DO NOT buy this $100 Smart Lock…

DO NOT buy this $100 Smart Lock…

Security – its pretty important. Today we’re going to talk about 2 methods
of securing your stuff. One is this high-tech fingerprint scanning
padlock from Tapplock. We’ll see if we can physically hack our way
into it and see how it works. And the second is securing yourself online
or on your cell phone with a VPN. Huge thanks to NordVPN for sponsoring this
video. Let’s get started. [Intro] Unlocking smartphones with fingerprints has
been around for years now. It’s effective and pretty darn efficient. Today we have a padlock that can use a fingerprint
to unlock – the Tapplock One. It seems pretty high tech. It’s been seen on CNN, Unbox Therapy, and
raised over $300,000 on IndieGoGo last year before going into production. And like always, on my channel we’re going
to see how it works…from the inside. You might be thinking to yourself, ‘Hey Jerry,
it seems pretty cool, why shouldn’t I buy it?’ Well, let me tell you. The little guy has a proprietary charging
port and a power button down at the bottom…nothing wrong with that yet. One click of the power button activates the
fingerprint scanner which allows you to scan one of your fingers and unlock the lock. Pretty simple, right? I’m a fan of it so far. The little contraption can hold 500 different
fingerprints and has a 1 year battery life. It’s even IP66 water resistant. So as long as your treasure chest isn’t locked
up underwater, it’ll still work just fine in the rain or the elements. Thumbs up for all of that so far. Plus, the whole thing is made from metal,
which makes you think it would be hard to get inside of, but sit tight and let’s find
out. Scratching up the face revealed the whole
front of the lock with solid metal. And the sides are also metal. And even the back of the Tapplock is metal,
with no visible openings…or so I thought. At first it didn’t appear that the back was
removable – it wouldn’t pry off when I tried. Before I break out the heavy artillery though
and review this from the inside, let’s scratch the fingerprint scanner. A few initial scratches and the lock still
opens just fine. You can hear the little motor inside motoring
up the shackle and unlocking the padlock. Even after a few more scratches, the lock
still functions. So far it appears to be solidly constructed,
durable, and secure…or so, at least that’s what I thought. Let’s keep going. I broke out the dremel to gauge the thickness
of the metal, but trying to cut through the stainless steel and advertised anti-shim and
anti-pry design, my dremel just wasn’t making it through the body. Even dremeling through the fingerprint scanner
itself, there was zero ways for a hacker to unlock the lock and steal your stuff, like
your bike or your sweaty gym clothes, from this side. It was only after I brought out the big guns
that I find the fatal flaw in Tapplock’s design. [Drilling sounds] Got it! It was about here that I realized that the
back panel of the lock wasn’t secured at all. Right next to that sliced in half lithium
ion battery. It just falls away from that lock. Apparently I was opening it wrong before. It doesn’t pry off – it’s a twist-to-unlock
like a jar. I couldn’t see that until I had a view from
the inside. I’ll be testing my twist off theory in a second. Digging deeper, there were three normal Phillips
head screws on the back half of the lock. And once those were unscrewed, the face of
the lock fell away revealing more normal Phillips head screws and a metal plate covering the
motor. Once those were gone and I got inside, I can
lift up the locking bar in the center, and the shackle comes completely free from the
housing exposing your goods to the world. If my theory is correct, anyone with a simple
screwdriver could hack this lock in under 30 seconds. So should we try it? Yeah. We should. I went out and bought another $100 brand new
Tapplock, available on New Egg and Best Buy, opened up the box and twisted off the back
of the lock like an expensive cookie jar, using a GoPro mount. Revealing a battery and 3 screws. And in the space of about 30 seconds, I had
the front panel off, and it’s screws removed, and the locking bar up and out of the lock
housing. And all of my stuff that was previously locked
up in the shackle is now not my stuff anymore. Obviously a thief walking around with bolt
cutters could totally steal your bike in a bout 30 seconds as well. But no one is ever going to call the cops
on a guy with a screwdriver. This lock just doesn’t do a good job of locking. Tapplock could easily fix this problem by
welding the back shut, or even using proprietary screws inside instead of a normal Phillips
head. I’ll be more than happy to make a follow up
video if Tapplock decides to fix these issues with the next version of their lock. As of right now though, the lock costs $100
and can easily be hacked in 30 seconds by anyone with a normal screwdriver and a GoPro
mount. So I just can’t really recommend anyone buy
it. Bad guys are always going to find a way to
figure out how to do bad stuff, so it’s good to find out from the good guys if there’s
a flaw or not in the system. And speaking of good guys, rated Number One
Virtual Private Network by PC Magazine, is NordVPN. They had nothing to do with this lock situation. I seriously thought this thing was going to
be fine. A Virtual Private Network does a couple different
things. One, it encrypts your network traffic from
one location to the other, so your information is untrackable when you’re on a public Wi-Fi
like an airport or hotel. Everyone knows that Virtual Private Networks,
or VPNs can be used on computers, but they can also be used on cellphones like Androids,
and iPhones, and Windows phones. And with NordVPN, it can secure 6 devices
simultaneously: your computer, your laptop, and all of your cellphones. And since NordVPN has over 4,000 servers in
over 62 different countries, it can appear like your traffic’s coming from anywhere. And you can get around country specific censorship
laws, like in China and the Middle East. Or if you want to access a YouTube video that’s
not available in your country, you can just jump on a different server. For a totally risk-free trial of NordVPN,
you can use discount code ‘jerryrig’ and get a 77% discount off of a 3 year plan. I think it comes down to like 2 dollars and
75 cents a month. Www.nordvpn/jerryrig and if you don’t like
it, at least you’re protected for those 30 days, and their 24/7 customer support will
take care of you either way. It’s probably a lot more secure than this
thing was. If you have any questions, leave them down
in the comments. And if Tapplock ever does any upgrades or
updates to their lock to make it more secure, you’ll find out here first. Thanks a ton for watching, and I’ll see you

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