[ENG SUB] 아영황의 왕초보 요가반 EP1ㅣEasy yoga routine for Beginners

[ENG SUB] 아영황의 왕초보 요가반 EP1ㅣEasy yoga routine for Beginners

Hello, dear Ah-Yos!
I’m Ah-young Hwang! This time, I prepared a yoga routine for yoga
beginners! Sometimes when I upload
a yoga routine, people leave feedback saying it’s too difficult. So I’m going to teach you the basics this time! For the very first class, I’ll show you some very simple, comfortable yoga positions. Then I’ll increase the level of difficulty little by little, so you should be able to follow me starting with our class today! It’s very important to start by sitting in the correct position. Since there are many people who don’t know how to breathe during yoga, we’ll focus on “How to Breathe” in this first class. For yoga beginners, it may feel a bit stiff to breathe so often. Like, when they do a move to stretch the back, or when they do a position that uses a lot of muscle power. So, they often feel “Ugh, I can’t breathe! It’s too stiff!” But you really don’t have to worry about anything else! Just inhale through your nose ~ exhale through your mouth! “I think my breathing is getting better, it’s more comfortable now.” After time, inhaling and exhaling will feel much more natural. You can keep your breathing as deep or slow as you like. Many people who have never done yoga before do it without breathing at all. That’s why in this first class, just follow Ah-young Teacher’s words and directions. Whenever I say inhale, please breathe in. All you have to do is follow what I say. You don’t have to follow my posture 100% perfectly. In this first class, you will only focus on breathing. First, sit comfortably. I’m going to bring both of my heels straight to the center of my pants There are going to be people that cannot do this. If you sit like this, your legs will be too far away from the floor. Some beginners can’t do this. If you’re having trouble, just do your best to sit comfortably. If sitting like this is uncomfortable because you have knee or ankle pain, put a cushion under your butt and try to sit. Open your shoulders slightly. Try to keep them as far away from your ears as possible. Try to raise the top of your head to the ceiling as much as possible. Place the back of your hands on your knees and close your eyes. Stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth to make sure there is no empty space in your mouth. Slightly tighten your lower abdomen to help flatten your stomach. When you breathe in deeply, your ribs will expand on both sides and to the front and back. When you exhale, the ribs will contract back on both sides and to the front and back. Even when you inhale, keep your lower abdomen tight. Inhale. The ribs will expand on both sides and to the front and back. Inhale. Breathe out. Again, the ribs will contract on both sides and to the front and back. Inhale, and exhale. One more time. Inhale, and deeply breathe in until the end. Open your eyes slowly. This is a very simple, basic breathing method. Follow this “How to Breathe” method to help train yourself to do yoga. Alright, let’s start our first move. Sit comfortably and raise both arms straight towards the ceiling. Inhale. Raise your hands above your head and let your eyes follow your hands. When you exhale, bend your elbows and tighten your shoulders. And slowly bring them down. Your shoulders feel more open, right? Inhale and raise your arms to the top again. When you exhale, bend your elbows, tighten your shoulders, and bring your arms down slowly. We will do this move three more times. Inhale, and go up. It should feel like you are stretching every single vertebrae. Exhale, bend the elbows, and bring the arms down slowly. Don’t forget to keep breathing! Two. Go up while inhaling. If it’s too difficult, just inhale through your mouth, like whooo~ Exhale, and try to bring your arms down slowly. Take one more breath. Inhale, and go up. Exhale. Bend your elbows and bring the arms down slowly. Inhale again, and try to keep your arms straight while raising them up. Alright. Keep your arms like this, and bend your left elbow. Bring your right arm over and wrap your hand around your left elbow. When holding this position, beginners may notice their arm moving too far to the side. If that happens, hold your arm like this and try to open your body, like your arm is touching the back of your head. Use the back of your head to try to push your arms a little bit. We will breathe three more times in this position. One. When you exhale, slightly push your elbow down towards the floor. Two, exhale, and try to keep your elbow straight while pushing it closer to the floor. Last, three, exhale, and slowly try to push your elbow down. Then raise your arms over the top of your head. When you exhale, bring your arms back down. We’re at an outdoor studio right now that has a garden out front so there are a lot of birds. We can hear the birds singing. It will be nice to do this while we listen to their sounds. Inhale again, and try to raise your arms straight to the top. This time, bend your right elbow, and wrap your left hand around that elbow. Of course, your arm will keep moving to the side. Just keep holding it with your arms and stick them to the back of your head. Try to push your elbow gently towards the floor. From here, we will breathe three times. One, exhale, and gently push your elbow down a little bit more. Two, exhale, and push further towards the floor. Last, three, exhale, and gently push your elbow towards the floor. Alright. Inhale slowing, and raise your arms to the top. When you exhale, drop the shoulders. Whoooo~ That’s good. Alright, that’s it for this move. Now, place both of your hands behind your back and clasp your fingers together. Most beginners have a difficult time clasping their fingers like this. I’ll be right back with something that will help. Alright, I brought this yoga strap. This is the strap that I use to keep my yoga mat wrapped up. Most people have a strap like this at home,, right? You can use this strap, or you can use a towel since everyone has one of those at home. If you’re able to clasp your fingers together behind your back on your own, just keep going. And if it’s too difficult, you can hold them there by using a towel. Inhale, exhale, and open your shoulder wide. For beginners, when you use a towel for this, your thumbs will be facing out. Inhale again, and try to extend your hands even further when you exhale. While in this position, gently close your eyes. We will breathe five more times together. One, exhale. Try to open your elbows more, and raise your arms up. Two, exhale. Three, Try to open your shoulders and chest as much as possible. Actually, when you think about it, we don’t really do this, shoulders tilted and chest open, that much in our daily lives. This means that we’re not consciously aware of our posture. This makes our bodies bend towards the front, allowing the shoulders and chest to roll forward. Let’s breathe one more time. Inhale, and exhale, and stretch even further. And slowly bring your arms back down. This time, bring your arms to the front, and clasp your fingers together. Breathe in deeply one time, and try to make a circle with your back as you exhale. Try to have the tips of your fingers as far away from your back as possible. Drop your forehead down towards your lower abdomen. We will stay in this position for 10 seconds. Keep breathing. