Exercises for People Over 60, YOU CAN DO IT! (At Home) by Bob and Brad

Exercises for People Over 60, YOU CAN DO IT! (At Home) by Bob and Brad

♪ Bob and Brad ♪ ♪ The two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists ♪ ♪ On the internet ♪ – Teeing up. – Hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – We are the most famous physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion, of course, Bob. – Today, we’re gonna
discuss and demonstrate exercises for people over 60. “You can do it!” By Bob and Brad, at home. – Yeah, that’s right, Bob. That’s why I’m wearing this
shirt, raising the bar. People that are 60 years old… You’re almost there.
– Not going to the bar. Yeah, I’m there, I’m knocking on the door. I got the banana peel,
the one foot in the grave, one foot on the banana
peel, that old thing. – Yeah, so you can get out of that point and really achieve some
achievements, physically, and we’re gonna show
you how and talk about a couple of people who have
done it, way out there. So, just hold on, but
Bob’s got one thing to say. – An inspirational story, right? – Yes you do. – If you’re new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit, pain free, and we upload every day. Also, you wanna join us on Facebook. When did we decide we
were putting this up? Did we…oh, Thursday, yup,
so we do have a giveaway of a mattress. You can still sign up for that. Sleep Ovation. Wonderful mattress. Especially if you’re having pain at all. You can find that on Facebook.com. You can actually find it, it will be below in the description of this video too. These are all of our
social media platforms. – Right, instagram.
– Instagram, yeah. We like Instagram. – So, Bob, this is something
that’s near and dear to me… – You’ve exercised your whole life. – Well yeah, but there’s
people who haven’t and they’re thinking about it and, you know- – And they could turn things around. – Right. And as therapists,
we see people like that frequently, where they want
to get started on exercise but really don’t know where to start. Or even if it’s worth starting
because they’re too old to. But I want to talk to,
a couple stories here. If you’ve ever heard of Effie Nielsen… – I love that name, Effie. – Effie Nielsen, you can
probably tell by the name, you know, she’s- – She’s a little older.
– A little dated. In September 22, 2002,
Effie was 90 years old and she set the world
record for power lifting. – Wow. – So that’s three lifts. She squatted with a bar on her. – Where is my thing?
– Here we go. She had a bar with weights. Eighty pounds and she squatted
and made the legal limit. You know, you have to go down- – She lifted 80 pounds. – Eighty pounds. And then she bench pressed
laying down, 50 pounds. – Wow. – And then she dead
lifted, lifted 135 pounds from the floor to here. – At age 90.
– At age 90. – Wow.
– Right. I was reading some more about her… – Bravo, Effie, bravo! – She was a sister, you know, a nun. And she had a very interesting life. As you can tell, she was very dynamic. This next person, I
don’t know her last name, but when I was 38 years
old, about 20 years ago… – Sure. – Uh, Agnes, I knew her
first name was Agnes. I was doing my first triathlon I ever did, a sprint triathlon. Swim a quarter mile, bike 16, run 5k. Agnes was there doing it. She was 72 years old. Agnes beat me. – No kidding.
– Yeah. I was… – Let me just say this
about you, Brad, you’re no slouch either. Brad’s a pretty good endurance athlete. – Well…
– You really are. It was my first one and I
didn’t know how to train and I didn’t have a very
good bike and I never, I didn’t bike for very long. – Sounds like a lot of
excuses to me, Brad. – Well, I’m telling you what, she beat me and the next year, she was
there again, and I trained up and I beat her. – Way to go, Brad. You didn’t trip her or anything, did ya? – No, no. But I continued to see
her at local triathlons in Wisconsin until she was close to 80 and then I kinda lost track,
so I don’t know exactly- – She wasn’t in a wheelchair
when she beat you, was she? – Bob…
– Okay. – It was incredible. You know, right now, my
goal is to do a triathlon, at least one every year until I get to 72. – Wonderful. Excellent. – So I’ve got 15 years to go or something. – All right, keep her rolling. Let’s go over some exercises, huh? – If you’re not motivated by
now to get moving on these, it’s too late. – Yeah. Woo woo woo. – Okay, so the first one. Now these were designed
mostly for at home. Um, you could go to a
fitness studio as well. Uh, but if you don’t want to
do that, you don’t want to buy a bunch of equipment,
these work very well. We’re gonna start with arm strength. – Yup.
