Hey guys, it’s Emma and today I’m going to be filming my most requested video in the entire universe. Today, I’m going to be showing you guys my iconic, life-changing, state of the art, one and only, unique coffee recipe. It’s very specific. It’s the same every single time. Obviously if I go out to a cafe or something like that, I get an iced almond milk latte, but when I’m at home, this is what i do. Try it out at home, don’t try it out at home, up to you. Okay, so the first step is to put your hair up because this entire process is extremely intense and rigorous, so you can’t have your hair be getting in the way, you know? Next, you to get out all the stuff that you need for this process. Number one: a french press. Number two: coffee beans. Number three: one of these things. Oh, and you also need to have like hot water, so I have one of these things – handy little things – which basically boils water for you. If you don’t have one of these I would actually really recommend. Very handy. AA AA So, I don’t know, however you want to boil your water, boil your water. I’m using this thing, and all you have to do is just go like this, and it’s on. So, I’m gonna shove this over here while I wait. Now. Now that the water is starting to boil, I have a very limited amount of time to do the next step, but I just have to take a deep breath and do it. So, what you do is you take this thing, which is basically like a coffee bean grinder. You plug it in and try not to get electrocuted, and if you do – you know what? It’s fine. You quickly take your beans. Today I’m using the counter culture coffee in the flavor big trouble. This one has a caramel nutty round flavor I don’t really know how something can taste round, but it does so that’s good No, no none of these can be wasted Anyway, and you pulse it. Okay, probably ready. So then you take this, and you just pour all the grounds inside, like so. Basically you’re done with that. So now you wait for your water to be done boiling. It’s starting to really rev up here AAAAA batten down the hatches the water is ready take the boiling water and pour it like That much then take a spatula and mix it Next you wait for 30 seconds. I don’t know why but you do THEN- you take this And you kind of like shove it on the top- wait you set a timer for- 4 minutes, and then you wait Yes!!! Which is like the funnest part? So now that you have waited patiently and it’s probably been hard because you know you want it so bad you think that oh? It’s time. It’s finally time, but sadly you’d be wrong. It’s not coffee time yet Sorry, basically if you take the freshly brewed coffee, and you pour it into Mason jars, okay? Then get rid of this cause you don’t need it- you seal the tops and then these bad boys have to go in the fridge for like an hour because personally I don’t like hot coffee because I think it’s Basically the like time frame you can actually drink it. It’s so limited. It’s like in the beginning It’s too hot and you’re just waiting for it to cool down then for like 20 seconds It’s at like the perfect temperature where it doesn’t burn your mouth But it’s not too cold so you try to like drink it all at that time and then next thing you know it’s too cold The drink and it tastes like shit- for me if you have an ice drink you can take your time You can drink it all at once. It’s up to you personally I drink iced drinks all year round- whether it’s two degrees outside or 200 I will drink an ice drink every time I will never drink a hot drink that is me. I don’t know about you So these have to go in the fridge now because like if you pour all this hot coffee Over ice it just melts all the ice, it’s all watery and you don’t want that so now We have to wait for like an hour for this to cool down, so this is going to take awhile But it’s worth it trust me. I guess it’s pretty worth it So hopefully by this time your coffee is at least room temperature it’s not really cold take a Mason jar because Any other kind of cup would just be embarrassing and you take a reusable straw because I’m trying to preserve the Earth here then AAAAAAA Get some ice Ow- shake it up, because some of the grounds may itself to the bottom and you don’t want that, so To about there mix it up so that the ice, doesn’t you know Almond milk the kind that I use is the new barn vanilla almond milk it is so good I literally can’t even express to you how good this is all other almond milk can suck it pour this into about here that Is so beautiful take your nut pot original unsweetened it has to be the original flavor. This is a key ingredient I love these so much, but me my mom have to order them off Amazon because they don’t sell them in store anymore And they’re like really hard to find it’s very complicated, but it’s worth it Fill that up to the very top slowly mix and watch it get all Swirly and stuff now that your coffee looks like a literal goddess like look how frickin beautiful she is then you just take a sip I’m at a loss- this coffee is me in a drink me and her get along we get along so well No one can break our bond. She knows me more than anyone else. She is the epitome of a BFF I love everything about her. She is truly a blessing to this earth You enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up subscribe my channel comment down below anything you want let me know if you make it And tell me what you think if you hate it. I’m sorry, but if you love it, you’re welcome I love you guys so much appreciate every single one of you, and I will see you next time


  1. fatima xo Post author

    youre going to
    pierce your nose, go to paris for fashion week AND youre getting a cat,

    ..and your coffee addiction doesnt change.

  2. Chloe Chrystan Post author

    Emma: goes through a 2 hour process

    Literally no one:

    Me: Starbucks iced vanilla latte every single day

  3. Ella Ashley Post author

    Ok so if you have a keuirg, here is how to make it

    Make ur coffee like usual
    stick it in the fridge over night
    pour it over ice in the morning
    at desired milk and stuff
    iced cofefefefef

  4. DatAbsol Lover Post author

    Just saying Emma if u keep drinking coffee then ur kidneys might fail and you could pass at like 40 years of age but I love u sooo much πŸ™‚

  5. Rolms Post author

    emma, ur making enough money, go see a dermatologist/tricologist, something is happening to ur hair line

  6. Unknown Joslynn Post author

    For normal ppl who don’t have these thing

    Just make the hot coffee put it in the fridge for a 1 then put everything u like in it πŸ˜‚

  7. Kali Arsenaultte Post author

    *anything u want*. Ummm Emma why. Did u wants us to comment that? β€οΈπŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†πŸ€ͺ

  8. beauty sfx Post author

    Tip for cooling down coffee or any drink, put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes instead of in the fridge for an hour

  9. Parna Donkers Post author

    Hello Emma. You need a ninja coffee bar. Just can make the perfect ice coffee. Its just a tip πŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜love the video

  10. fernando3118 fernando3118 Post author

    I love watching ur videos high, I’m so fucking deadπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€οΈβœ‹πŸ½

  11. Min yoongi annoyed By not being a rock Post author

    You don’t need a French press to do this or almond milk all you need is a coffee maker and half n half or milk or what every then do the rest of the steps

  12. Lillian Moonpeak Post author

    If you dont have creamer just add sugar to milk until it tastes like pure sugar πŸ˜‚

  13. Gacha_ Burrito17 Post author

    Me i use the leftover coffee my parents don't drink then i put suger in it cause it will dissolve than i put it in the fridge to cool sometimes im to lazy so i put it in the freezer after it cools down i put ice in the jar to the coffee than milk creamer almond milk anything works MIX AND YOU ARE DONE BITCHES!!!!!!

    Edit– just noticed i do almost the same way she does it

  14. Ayaa Flores Post author

    That β€œI appreciate every single one of you β€œ iz da nicest thing that i ever heard in my entire life. πŸ’–


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