Farming with Jennifer Garner and Kevin Hart | International Version

Farming with Jennifer Garner and Kevin Hart | International Version

Welcome. Welcome to an all-new
episode of “What The Fit.” I’m your host, Kevin Hart.
And I’m never by myself. Today I have
Jennifer Garner
with us. Oh, my God! Oh, my God! How do I do this?
How do I find the
most amazing people to come and join me
in these journeys? – That’s what I call them.
I call them journeys.
– We’re on a journey. – This is a journey.
A fit-fun journey, okay?
– Mm-hmm. – Do you like my outfit?
– I love your outfit. – Overalls. Flannel. Phew.
– Overalls… This was just a regular
flannel at one point. But I said that’s
not acceptable. – ( scoffs ) Of course.
– So I cut the sleeves off. – Mainly because I have
amazing arms. And I felt…
– ( laughs ) …that they should be
on display – for what we’re
about to do today.
– They should. Absolutely. – What are we gonna do today?
– I’m about to tell you now. – You have a love for
farming. Is that true?
– I do– I do like farming. – You do like farming. Why?
– Mm-hmm. Why? Because it is amazing
to watch food grow – and to pick it and eat it.
– Okay, I’m a Hot Pocket guy – if I lived on my own.
– ( laughs ) – “Kevin, what do you–”
– There’s nothing wrong
with a Hot Pocket. “Kevin, what is that all over
your face?” “Hot Pocket!” Jennifer ( sings jingle ):
“Hot Pocket”! So what I wanted to do was,
I wanted to put you
in an environment that was comfortable
for you. That you would
smile at. But then also find some
new things within those
environments that we can embrace.
And I feel like, with me, doing a show entitled
“What The Fit,” I feel like there’s a
high level of fitness
that can go in – to farming.
– So we’re going to a farm. ( rustic country music ) ( lowing ) – We’ll do some
walking lunges from–
– Something. – Farming’s hard work.
– That’s what the lady
told me on the phone! So that’s what we’re
gonna do today. – Kevin: All right. We’re here.
– Jennifer: Okay. ( lowing ) ( neighing ) ( sheep bleating ) ( clucks ) – Man: Welcome!
– Hey! – Hi!
– Hi, guys! – Kevin: What’s your name, man?
– I’m Farmer Juan. – Farmer Juan.
– That’s right. Give you a nice little
farmer handshake. I’m Kevin. – Nice to meet ya.
– Hi there! – Jen? Nice to meet you.
– Nice to see you. Could I have went with
a full pant? Damn it. God damn it,
I did it again. I can’t imagine that you could
be any better than you are now. – This is–this is fine.
– Yeah. I think– – we’re embracing this.
– Yes. Farmer Juan, you know
why we’re here. – That’s right.
– ( loud crowing ) You know I do
a show– Hey! Hey! ( clucking ) – Thank you!
– ( laughs ) – I do a show called
“What The Fit.”
– Okay. – And on the show, basically–
– ( loud crowing ) I’m not gonna do this.
I’m not gonna do this. I’m not gonna go
back and forth with you. If I’m gonna talk,
then let me talk.
Please. – Please.
– Jennifer: Mm-hmm. – Thank you.
– ( clucking ) Me and Jennifer…
we’re here to basically, really embrace this
environment. But I want you to
understand, – we’re looking for
the physical activities–
– I see. – ( loud crowing )
– We can’t do this. So nobody can–
nobody can shut that– – Juan: I can’t do it.
– It’s just a quick–
( makes crunching sound ) ( laughs ) – You don’t want your neck?
– ( crows ) – You want it to be go-time?
– ( chuckling ) – ‘Cause we can make it go-time.
– You guys ready to get started? – Ready.
– Yeah, ’cause that
got an attitude. That’s right. ( country music plays ) This is where the
workout comes in. Oh, look,
a broad fork. We’re gonna aerate the soil.
We’re gonna plant something. You want me to
show you how it’s done? ( music playing ) Both: Oh! There you go.
Oh, yeah. Juan: There you go, come on,
Kevin. Get your squats in. – Get your shoulder workout.
– It’s on! Think of it like
a StairMaster. – Side to side.
– Okay, we got this, come on! Kevin: Hey, cameras.
You might wanna get this. There you go, Jen.
You’re doing great, Jen. Kevin, you should learn
a little bit from Jen. – Agh!
– Oh, yeah? Maybe you could
learn a little about this? – ( laughs )
– Juan: What is that? I feel like we’re gonna
be here all day. – Jennifer: We might be!
– Kevin: Mine is in! I’m in! – We’re–got it.
– I got it in! Look at that! – Now this machine is
my ( bleep ).