– Okay. Now, we’re gonna do pushups. – I can see a lot of
people here are screaming at the screen right now, “I’m
can’t do a pushup, I’m old.” But they can, they can start
off with the modified ones. – Or you say, “I can’t even get
down on the floor very well, “my knees hurt,” well, we’re
gonna show you options too. Go ahead, Bob. – Well, actually, Brad, we’ll
go off the edge of this thing. So we’ll each do both sides here. – There you go. So you go out like this. – You can do this on a
counter, a kitchen counter. If you’re really weak,
you could go up to a wall. Start that way. – Yeah, a wall, and do that. Repetitions, all at least 10-15,
let’s not go more than 15. I like to keep around 10. If you want to go a
little more, that’s fine. – You can put your hands to
a comfortable width apart and you can actually start
by not dipping down as far. Try some shallow ones. And then every once in
a while, do a deep one. – Right. And then when you get to the floor level, or if you want to start
there right off the bat, you may start on your knees and work that. Try to keep good form. Head up. And then you can progress to
on your toes and work those. Again, don’t let your
back slouch like this. Or way up like that. Try to keep a straight
back and body if you can. And work up to 15. As you progress, do three sets
of 10 or three sets of 15. So you do 10, rest for a little bit. Do another set, rest for a little bit. And that progresses. – All right, next one, Brad. Scapula retractions. So we’re trying to strengthen
the muscles between the shoulder blades. Great for working on your posture. And you can do this with
the most simple band here. You can get some tubing
or theraband or some type of exercise stretch band. And all you have to do is, you
can keep that in your pocket, you’re just gonna spread
it apart like this. And if you watch me now… I’m squeezing the shoulder blades together while I’m doing it. – So if you look at it from
this, squeeze the shoulder blades back. And I have my patients
say, stick your chest out, shoulder blades back to really emphasize- – Yeah, really get good posture. – Good, it’s gonna strengthen
your muscles in your back and your posture, it’s gonna
help you breathe better. Which is gonna help you
exercise better, as well as a number of other benefits. – So I’m kind of making a
“W” if you want to look here while I’m doing this. – Right. As you advance,
you may want to go with something against the wall. We use the wall anchor
’cause they work so handy. Um, which we do have those
available below our video. And then we’re gonna work here. And these actually work
nicer because we can go here, and as you’re advanced,
you can go up here. – You can go up, you can go down. – Those are some options there. – Great reminder, I was just
thinking, when I walk by it, it’s always taunting me
like, “You haven’t done me “in a while,” so I go over
there and I rip some off there. – The next one, you need
to be doing laying down. You can do these your bed or on the floor, whatever you’re able or feel
the most comfortable doing. And we’re working core exercise. You see we’re kind of
working from the shoulders on down, so… Core strength is really important. – Now, if you’re really weak,
you might just start with one leg at a time, going like this. – So tighten up your stomach,
make sure your back is arched slightly and try and keep
your back, your low back in one position by keeping
your stomach taut or tight through the whole motion. So go ahead, Bob…if
one knee is too easy. – Basically, you’re trying
to flat, like if your hand was underneath, you’re
trying to flatten it, right? You’re trying to actually
turn the pelvis this way a little bit, hold it
there, and now go ahead and work it this way. – Yeah, I didn’t explain
that very clearly. – Yeah, I didn’t think so either, Brad. (Brad laughs) So then you can go to double
leg, which is a little more difficult, right? Put your hands down here
and this is tougher now. This is going to be a
little more advanced. And if you go way out here,
it’s a lot more advanced. – If you haven’t done these
before, I would stick with the knees bent and work them up here. – Yeah, exactly, up in this range here. Or even the single leg, or
even alternating like this. – There you go. Also you can do the crunches
where you just lift up your head and shoulders. – Try not to curl forward on this. Try to lift your head straight
to the ceiling like this. – Can you get me in there too, Liz? Or you just got Bob? ‘Cause I want to be part of the show. Okay, I just wanted to make sure. You know how I feel about those things. If you wanna cross your arms like this, it makes it a little more difficult. And if you’re really
good and doing 10 or 15, these are ones you can go
up to 20 or 30 repetitions because that’s just the
nature of core exercises. – Yeah, you’re trying to tone and not necessarily strengthen. – Exactly.
