like the calories are just gonna burn but
at the same time it’s just being a little bit more aware that you know if
you’re being called upon to perform that you want to feel your best and if you’ve
got a little extra fluff you might not feel your best and you might not feel as
though you can perform at your best and so it’s just kind of like we just clean
it up a little bit if my gymnastics is good when I weigh 205 then I’ll weigh 205 but right now my gymnastics feels the best when I’m at low 190s
so then that’s what I do but I don’t care how I look or anything like that
it’s purely just function yeah it’s all feeling good eating the way that you’re
eating then that’s how you keep eating yeah I usually try to float around
like a low 190s but on the other side I care about what I look like and how I
feel and you know that’s like I fitness for fun and I remember this was
like a couple of weeks ago I was like I came home from the gym and I was like I
feel fit again like you know you get into when you’re like coming off of an
offseason or whatever and you’re like oh it just doesn’t feel good working out
whether it’s because you’re out of shape or whether it’s because you’re holding
onto a couple extra pounds or because you were training for something super
specific like a friend of ours is running a marathon so
she’s only been running she hasn’t done CrossFit in months and so like if she were
to go into a CrossFit workout she would have that same feeling of like oh my
gosh I just feel so unfit for this and the best feeling in the world is coming
like doing a workout like I did today it was so gross but the coolest
part about it is that I could do it I didn’t feel great but I hit my splits
every time like I increased my pace and it got harder but it’s like that’s the
whole point of like if it’s getting easier then you’re not progressing right
like it just it continues to get harder as you get better and that’s a good feeling it should excite people

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