Ejercicios de Fitness: Cómo usar una gymball Parte 1

hey guys hi Holly welcome and today I’m going to show you my AB & korek society’s using the exercise ball from Avon one of the reasons why I love this book so much is because on the outside of the ball there are the exercises you can do so the matter where you are or what time of day is you’ve always got your little circuit here for you one of the things that I love about the exercise ball is it’s so much fun and so versatile and a top tip if you have your exercise ball swap this for any chair you have in your house whether it’s sitting watching telly working on the computer or eating your dinner this will not only engaging your core all time so you’ll be doing a workout without even realizing but it will also help to elongate and straighten your spine giving you really good posture making sure that you sit upright because it’s actually impossible to slapped on these balls because you’ll just fall off so swap this for your chair and you’ll be doing exercises without even realizing okay ladies everybody knows that summer bodies are made in the winter so let’s aside with our court and have exercises it hey so for the first exercise we’re gonna roll onto the fall with our stomachs like these and we’re gonna put our arms out straight in front of us making a nice long line with our body you then want to push your legs back like this okay so make sure that you’re keeping a nice long line in your body and you’ll bet your arms are staying exactly by the side of your head and we’re gonna do 15 of these so you really want to engage in your core and your abdominals to really lift up that top half of your body next we’re gonna roll into a ball with the ball underneath our thigh area and what we’re gonna do is you’re gonna her legs out straight I’m gonna do some push-ups so you want to make sure that your body is straight at all times that’s all we do that you want to make sure that it’s always straight because your legs are acting as a balance and away if you do this you’re not really gonna in any way behind you so you want to make sure that your legs are the same length and a straight line as your body and we’re going to do 15 so you want to come right down to the ground almost as if your nose is gonna kiss the ground and your hands are underneath your shoulders of course you are working your core still because you’re making sure that your body is straight okay ladies now we’re going to take the ball on our arms like this so you want to make sure that your arms are kind of shoulder-width apart and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna roll out and bring the ball back in so your hands will come here and then back in so really engage that core make sure it’s your core and your tummy that’s bringing that ball back in not your arms

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