DIL GETS PHYSICAL – Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #7

DIL GETS PHYSICAL – Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #7

P: Dan, are you wearing your own merchandise?
D: (laughs) Hell yeah, I am. I love this T-shirt. P: It is pretty swag. I shouldn’t say swag.
D: “Pretty swag”?! Both: DANANDPHILSHOP.COM. D: Self-promo aside, it’s time for some Sims!
Both: YEAH! P: Your voice just cracked. You’re breaking.
D: (exaggerated voicecrack) sIMs! P: SiIiIiImS.
D: SiiiIIIiiiIIMssss. We’re calm.
P: We’re collected.
D: We’re ready to make a video. So what are we doing? I remember last time after our…party, we got given a pretty hefty utility bill, which apparently is because we leave the radio on all the time. (coughs) P: Well, first of all, we’re gonna switch off the radio. D: Switch off? We should just sell the radio! P: But also, if you don’t pay the bills, someone will come and take away your possessions, and I worry…
D: Noooo! They’ll take the porcelain pig!
P: …about the porcelain pig.
D: The porcelain pig.
P: Yeah. People have been tweeting me actual porcelain pigs from their grandmas’ houses and stuff. Which is quite interesting.
D: (laughs) Have you seen any people tweeting you with crates? P: No.
D: Not yet. P: (sighs) It’s good to be back. Dil!
(both laugh) P: Wha – why is he always in such an awkward position when we load the game? D: Wh – we pause it at such weird times!
P: What’s he looking at today? D: That is…th…he looks like his leg is broken or something. Look at that! It’s 6:57 because Summer, like, just went home, didn’t she?
P: Oh, yeah. That didn’t end well. He’s gonna be tired today, then. How much sleep should we let him have? Is it a work day?
D: It’s…not a work day. P: We’ve got time!
D: So we can do whatever the hell we want!
P: Yessss! P: Let him sleep till…eleven. Stop, stop, stop!
D: (yells) P: The day has been wasted! Pause it for a second. He has intense needs. Let’s look what he needs. D: Okay, he needs to eat and wash. Let’s have a… Brisk shower.
P: (laughs) Brisk. Not a steamy one.
D: No more steamy showers! EVER. P: I’ve got a Christmasy-scented shower wash. D: Oh, do you.
P: Smell. Festive. Is that Christmas in your nose?
D: …Yup. P: I realized he’s got a massive window right next to the shower, so anyone could just perv in there.
D: Yeah…yeah. D: Look at that, you can totally see it, can’t you?
P: Totally leering. Oh, we’ve never actually looked at the owl slide in great detail! Look at that! D: Nice curves. Ooooh yeah.
P: Oh yeah! D: Still the most disgusting thing literally ever.
P: I think it’s majestic! While we’re paused, can we go look in the garden? ‘Cause people were telling me there’s a rock with crystals in it somewhere. D: What?
P: That’s not crystals. D: That is…
P: Bones or something.
D: That looks like…a dinosaur. P: Well, that could be expensive. Okay, what else have we got in the garden? D: We’ve got…”Rachelle Perdue.”
P: She can go away. No time for that today. I didn’t know we’ve got a little bench there as well! D: I mean, how much do we own? I think –
P: Is that part of our land? We have a lot of land! D: So we need to put some fences up, ’cause Aubrey Michaels is just having a little walk around. P: GET OFF MY LAND, AUBREY! D: Who’s called Aubrey when you’re a boy other than Drake? “Wild Snapdragon Flowers.”
P: Oooo! D: Maybe we can pluck some and then just throw them on our driveway like the other ones. P: We could recreate Jurassic Park with those bones.
D: Yeah, ’cause that went well. In Jurassic Park.
P: (hums Jurassic Park theme) D: Well, that’s an adventure, isn’t it? Priority, to be honest. P: What’s his needs?
D: He is hungry. And he needs to have fun. DIGGING’S FUN. Have brunch. He wants…
P: Eggs on toast.
D: Eggs on toast. P: Protein. D: As if we know anything about nutrition. P: I know what protein is! D: What is it, Phil? P: …It’s…proteinious. D: (laughs) Oh, is it a proteinious substance?
P: Yes! D: Science with Phil! P: What kind of eggs are they, though? Goose? Hen? Dragon? D: Who knows, in this weird universe. P: Come on, Dil, get it right this time!
D: Ohhhh yeah!! Wait – Wow! Shakin’ that oil in the pan.
P: He did a flippy thing with the thing! I can do that!