– ( laughs ) Once you get it where you–
Look at that, look at that. That story don’t stand
a chance now. Look at that. Jen is one of those
people that don’t give up,
and I like it. And everybody knows
farmer girls are tough. You know how I knew
they were tough?
By that commercial. –
– FarmersOnly– have you ever
been on there, Farmer Juan? – You’ll find you a good woman.
– Should I go on that? Juan: I think you should. – It’s a great dating site.
– Is it farmer girls? – I mean, hey!
– All farm girls
and farm guys. – And on the commercial–
– City folks just don’t
get it, though. On the commercial,
the girl goes, “I’m looking for a farmer.” – “Do you farm?”
– ( laughs ) And this guy’s like, “Yeah.
Yeah, I do. Yeah, I do farm.” “Well maybe you should go
( laughs ) I’m like, yeah, yeah!
All right! – Yeah, there’s something
for everyone.
– I get it. So, Farmer Juan, I don’t know
your relationship situation, but they got
some nice ones. They’re missing a
few teeth, though.
I’m not– You can’t ask for
everything. It’s a website. ( music playing ) – You guys ever sheared
a sheep before?
– ( excited ) No! – Yes! All the time.
– Shearer: All the time? I used to go to my dad.
My dad– in Broughton area, we used to have sheeps
in the city of Philadelphia. We found one, one time.
We hooked it up. – ( laughs ) “The city
of Philadelphia.”
– We gave him a fade. – Alrighty.
– So, Jen, you should
start it. You should give
the first cut. – Oh, my gosh!
– Let’s give it a haircut. – Okay, turn ’em on.
– ( loud buzzing ) – Whoa! Oh, ( bleep )!
– Oh, my gosh! – Okay.
– Shearer: Go for it. – Yeah, go ahead!
– I don’t know that I’m– You’ve got a steady hand.
I saw when we was in the car. Push right here. – I’m not gonna hurt him.
– You’re not gonna hurt it. I’m right here to help you. Push down and push forward. – Good.
– ( bleats ) You’re good! You do this!
I don’t wanna do this! – Did I hurt him?
– No. Stay nice and level,
don’t dig in. Perfect. This is not a good
cut at all. You know, brother, if I could
just tell you what’s going on. – ( bleating )
– ( laughing ) This is
not a good cut. Want some hair? You do it! – Good thing about being a–
– ( shear stops ) Good thing about being a barber,
the first thing you need to know is,
it’s all about conversation. – So, you go to a barbershop–
– You need your patter. – You gotta talk to it.
– Yeah. What’d you do today, baby?
Hmm? ( laughs ) Where you go?
I know that’s right. – ( shear buzzes )
– Well, the game–let me
tell you something. – ( shear stops )
– Hey, LeBron–the same
thing I said. – ( shear buzzes )
– You got to know. Yup. Uh-huh. Well–well.
It depends. That’s all about–
See I’d be the barber that
never get it done ’cause I talk too much.
That’s all about–it depends
on where you gonna go. – But look. I think you
have a gift.
– You did a pretty good job. You got L.A., you got Houston.
But I think they went to
the wrong spot. But that’s neither here nor
there. My thing is, if you gonna eat fruit,
get it out of the basket. – ( shear buzzes )
– Yo, Jennifer,
I’m cleaning up your mess. – I know.
– How you doin’ there, Kevin? I’m much better. I’m much better than you,
Jennifer. – What is this?
– What are all these,
like, lumps here? I was about to give him a part.
I was gonna put the word– I was gonna put the
word “bedazzled.”
I was gonna put “bedazzled.” – Juan: “Bedazzled.”
– That’s the thing. Y’all just got a bunch
of sheep around here
with no style. – Give ’em a part.
– Give ’em a little ‘fro? Yeah, give me my sheep–
Where the sheep at
that’s the cool sheep? If he out here
’round these women, – give him a shot.
– ( bleats ) ( music playing ) Juan:
We can go start picking
some tomatoes, now. Celebrity beefsteak tomatoes. – Celeb–what it say?
– Celebrity beefsteak tomatoes. You only wanna have
celebrity tomatoes.
Those are the best ones. Why? What does that mean?
Why “celebrity”? That’s just the variety
they are. So we’re gonna
go ahead, we’re gonna– – I’m gonna pick
Sylvester Stallone.
– ( laughter ) I’m gonna get
Sylvester Stallone. I’m looking for Judi Dench.
( laughs ) Ah! Oh, this is
a good one. This is–this is
Denzel Washington. – But look at that.
– Aw…( bleep )! This is Denzel Washington
in “Equalizer Part 2.” ( laughing ) Now do you guys see
how this is a workout for
the whole entire body… – Yeah. Now I’m sweatin’.
– …every day. Every day. Look at this.
I found you and me. I’ll let you hold this.
Congratulations. That’s a good–okay,
hold up. Hold up.
I’m good. I’m good. Why you over the fence?