– You can do higher reps. – And then the next one,
we’re gonna work the hips. We’re gonna work the core and
the hips at the same time. It’s a double bonus. So, up like this and down. – And again, you can have
your hands down here. I’m not putting my head
all the way back, Brad, ’cause I’ve got a microphone on, but… – Right.
– You go up like this. – I’m not worried about my mic. I don’t care if they can hear me. I’m just kidding. – If you want to go advanced
on this, you could go one leg on this too. – And that’s a really nice option. That’s the nice thing about
when you learn how to exercise, you really find out you don’t
need a lot of fancy equipment. You’re gonna get good quality
exercise if you do it right. – And we can make it
harder and harder for you each step of the, you
know, the movement there. Where are we at, Brad, now? Biceps? Triceps? – Yes, we got down to
the core and the hips. Now we’re going to jump up to the arms. – Okay, you wanna show… – I got the green one for you, Bob. – I knew you wanted to be bulky. – I got ’em right by
Gumby, be strong like him. So anyway, get the dumbbells,
if you’d like to use that. I’m gonna use the anchor. The nice thing about these
is, you can easily move them from one location to the other. ‘Cause I need them down
to the lower anchor. – While he’s doing that,
I often start with biceps with my palms facing me,
and then palms facing up. So, facing me, facing up. That’s just kind of the
nature of how the bicep works. – So, watch, watch, you
can see the weight here as he’s turning, now you
can see his palm is up. – Yeah, and that works the
bicep specifically there. ‘Cause the bicep is a supinator too. – You don’t really have to
worry about knowing that, but, um, as far as working with a band, if you have it like this on the anchor, this is the way I do mine
because it’s efficient ’cause I can do both at the same time. – Yeah, you can take
into account your time. – And then I actually just
turn around and I do a postural one as well while the biceps rest. So there’s a lot of different options. – What’s nice about using the
bands is that they are easier to do triceps for me ’cause
triceps, you can go like this, up like this… Or I can be on a mat here. Or on the floor or on the bed. And you can work it like this. You can even hold one arm
and work it like this. – So if you do have the bands,
you know, I’ll work triceps. You can see we’re doing the same motion. It’s just that Bob is laying down and I’m standing, both
working those triceps. – If you have a bar,
going across like this, that’s why they call them skull crushers. I often don’t like to do those,
but you can do single arm ones with a dumbbell. All right, Brad, what else is there? – All right, squats. You can do squats. Bob will show you. You should have something
to hold onto unless you got really good balance. We wanna do squats here. Again, we’re gonna keep the
toes in front of the knee. So if you have a line like
we have here with the stick, we don’t wanna squat like this. – If you’re a bit weak, you
can use a chair like this and actually use the arms to start. And then work to the point
where you’re not using the arms. – Yup, stand all the way up, Bob. That bothers me if you don’t do that. – But you could also, you
know, sit down on the chair, just bump against the
chair to start off with. – That, by the way, is
one of the best exercises for balance, at preventing falls. I just read that in a study. – Oh, excellent. – So if you’re having
problem with balance, that’s a really good- – A lot of sit-to-stands. – If you would like to
work one leg a little more aggressively, you can hold
on to a chair or a stick or a cane and you can
work one-legged lunges. – Now look at what he’s doing
though, he’s dipping down. He’s not dipping forward. – Yup, this is a common mistake. We wanna go like this. – Again, we’re trying to keep… I hate to take that from you, Brad. We’re trying to keep
that knee from going past the front of the foot. That’s a very functional one to do. – And the last but not least,
this is a good balance one for the ankles. Up on the toes. – And again, holding on
to a chair if you have any lack of balance at all. And then up on the heels. – Especially when you
go back on the heels, that’s when you have a
tendency to go backwards. Leaning forward slightly
with both, holding on to the cupboard or a stick or a cane. – Great one to do throughout the day. You don’t have to pick one
time of the day to do this one. You can actually do
this throughout the day as a good strengthener for your ankles. A lot of your balance
comes from your ankles too. – And some of you people
who are advanced, you say, “That’s too easy,” simply go to one foot. And I guarantee you… – Yeah, you’ll feel a burn. – Right, it will work
your balance even more. – All right, probably enough, Brad? – Yeah, I think if you
get through all of those, once you get good at that,
you’ll be able to get through in about 15 minutes. – Fifteen minutes out of your day can add years to your life. – There you go. – All right. Thanks for watching.

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