D: He’s frying the toast? That’s not healthy. Don’t get it wrong – Oh yeah! Look, he doesn’t drop things anymore when he’s cooking! Look how far he’s come.
P: Aw, I’m so proud! When we go to a restaurant with my grandma, she just pours like, a whole bottle of salt on the food, and we don’t want to say anything, but then it’s just like “How can she enjoy that?!” D: (laughs) “How are you not melting like a slug?”
P: Yeah. D: Ewwww, does that kitchen need cleaning? “Clean with Vigor?” Oh, we’ll need to do that. He’s energized…he wants to clean.
P: So eat, clean, then EXCAVATE SOME ROCKS! P: That’s my perfect day out there.
D: Typical… …Wednesday afternoon, tbh. Dil: Ah, hersinoy! P: Who are you talking to?
D: (mocking Dil) “Versinol!” He inherited my talking-to-myself trait. “You have 24 hours to pay your bills before your POWER IS SHUT OFF?!”
P: Aaaaa! That’s loads of time. We can leave it for a little bit longer. D: (laughs) “Mmmm, bread.”
P: Eggy scents. I’ll only go with scrambled egg. I don’t like any other egg. D: Really?
P: Yeah, I don’t know why. D: Scrambled eggs are my least favorite, ’cause of the weird texture. P: Maybe I could scramble –
D: Aw, look how chipper he is!
P: Aw! Maybe I could scramble mushrooms, then I’ll like those as well. P: WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?
D: L – t – f- okay, right, I’m gonna intervene. P: Messy tyke!
D: He’s cleaning, he’s cleaning, he’s cleaning with vigor… P: He’s getting a bit tubby! D: He needs to do some exercise of some kind…IS DIGGING EXERCISE? P: Maybe.
D: That needs to be cleaned up. Aaaand…that needs to be cleaned up. P: Gooo!
D: You can’t have a party unless you’re smart enough to clean up after yourself, Phil. P: I know.
D: Think about what all of our mothers said. F*ckin’ radio – sorry. (laughs) P: (laughs nervously) D: BUT SERIOUSLY, TURN OFF. He’s so chipper.
P: He is! He’s in such a good mood today. It’s good it’s Wednesday. He’s about to go digging. D’you know what the worst thing is? When you’re cleaning food and then you touch some of the wet food on the plate.
D: Uuuugh! Yeah, I know! (both make identical noises of disgust) D: Day-after food slime. Not the best, not the best. P: NO! You were doing so well!
D: How many bowls d – D: (cracks up)
P: Oh my god, Dil! D: He can’t…die fixing the sink, can he?
P: I don’t think so. P: He’s making such a mess.
D: Can he? P: Let’s see. D: Let’s see. And then Dil died. And that was the end of our series. P: I like that…
D: Could be, could be.
P: …his job is “Head Dishwasher” and he breaks a plate in every episode. D: Look at the gaggle of people with poor posture walking past. P: WHO ARE YOU?!
D: That was a…weird…”gaggle of people with poor posture”. P: Gaggle of people with poor posture. Say that five times fast. D: Gaggleofpeoplewithpoorposture – Both: gaggleofpeoplewithpoorposturegaggleofpeoplewithpoorposture D: Gagglgdkakbleblblblblb. D: Handiness level 2!
P: He’s so handy.
D: Still wouldn’t let him fix the stereo. P: (to the tune of Fancy by Iggy Azalea) Dil’s so handy, he really knows… He can fix sinks… on the Sims 4 with Dan and Phil. Do I get that one?
D: Almost.
P: Almost. D: HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO FIX A SINK. BLINKIN’ ‘ECK. P: Holy sheez, the day’s almost gone. Clean up that puddle. D: Clea…MOP LIKE MAD! ‘Cause he’s energetic! What does mopping like mad – (screams) Is he mopping like mad? Tha – that –
P: He’s so speedy!
D: That was like, half a picosecond of mopping then. LET’S DIG. P: We’re gonna be observed by that guy – is that Preston? D: He can observe the hell out of us. It is…Daxton Strauss and Skyler Rubin. P: Daxton looks like he’s got a terrible illness. I hope he’s okay. D: Get a real name! Hello, lonely child. Jarod Hope.
P: Don’t walk past Daxton! Okay. (laughs)
D: Not everybody’s a predator, Phi –
P: Sh, sh, it’s happening! D: (sings Jurassic Park theme)
P: Was that it? P: He found a piece of limestone!
D: Oooo! Let’s dig this one too! P: Come on, gold.
