Dog dental floss, REALLY? – Dog Toy Reviews | Booda Fresh N Floss Rope Toy

Dog dental floss, REALLY? – Dog Toy Reviews | Booda Fresh N Floss Rope Toy

Greetings and welcome back to another episode
of Tough Toy Tryouts! This week we’re trying out a rather peculiar
item called Fresh ‘N Floss by Booda. It’s a cotton rope toy infused with baking
soda and has a spearmint flavor as well. It comes in several sizes—this one being
extra-large with 3 knots—and Booda says the cotton fibers will act as dental floss
for your dog. As before, we’ll test the toy out for a
week, see how it holds up and whether or not it follows through with all it claims. The company says that the toy cleans teeth,
freshens breath and even fights plague and tarter. We’ll see how that does throughout the week
but I can tell you right away that the scent is surprisingly pleasant, especially when
Story gets it all slobbery. As you can tell, when your dog’s pulling
at the fibers, they’re flossing those pearly whites and as they’re sawing away with their
back teeth, they’re flossing those too. MY GOD the stuff that comes out of there,
you won’t believe it! On a serious note, I would limit playtime
with this toy to about 30 minutes a day. On the first day of the tryout, I let Story
have a go for a couple hours and by the end of it there were specks of blood in a few
places. That said, I did notice less tartar on her
teeth while checking for bloody gums so the flossing part holds up. As for the fresh breath, well…. Let’s just say the fish from Captain D’s
I left in my car one afternoon smelled better. Now let’s jump ahead to the end of the week
and see how the toy did and to make things more clear, I’ll break my assessment up
into 4 parts—those being safety, design, longevity and price point—and then give
it an overall rating. Let’s start with safety. As mentioned before, the toy can cause some
minor bleeding to your dog’s gums. The only real way around this is to monitor
your dog’s play closely and stop them if they’re pulling too much on small clumps
of strands. That or you can simply limit their play time
with the toy to around 30 minutes at a time. There’s no real choking hazards or parts
that could injure your dog internally so overall I give it a 3 for safety. As for design, well it’s not your average
rope toy. Infusing the toy with baking soda, giving
it a spearmint flavor, and advertising it as doggy floss is pretty gimmicky. The baking soda doesn’t do much for dog
breath but it does keep the toy from smelling too badly. The cotton stands do floss your dog’s teeth
but it also sheds all over the place. Seriously, there’s a trail of string all
across the house. It took a couple passes with the vacuum and
broom to get it all up. Pretty sure there’s still enough of it under
the couch to knit a child’s scarf. It also doesn’t have squeakers, so you may
notice less interest from your dog unless you play a bit of tug-of-war now and again. For these reasons, I’ll give it a 2 out
of 5 for design. And here’s the toy after about 12 hours
of heavy use spread out throughout the week. It’s definitely frayed but the knots are
all intact and the toy is still in one piece… more or less. I’d guess that the toy would probably last
the month but with all the shedding, I’d rather not find out. All said, I’ll slab a big ole 4 on this
one for longevity. And last up is the price point. Coming in at $10.99 for this X-large size,
it’s a pretty expensive length of rope. Granted, it is infused with baking soda and
is flavored, I still feel it’s a few bucks overpriced and for what it is so it gets a
2 out of 5. Now let me just plug these numbers into my
patented algorithm, carry the one, round up for future sponsors and BAM! This toy receives a totally respectable 3
out of 5 bones. Let’s face it, it’s just a rope toy. The baking soda and spearmint flavor is just
a gimmick. It can definitely help floss your dog’s
teeth but any rope toy can do that. As a rope toy, it sheds like crazy but it
does hold up but the safety concerns keep me from recommending it. At least you still have that scarf. And that’s where we end this week’s tryout. Be sure to slap that like button, subscribe
if you haven’t and feel free to leave a comment with a dog toy you’d like to see
Story try out in a future episode. See you next week and thanks for watching!

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