Does Planet Fitness Care About Protecting Women? With Will Witt

Do you think that men and women are different Planet Fitness doesn’t think so. They want your moms, your daughters, your grandma to change and use the restroom with men like me What’s up guys this is Will Witt with Prager U and Planet Fitness’ politically correct agenda is out of control. Planet Fitness claims to be a judgment-free zone, that is unless you’re a woman who doesn’t want to change in front of a man. Recently, a woman Complained to Planet Fitness for having to share a locker room with a transgender man, and instead of taking what the woman said seriously Planet Fitness banned her. And this man, yes it is a man, has been complained about before for exposing himself to a woman in the locker room. We should have compassion for the people who don’t identify with the gender that they are but that doesn’t mean that we have to get rid of a space that women need to feel comfortable in for a small minority. If you were a woman would you want someone like me changing in the locker room with you? Okay bad example, but you know what I mean, but I mean seriously: Would you want to have your daughter changing in a dressing room with a full-grown man? I know I wouldn’t and I mean where do these people get off? And where do we draw the line? I say we draw the line between men and women. Guys, I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did Comment down below and let us know what you think and share this video with your friends This is Will Witt with Prager U. See you next time

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