D: (continues to sing Jurassic Park theme) Both: (continue to sing Jurassic Park theme)
D: Louis Levy.
P: He could help us dig. P: A capsule!
D: A capsule! What the hell?! We have…a mysterious time capsule! “It’s always fun to open a time capsule and catch glimpses of times past.” P: What? What can we do with the fossil rock? D: We can…place in world, or extract.
P: Let’s extract the fossil! P: He has…a fossilized sea monster.
D: A fossilized sea monster?! P: Wow!
D: Worth 50 simoleons! Yeahhh!
P: That’s pretty cool! D: Study.
P: Let’s study the rock. Study that fossil. D: (sings Jurassic Park theme) P: It’s like Jurassic Park 4.
D: Is that his studying face? P: You need to get a bit closer, Dil. C’mon.
D: (laughs)
P: What are you doing? Don’t be so lazy! D: Let’s put that in the inventory. Look, go to your own bathroom!
P: He’s gonna pee on the rock! It’ll lose its worth!
D: He’s gonna pee in his own hedge! P: “Upgrade?”
D: You can upgrade the toilet?! A superior flush. We wanna do that? He’s focused, he kinda wants to.
P: Yeah, let’s give him –
D: Let’s upgrade our toilet! Superior Flush!
D: Who wants to open time capsules or unearth mythical beasts from the past… …when you can upgrade your toilet to have a superior flush?! P: Should we let him pee first, though? ‘Cause he really needs to go.
D: Look at his focused face. P: I’m proud of Dil today. He’s doing a good job at life. D: Much more productive than we have been on a daily basis. I mean, my typical day off is like, wake up, in pajamas, assume typical browsing position on the couch, get up for food. Whereas Dil has already cleaned up after a party, mopped vigorously, upgraded a toilet, dug up some things… P: What is that?!
D: …and whAT THE FFFFFRICK IS THIS. P: It’s a dead whale carcass on the floor.
D: Um. “Scavenge for Parts?” P: What IS that on the floor?
D: What the hell is – did a Transformer just explode in our kitchen? P: Optimus Prime! What happened?
D: How do we miss these things?! I bet everyone in the comments will be like, “Uh, Dan, didn’t you notice the giant robot crashing through the roof?” P: I really wanna sneeze, but it’s not coming. Wait. Nope. Now it’s gone. D: WHAT A SNEEZE TEASE.
P: (cracks up) Sneeze tease. D: Is he gonna explode before he finishes upgrading the toilet? And then he can use it. Then we can SAMPLE THE SUPERIOR FLUSH!
P: Oooo! P: (chokes a bit, coughs) Euh. I don’t know what that was. (laughs, coughs more) I feel better now.
D: You’re doing everything but sneezing.
P: Right. WEE. Dil: Oooooh. P: “Oooooh.”
D: (laughs) “Oooooh. That is some constipation.” Is opening a time capsule fun?
P: Yes! D: Is it? But is it actually? P: It could be traumatic. What if you go into the future and see your death? That’s not gonna be fun.
D: That wouldn’t add to Dil’s fun meter. Looking at squid, browsing on your phone whilst watching TV. P: The mouse is hovering on the grate. Those grates scare me. D: Is there an It clown waiting to grab you?
P: (falsetto) Helloooo. We need to excavate that dead Transformer on the floor! D: Oh yeah, what the hell.
P: (laughs) So many activities!
D: (imitates Dil) “I don’t like football.” He does like squid. P: Just like me. D: Thr – wh – tf – nd – Scavenge for Parts.
P: Let’s scavenge. See what we can find. What treats await us in this mysterious slime pile? D: (laughs)
P: Euhhh.
D: He looks like he’s just…kind of tossing it everywhere. He found a Common Upgrade Part! P: Yaaaay!
D: Yaaaay! And there’s still a load of crap on the floor! Chuck it.
P: Chuck that crap. D: Chuck it good. Chuck that crap just like you should.
P: Right, we ha – (laughs) We have some severe money issues, so I think we should sell the sea monster. D: So how do we sell it?
P: Can you just, like, drag it into your money? D: (laughs)
P: No. Weird. Let’s just figure it out. Time capsule! Should we do that outside, so we don’t explode the world?
D: Yeah, in case it’s got, like…the Terminator in it or something.
P: Yeah. D: Good idea.
P: I’m a bit nervous. What’s he gonna see? Where’s he gonna go?
D: Who knows, Phil. P: Hopefully he’ll go to the Jurassic times and this can just be the Jurassic Park episode. D: Open it up! He found… One “Poppy.”
