[ENG] 161115 ASTRO Warm Up Time @ The Show

Hello, hello! Please greet everyone Wanna be your, Star! Hello we are ASTRO! Please introduce yourself one by one Hello, I’m in charge of rap and leader, Jinjin! Hello, I’m in charge of vocal, morning call, Cha Eunwoo! Hello I’m the happy virus, the main vocal, MJ! Hello, I’m in charge of rap and dance, Rocky! Hello, I’m in charge of vocal and dance, a puppy-cat, Moonbin! Hello, I’m back even cuter, Sanha! ASTRO is comeback with their 3rd Mini Album, Autumn Story, with Confession as their song title It’s the pop song with their color but more mature The fans left words and said that they really like the title song “Confession” And they want you to sing the song’s highlight Then please show it, your song “Confession” Then MJ hyung will sing and dance… Then you can come to front Please answer my call right away~ I’m sorry… But, let’s do it again that I’m sorry thing Do it alongside with the song, make it as the last ment Please answer my call right away~ The current title song “Confession” is about confessing to the girl during your school days And it seems like that ASTRO ever confessed during their school days Do you have experience in confessing? I didn’t do it many times but I did it once How did you confess? When I was in high school I was like a kid. So I wrote a letter, and I entered the class from the back door I was just going and gave it like this And I went out from the front door And the other member? Hello, I’m MJ I also have it I had a one-sided love There was a friend that I like but But sadly we had to be separated Because of this I couldn’t tell her Is there still any? I’m Moonbin When I was in high-school There was a girl that I like If I like someone I usually would bully or bother her Do this, I’d bully her like that Then when she came I’d just say “Be mine” like that But it was like a joke– yeah But it’s fine though “Be mine” like that It really is a fine way Now let’s go to the next question Ah right, the other didn’t give answer earlier seems like you never confessed before Is that mean that you are the one who receive it? Especially him But I couldn’t accept it Did you not paying attention to the girls? Ah it’s not about that? It’s hard
(since he is still young and already join a company) Then if you want to confess Think about the girl that you like How would you confess to her? Aegyo again? No, I won’t!
Aegyo again? No, I won’t! Please do it while looking at the camera I’ve prepared something for you What is that? What is that? (It’s not aegyo he said……..) It’s good It’s fine, it’s cute When Eunwoo was the special MC for The Show People said where did you get a nice face like that You said that time that you often stay inside
(I’m not really sure abt this part) (I’m not really sure abt this part) Then what about now?
(I’m not really sure abt this part) (I’m not really sure abt this part) I still stay inside most of time also for now
(I’m not really sure abt this part) Then if you have to choose This part is the one that I confident the most is? If I have to choose one then, eyes Please show how their sparks You can see it on Jinjin’s
Please show how their sparks You can see it on Jinjin’s What’s with Jinjin? His eyes Who is the member that has the ‘genius face’? For me it’s Jinjin Why? The reason? If I saw his face, it resembles many things Resembles everything Resembles of what? A mole, or panda, anteater Ah of animals He resembles everything That’s why it’s a genius face They want you to say something to the China fans here Maybe you can say it in Chinese or with aegyo Then I will show you a slight of it But in the last what the purpose of moving your shoulders like that? As cutely Isn’t it ok say the ‘o’ that way? Recently the girls usually did that Ah is that so? Boys also did that but usually the younger one Actually there are some of them who can’t see that I can’t do that It’s because you are a man? Then let’s do the next question Unfortunately, we already come to the end For the last, please give thanks to the China fans Yes, hello, I’m Jinjin The genius face, Jinjiin We comeback with our 3rd mini album ‘Autumn Story’ We had activities and China during our 1st album and we heard it did well there And it’s the 3rd album now We will work hard for this 3rd album And will do well for you also China Arohas, we love you! Wanna be your Star! It has been ASTRO, thank you! Then for the last can you do that aegyo in Chinese earlier

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