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when you’re the intended victim of violence keep thinking keep planning and look for your opportunity welcome to today’s active self-protection lesson I’m your host John Correa today’s video comes to us out of Birmingham Alabama in the United States and it shows a woman who keeps thinking when she’s been abducted in order to protect herself make sure to go read the news stories on this one this woman is confronted outside her apartment by a man who sticks a gun in her face says give me her money and she hasn’t on she’s a college student so she says she has nothing so he takes her by gunpoint stuffs her in the trunk of her car takes her ATM card starts driving around and making withdrawals from her ATM card but she’s a college student so she doesn’t have much and when they come to this place he says to her on this last one that if this doesn’t work he is going to kill her that was his stated words again from the news stories on this so they pull into this ATM at a gas station and he gets out she starts thinking he is gonna kill me at this point so he goes in and tries to get money but of course it doesn’t work the guy says it’s not working now he gets back in the car and she realizes she’s got trouble so she uses a light from her insulin pump to see the trunk release in the trunk of the car and bails out while he’s trying to get out of the parking lot runs hard into the gas station asks the owner to help her to hide her until cops come they do and again if you go read the news story a couple days later they caught this guy because he was a violent felon in possession of firearms was convicted of kidnapping several other crimes and was sentenced to life without parole great work by this lady to maintain her attitude keep thinking about protecting herself and getting out of the danger zone I want to think in today’s video about several significant lessons including why I talk about all the time that nothing good happens at a second location I want to think about running off and running to safety not just running away from danger and about the importance of emotional fitness to your self-defense let’s begin with the thought that nothing good happens at a second location I say this on the channel all the time that if they’re gonna stuff you in a trunk or if they are going to take you to another location that that’s the time to fight and this girl didn’t and and it worked out okay for so you know success covers a multitude of sins that said nothing good was happening when he stuffed her in the trunk of the car he said he was going to kill her he had threatened her with raping her and he was going to do some damage and and he had her at his utter whim could have driven her out to a remote area done anything he wanted so we say don’t let yourself get taken to a second location instead stay left to bang on this and make sure that you don’t get in these kind of situations to begin with is the answer there now as he’s pulling in and he’s gonna get out of the car and it said if this doesn’t work I’m coming back for you she knows she’s got a minute while that’s working but she’s not gonna get too far from him however that might have been the opportunity to go and she knew he was out of the cars she could have gotten out there that said I love her emotional fitness here she realized it didn’t work and she said in the news story that he accelerated hard when he pulled out of the the spot so she knew he was mad and knew she had to go and that takes great emotional fitness to not get scared to go to condition black and go oh no what am I gonna do and then freeze instead she said I have to act and she chose to act and that is exactly the right thing to do in this instance that emotional fitness that says I have to protect myself I have to be ready to to do what I need to do and to do it takes great emotional fitness it takes a willingness to be your own first responder no one’s coming to save you and she said if she didn’t do something she knew he was gonna kill her and so she decided to act now notice here as well that she pops that trunk great ingenuity there and I think that there’s this idea that she had a little light on her well gosh guys this is a great reminder for all of us to carry handheld lights to carry something for a dark spot and I don’t think many of us are gonna get stuffed in a trunk but I use my handheld light every day and in an emergency situation like this can be incredibly important they can be had very cheaply and and almost are disposable in that instance so keep a light on you now notice as well as she is going to get out of this one here and then she hits the ground hard but notice that she runs hard in that moment and of course getting out of the danger zone incredibly important getting out of the danger zone incredibly important but don’t just run from danger run to safety notice that she is headed towards where people are headed to where she where she feels safety is headed not just away from the car but towards safety towards people towards somebody who can help her and that’s incredibly wise don’t just run away from the danger run to safety and look for that and keeping that in mind if ever you have to run run to safety incredibly important now of course here is the owner he’s going to hey what the heck is going on and when she explains to him he hides her in this you know storage room locks the door calls the cops a guy had run off anyways but let’s think really quickly about stepping in as a bystander here and and you got a recognized folks that stopping a kidnapping stopping something like this you know which is obviously a heinous felony against the person is a moral good and there are some things that are so shocking that you probably have to step in but if you do you better have the attitude and the skills and the plan to protect yourself and whoever it is you’re stepping into in this particular instance I would certainly say you would want to be tooled up make sure that you have your firearm on your person make sure that you know what’s going on if that guy decides to come in and fight about it that you’re able to help her and protect yourself I think it’s a moral good what he did and I’m proud of him for doing it but make sure that you have the attitude the skills and the plan to do that if you choose to step in and if you choose to help her which I think you absolutely have to in this instance it’s a moral imperative at the end of the day I’m so proud of this young woman for keeping her wits about her for having emotional fitness for doing what she had to do for running to safety for knowing that she had to protect herself and covering her ASP [Music] [Music] [Music]

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