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven… try to keep that distance between the end of your hands and your back… eight, nine, ten. Alright. Now, try to push your chest back out towards the front. Move your hands and bring your palms up towards the ceiling. Try to keep your hands straight while moving them to the back, and drop your head. If your shoulders are too stiff, stretching towards the back like this will be very, very difficult. If it’s too difficult, you can just stretch your arms up like this. If possible, try and follow me like this with your arms. And if clasping your fingers is still too difficult, you can hold this and push your arms back like you did earlier. I will hold this and keep doing it. If you are able to do it, just keep clasping your fingers. Bend your head, and try to breathe five times. One, exhale, and stretch further towards the back. Two, exhale… Three, exhale. It’s very refreshing, isn’t it? Four, exhale. Push your chest out more to the front, and move your hands even further towards the back. And last, five. Inhale, and exhale, and move your hands to the back as far as you can. Slowly, move your arms back to where you started, and bring them down slowly. After you bring your arms down and breathe, place the back of your hands on your knees and close your eyes for a while. Your shoulders probably feel much lighter now when you breathe in this position than they did when you were first learning how to breathe. From here, we will breathe three more times. One, inhale… Your body will feel softer, and breathing will become more comfortable. Two, exhale… Last, three. Exhale… Open your eyes. This time, raise your arms to the side and place your hands out with your palms facing down. Inhale, and lift your shoulders straight up. When you exhale, drop your body, and whooooo~ We will do this five more times. Two, try to lift up. Inhale, and exhale through your mouth, whooo. Try to decrease the tension in the body. Three, up. Exhale, whoooo. Drop the body. Four, inhale, and slowly go up. Exhale, drop the body. Lastly, go up, and exhale, whoooo. Drop back down. Alright. While in this position, bring both arms up and straight out to the side. Place your left hand on the floor, and stretch your right arm on a diagonal at the top. If possible, try to touch your elbow to the floor when you bring your body down. But most of you watching this video are still beginners, so even if you stay like this, you’ll feel a very large stretch in your side. Make sure that your legs do not lift up from the floor. Try to push your other leg gently to the floor to help keep your legs from lifting. Now, stretch your arm. The hand on the floor pushes the mat slightly, which ends up pushing your side. It’s better if you stretch with your right hand. Stretch your body more. It’s good to look up while doing this stretch, but you can look at the floor if it hurts your neck. I will look at the floor. We will breathe like this five more times. One, Inhale, and stretch further. We don’t have that much time left. Just keep doing it! Two. Inhale, and stretch even further. Three, inhale. Four, inhale. Last, five, inhale, and stretch. Look at the front right away. Rotate your right hand to the back as far as you can. Rotate it back to the top. We will rotate like this three times. One, try to rotate in a huge circle. Stretch deeper, even when your arm is at the bottom. Two, rotate in a huge circle, and stretch to the bottom. This is the last time. Try to rotate, and stretch to the bottom. And we will go back to the top. We will do the same thing on the other side. Unfold your arms to your sides like this. Alright. Place your right hand on the floor, and stretch your left arm up. Your eyes will look at the ceiling. Your left hand don’t have to stretch too vertically. We will breathe five more times in this diagonal direction. Push the mat with the right hand and open your shoulder. One, inhale. Two. Some of you watching this video may end up hiding your faces if you let your left arm drop too low in the front. For our beginners, it’s important to keep the left shoulder open so it doesn’t cover the face. My left armpit is towards the ceiling. Breathe twice. One. Whooo~ exhale, and try to stretch your side as much as possible. Last, two. Exhale. Try to look slowly to the front. Now, move your left hand towards the back and bottom to draw a circle, three circles. One, and lift your arm up, stretch to the back, and drop down. Two, lift your arm up, and bring it around slowly. Last, three, inhale, and go up, and exhale, and move to the bottom slowly. We will come back to our original starting place. Alright. Inhale deeply. When you exhale, bring your upper body all the way down so that your chest is touching the floor. If it hurts to bend like this, you can skip this part. Make sure to keep your butt against the floor. Stay like this and close your eyes for a bit. Just breathe comfortably. Remove all the tension you have in your upper body. Inhale, and exhale. Try to make a circle with your back again like this, and lift yourself up back to our original starting position. Alright. Everything I have shown you here has been for the first yoga class for beginners. Today, we spent our time learning how to breathe and how to relax the upper body by stretching. I think you will feel that your arms and sides feel much lighter and more open compared to how they felt before you started. You will realize it immediately if you don’t normally use the posture we learned at the beginning. Alright, everyone, let’s inhale deeply once, and stretch the arms up. Exhale. Bend your elbows, tighten your shoulders, and bring your arms back down. When we first started, this move was quite difficult, but it’s much easier now, right? Because for beginners, this video is rather short, isn’t it? It’s about 20 to 30 mins, so don’t just watch this video. It’s best if you use this video to warm up and then find another yoga routine to do after. This has been a yoga routine for yoga beginners! Thank you to everyone for watching!

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