P: What. D: It is a… …little doll… …of a girl.
P: That’s weird. D: Is this some strange reference that I don’t get?
P: I think so. Are we just gonna leave it there, or should we put it somewhere? D: Um –
P: “Enable Emotional Aura?” D: What. P: It’s made him want to go shower.
D: (laughs) He’s like, “BYE gettin’ in the shower.” (laughs) A bit of Google tells me that MySims was a Wii Sims game. P: Oh.
D: And that must have been a character from it. Random! P: So he broke through time and got it from a different Sims game!
D: From an alternate Sims dimension! P: Where should we put this unusual girl?
D: What the fuck. I don’t know. Um… P: Should we just leave her in the garden?
D: (laughs) Leave her in the garden. P: (mumbling) Can you drag things onto that, maybe? The sea monster?
D: Wait-wait-wait, is this how you sell things? P: Yaaaaay! D: We’re literally that stupid. There’s a giant Simoleon symbol, and we’re like, “Can we drag it into the moneeeeey???” P: (laughs)
D: (sarcastically) “HMMMMMM.” Yeah, okay. D’you wanna sell the fossilized sea monster?
P: Yeah.
D: Ka-chang. P: Yes.
D: Yeah. D: (sings Jurassic Park theme) P: That’s not Jurassic Park theme-worthy, Dan. D: On the bar?
P: Yeah! That’ll make people wanna…order drinks. D: There we go. Wowww, look at that angle as well! Perfect. P: It’s 7:30. I feel like we’ve got time to explore the world a little bit. What other places on the map haven’t we been? D: Been to the park…we all know how that went, hashtag-Erica. Uh…went to the bar. That was fun. The gym?
P: Let’s go to the gym, he’s a little bit out of shape. D: He kinda needs to go to the gym. Let’s not take any of our awkward party friends.
P: No.
D: To the “gime.” P: Especially as Summer and Aaron were all doing press-ups all the time, so they’re seasoned experts. D: Press-up freaks in this town. P: How many press-ups can you do?
D: Like, four. (both laugh) P: I think I could do about eleven if I tried. D: Okay! P: Oh, no, they all look like extreme gym people. D: EXTRE – ooh, look, it’s Vernon. P: Vernon’s here!
D: Who else is here? D: “Don Lothario.” AKA Jersey Shore. P: (laughs)
D: What should we do? Work out! In his bunny slippers? P: (laughs) Can we play some Rocky music?
D: Oh, nope, there we go. P: Oh, he’s got his leather pants on!
D: (laughs) OH MY GO – No! Nooooooo! We forgot about the bloody outfit, oh my god.
P: With the crotch hole. This is weird. He’s wearing full leathers while he’s working out. D: (bursts out laughing) This is interesting.
P: Oh, he smells a lot. P: (cracks up) D: (cracks up) (somber public-domain music) P: Are you all right? Is that Aaron? D: Aaron Chastain! Oh no! He bit the dust. P: “Eliza Pancakes”?! We have to talk to her! D: They say that we’re having a casual discussion. Dil: (yelling) Sul sul! P: Oh, Dil’s having issues. What’s up with him? D: Dil… DESPERATELY NEEDS – it’s ’cause he’s in bloody leather. P: (laughs)
D: Okay. Where’s the showers? P: All right, get in the shower!
D: Have a shower – ooh, nice and communal! P: Can you join Eliza in there? D: I think after their casual discussion, that might be a bit creepy. P: What happens if you actually press Take a Shower with Eliza? D: Take Brisk Shower? P: Oh. She’s gone.
D: Aw, she’s got out. P: Awkward, though. They are in the same room together.
D: Heyyy! (sings the beginning of Jurassic Park theme) It’s a progressive town!
P: Oh, okay! P: She doesn’t know where to look! She’s like “Oh – ” D: “DUDE – DUDE – UM – UM” P: These crazy people of this town.
D: SHE’S AT THE GYM. She just finished working out, had a shower – AND NOW SHE’S DOING PRESS-UPS ON THE FLOOR OF THE CHANGING ROOMS. Girl, sort it out. P: Can we talk to Eliza Pancakes about pancakes? D: Um…I don’t think there’s… “Complain About Local Youths?”
P: Let’s do that. D: (laughs) P: “No one has any parents in this town!”
D: (laughs) P: “Hey!”
D: I like the weird shadow then that was just, like, above his feet. P: “Local youths and their bananas.”
