Disability Gym Workout

Disability Gym Workout

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  1. June300c Post author

    This seems like something I could use. I'm an adapted fingers amputee since childhood. The left hand has two usable finger and the hand is shaped like a mitten. I enjoy working out, but up to a certain weight I can not safely grip with my left hand without placing a lot of strain on the wrist. Using resistance bands is the same issue, but the strength needed to "clamp" is too stressful on the hand and can be unsafe. I will investigate this products on your website

  2. Zeeshan Alam Post author

    very good video
    It gave me hope even me too also can loose my weight I have also the same problem my both hands and legs are not working due to which I am unable to exersise which resulted in becoming me very fat. This video has boosted my confidence and given me hope tht I can also be become fit .

  3. Tarek Salem Post author

    Hi awesome video I bought active hand deluxe pack it's gr8 really thank you but I need your help in the measurement of my wheelchair I'm c6,c7 thanks

  4. charreva Post author

    We are trying to get an outdoor gym and we want wheelchair users to use it. Any tips for good equipment. We need to get a mix for everyone. Meeting is tomorrow evening!

  5. Sciatta Stevquoah Post author

    I'm so glad I found this. I have muscular dystrophy and have very limited usage of my hands, these aids can really help me when I find a gym and in everyday use.

  6. youngskywalkr Post author

    Hope these will work. I got club hands ( Radial Displasia) and I'm having difficulty holding weights. I'll definitely get back to you guys when I've tried them. 🙂

  7. MarkoRollo Post author

    thanks for the camera angle at around 3:10 I enjoyed that. seriously though, I was born with spina bifida and use a wheelchair, getting a bit overweight and want to lose it or preferably turn it I to muscle, the problem I have is I also have a condition called chiari malformation which basically means the fluid around my brain builds up and can give me severe headaches if I strain or move too fast, an obvious problem with weight training, so I was wondering, is it possible to lose weight and build muscle by not being too strenuous and taking it relatively easy?

  8. Thin Blue Line Post author

    Fantastic video, I'm a care giver and have been training a disabled person with (Freadrichs ataxia) 3 times a week in the gym but running out of ideas, so this video is great thanks

  9. Steve Jordan Post author

    How have I never heard of Active Hands before! Great video, found it very inspiring too. Bought a general purpose grip to see if it helps me work my disabled right hand upper body post trauma brachial-plexus. Have some residual bicep, shoulder and pectoral muscle use but little to no grip.

  10. happy wheels Post author

    damn great info and example but where to get the active grip i am totally numb on left arm
    core and leg right, side perfect tnx people

  11. Trivedi Yash Post author

    I would like to buy that gloves..because i am one handed handicapped..it will help me in gym…can you suggest…

  12. vijay kumar Post author

    what kind of equipment you use for excercise how I get it like you used wrist band to lift weights

  13. neil caven Post author

    thanks for this have a terminal illness thats similar to MS and excercise in the gym on most machines yoi have use but you have shown !e ones o havent done! thank you

  14. Terri Wickstrom Post author

    Great video! Except I've always been told that that in doing lat pulls they should be pulled in front of the body, not back.

  15. Zainul Abadin Post author

    dear coach,
    when i was two years old, i got polio attack on my right side of body, due to this the joint bone of shoulder and arm has been damaged.
    I can't raise up and stretch to of my arm.
    Could you suggest me some exercise for biceps, triceps and shoulder i do gym on regular basis.

    Zainul Abadin
    +91 9811858708

  16. thitikarn mankhong Post author

    Hi my name​ ploy thank you for the video very much. I'm looking for an exercise. I'm come from​ thailand 🙏

  17. Masha Kalinkina Post author

    Ooh I love those handgrips! When going up in weight, it seems my hand strength isnt quite in alignment with my arm/shoulder/back strength, which can be frustrating!

  18. Geoff Bosco Post author

    I'm a drummer who deals with some mild to moderated RSI issues in my hands and forearms. I started getting into weight training but stopped when the act of gripping the weights started aggravating my hands and affecting my playing. I kept thinking, "how much do I need to work on my grip when I'm exercising my back, shoulders and chest?" I mean, does anyone really need to?

    I think your products should be useful for more than just people with disabilities.

  19. Christina Jensen Post author

    Ordered one yesterday – my wrist is very weak from a stroke so I hope this glove will keep it straight and in place.

  20. Sandra D Tv Post author

    I have been searching and searching for a long time for some equipment to help me in the gym you have no idea this means so much to me thank you for making this video thank you thank you thank you. I am not in the wheelchair but I did have a brain injury and it affected my arm and it is very much in the condition of yours. I love to work out but some of the gym equipment I could not use but want to use with this equipment I can do that you are awesome and keep doing your thing

  21. Beth Stone Post author

    Great video. But, it does assume the wheelchair user can transfer. Also, what if you fell during transfer at the gym? You know you're screwed if you injure yourself, since they assume no liability.


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