Doing the Leg Press for a bigger butt

Doing the Leg Press for a bigger butt

If you’re going to use a leg press to get
a bigger butt, then it’s best you use one leg like this. But you can use two
legs if you’re not strong enough. You want to pick a weight that’s heavy
enough to only allow you to do about five to ten reps. You want to come down slow and not too fast.
You want to come down as far as you can, or until your knees touch, or
almost touch, your chest so you can really feel a deep stretch in your butt.
Once you come all the way down, then you want to pause for about two
seconds. Then you push the weight back up. That’s how you do the leg
press for a bigger butt. Also, when you push your weights back up make
sure you push from your heels or the back half of your foot because if you
push from your toes, then your butt won’t get that good of a workout. Now,
if you look closely here, you can see that my heels are on the leg press.
My toes are not on the leg press, so I can force myself into only pushing
from my heels. Now, depending on how your leg press is designed,
you may or may not be able to do this. But if you can’t do this,
curl your toes up slightly, which will also make you push only from your
heels. If you find yourself pushing from your toes with this exercise,
with your heels elevated, then the weight you’re using may be too heavy.

26 comments on “Doing the Leg Press for a bigger butt

  1. quaysha1 Post author

    Hi I have a question, I'm thinking of investing in a leg press but the one I'm looking at isn't the angle one like this. It goes straight up and down. Which is the better one an angle one like the one in this video or does it matter? Thank you for your time :).

  2. Adrian Bryant Post author

    @quaysha1 save your money! – I have many other ways on my website at nowloss(dot)com/butt where you can get a sexy butt without a leg press

  3. Denson Construction Services Post author

    Hello. I ordered the dcs about a week or so ago bit I haven't received it yet. how long is the usual turn around?

  4. PearMartini1 Post author

    how should someone modify this for the seated leg press? My gym only offers that, and squats hurt my knees. Thanks for the great videos

  5. Amelka Post author

    Hi Adrian…in other exercises you say one has to squeeze the butt, I started doing this but now I read squeezing the butt does nothing to the buttocks 😕 now i'm confused…I reaally wanna do this but does the squeezing help to tone the butt and /or make it bigger ? thank you so much 🙂 btw I luv your videos :p

  6. Lynn Loder Post author

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  7. Enrique Barnes Post author

    If you are looking to build muscle, you should search google for Morsch Muscle Madness. They will help you get the body you deserve.

  8. Classy Jewel Post author

    Oh no! I've been doing heavy weights on leg press hoping to get my legs together! Is there another workout with weights that I can do only for legs?

  9. james lucke Post author

    Why do women focus on their butts so much in working out? I mean I do it to increase my punching power in boxing.. Do they do it purely for carnal/sexual reasons? I don't understand..

  10. Mahisa Maliha Post author

    how should someone modify this for the seated leg press? My gym only offers that, and squats hurt my knees. Thanks for the great videos

  11. David Ham Post author

    What kind of shoes are those? Are those these Adidas Martial Arts shoes?


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