What you doin’? What is she– – Who you got?
– I got it! Don’t worry, Kevin,
I got it! – Angelina Jolie.
– That’s a beautiful one. You know this is Angelina
because the lips
are stickin’ out. – ( laughs )
– All right. – Oh, that is a juicy–
– That’s a good one right there. – that’s Bradley Cooper.
– This is Kerry Washington
in “Scandal.” ( seductively )
“Scandal.” “I tell you what I’m not
gonna do. I’m not going to
allow you to go and talk to me and then go
to the White House to tell them what you thought you told me.
You’re not going to do it! And it will not happen
on my day!” – ( seductively ) “Scandal.”
– ( giggles ) Oh! Meryl Streep!
Right here! – That’s a beautiful tomato.
– Let’s find a big
stupid-looking one – and that can be “The Rock.”
– Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. – Mmm!
– That’s a little one. Look at this dumb one!
I don’t want that one. Dumbass tomato.
That’s a dumb tomato. What–Jennifer!
What are you doin’? – Hmm?
– What are you doin’? What– See, you can’t pick
tomatoes with her. – She gonna eat half the tub
when we get back.
– Here. – What you want?
What is it–
– Eat it. It’s the best tomato
you’ve ever had. – That is a really good tomato.
– That’s what I’m talkin’ about. – Guess what? I just
killed Morgan Freeman.
– ( laughs ) – That’s cannibalism.
– Kevin: Mm-hmm. ( music playing ) – Have you guys ever collected
eggs in the morning?
– Every day. – Hello, ladies.
– You guys are goin’ in. – We’re goin’ in to do what?
– We’re gonna go in, you guys are gonna go ahead
and collect some eggs. Kevin:
Collect eggs from where? Juan: Did you see all those
right there? All those
little squares? There’s eggs in there
that chickens are laying. – Wow.
– Oh, Jennifer be careful! – Just be careful!
– Juan: Kevin, you gotta get
those right there. – You see that one?
– I feel like that’s
a mother next to it. You should get that one.
She’s okay with it. Oh! Come on, Jennifer!
What you doin’? ( bleep ) Come on, baby,
you got it. – Kevin: Oh, my god.
– You’ve got it. Kevin: This egg right here
still look wet. – Is that fresh out the caboose?
– It is. Come on, Jen!
What you doin’? – Catching it.
– Aw, ( bleep )! – Kevin: That’s why you
got to stay away.
– Come here, baby. – Juan: You wanna grab one,
– Wait. Hold on now. – I can’t put him in the bucket.
– Well, put your bucket down. – Hold the bucket for me,
Farmer Juan?
– You got it. You wanna hold… – the wings in.
– I don’t wanna do it? ( laughter ) Ahh, ( bleep )! Kevin: This is a heavy
level of not right. – You guys ready to move on?
– Yep! – Let’s go!
– All right! We got it.
See ya, ladies. Thank you so much
for your service. – Kevin: I feel so bad!
– Always wanna wash your hands – after chickens.
– Juan: It’s all right.
We don’t wash hands here. No, who cares?
Salmonella’s cool. – That’s right.
– So right over here… – next thing we’re gonna do–
– Man: You gotta hold on. ( laughter ) It’s awesome.
We got it. All right. Yeah.
What– – Juan: You good?
– What’s that disease? – Yeah.
– What’s that thing
that you could get? Ahh. Don’t worry,
it’s just ( bleep ).
Let’s have that. That’s good. What’s that thing that
makes you ( bleep ) on
yourself instantly? – What’s it called?
– Salmonella? – Yeah. There you go.
– That’s good. That’s good. – You embrace that on a farm.
– You do. – We don’t frown on that.
– No, we love it. ( music playing ) All good things come
to an end, and today, – today this was abs–
– ( loud crowing ) – Not again! I’m not going
to do it again!
– ( music slows to a stop ) Now stop it! – This was an amazing day.
– ( music plays ) – What we’re gonna do,
we’re gonna wrap up…
– Okay. …because we both need to do
a little thing called “wash
our hands.” – Yeah. I’ve never…
– Yeah. …never wanted to wash
myself more. Yeah, and these
overalls are finished. But that’s all right.
It’s been another amazing
episode of “What The Fit.”
Make sure you guys tune in next week for
more fun adventures with me and physical fitness.
But this one here is one
to remember. – Hug it out.
– Thank you so much. Thank you.
Aww, so sweet. It don’t get
better than this. Where’s the sanitizer? It’s gotta be back here. – Bye.
– Oh, god! Ugh! ( groans ) Hi, I’m Kevin Hart
and I love farming. To see why, all you gotta
do is click this link and subscribe to our channel,
Laugh Out Loud. Do it! ( loud crowing ) ( pulsing ) ( heart beating )

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