D: “Those damn kids and their banan’s.” P: Oh, they’re getting on! This is the first time we’ve got on with someone!
D: About smelly feet? Yeah, man. Look at that guy. Stinky Don. P: Do a Hip Bump! D: Do a hip bu – (cracks up) Okay.
P: Oh, no. D: ‘Scuse us, Vernon. P: This can’t end well. D: Here we go, here we go. (laughs) P: They liked it!
D: Wow! She has – I think we’re already more friends with her than we are with Summer.
P: I know! D’you wanna do a hip bump?
D: We’re in chairs! P: See how it works! Woop! D: Great idea. P: +2 friendship. D: (snorts) Minus eight. P: Enthuse?
D: Let’s enthuse about our interests. P: He’s gonna start talking about aliens. That’ll turn her off. D: “ABOUT SQUID.” Oh, here we go. D: I like…Eliza Pancakes. P: Yeah, she’s nice! She actually gets on with us!
D: Yeah, she hasn’t denied us yet. Don’t go for the hot blonde. Go for the nerdy girl with the glasses, Phil.
P: Yeah! You share similar interests! D’you know what I hate at the gym? When you go in the changing room and EVERYONE IS NAKED. D: I’m gonna stop you at “you know what I hate about the gym”, Phil. Stop lying.
P: I went to the gym for an entire summer! D: What, like ten years ago? P: Ooh, a werewolf movie’s on. That’s gonna…energize you.
D: (laughs) Watching Teen Wolf at the gym! P: When I was at the gym, I had to get to my locker, and there was just a naked man with his legs between where my locker was, and I was like, “………….hEYYYY!” D: “Hey, man, please…please move?”
P: “Can you, uh…shuffle to the left?” D: Oh, this is…this is making me really sad. Dil has done more exercise in the last twenty virtual minutes than I have literally done in the whole of 2014. P: You can do exercise at a computer table! Energized. D: He wants to do push-ups now! Do it, mate! (dramatic montage music) P: How many have you done? (dramatic montage music) D: (faintly) Three!
P: Three? (dramatic montage music) P: I don’t think chair sit-ups are an actual thing. D: (pained noise)
P: Wh – (dramatic montage music) P: Ohhhh.
D: (cracks up) P: Four, and collapse. D: I can literally do five push-ups. That’s really sad. P: (grunting) One! Two! Three! Four! D: (cracks up) Nice to know we’re both equally horrifyingly unfit.
P: (wails) Where even is he? Oh my god!
P: Pancake! D: We were exercising so hard we lost our Sim!
P: Oh no! He’s having a… …chest…boob…man-boob-press. D: He’s having a “man-boob-press.” Oh, it’s the man-boob-press machine.
P: That’s what it’s called! D: “Give Pep Talk”? P: Let’s try a knock-knock joke.
D: Give pep talk, she’s on an exercise machine!
P: Yeah, I guess that works. D: Stop talking to “Molly Bustos”. Does she have the bu – she has the bustos. Okay.
P: She has the bustos. Here’s the pep talk. D: “I believe in you, Eliza!” “You can do it!” P: Those jeans are doing nothing for him. (laughs) Oop.
D: Oop, and the pep talk literally made her fall over. P: Right, Dil’s gonna do some boxing.
D: Here we go! (both crack up) D: That’s me and you trying to do boxing exercise.
P: I’d be good! P: Pop you in the schnozz! There’s a seasoned gym expert.
D: “Don Lothario.” (laughs) Ooooooh my god. He is literally the product of both of us put together. How could we have actually designed a Sim that was literally both of us so much? It’s actually weirdly accurate. P: Oh, there we go, he actually hit it!
D: Yessss! FURY DIL. FURY! CHANNEL IT! Think about Erica! Think about Summer having so many awkward moments with you! P: Think about the porcelain pig! Think about your time machine! D: Why did the porcelain pig make him want to hurt someone? P: Just enthus – he loves it so much, he has to expel the energy. D: He’s happy! Wow. He’s happy from working out, decorating… and socializing. AKA the three things that are missing from my life. P: Look at him go! Hector or whatever he’s called!
D: Wow! Bennett Lute, he does not mess around. (roars like a manly exercise junkie) He’s gonna rip off his shirt and just punch through the stairs. P: Let’s – let’s get out of here before he does that. Kill Bill’s here! Or Kill Dil, as I said. D: “Alexis Friend.” I am so done with this town and its names.
P: (softly quacks) OH MY GOD.
D: (laughs) Wo – okay, I’ve done that at least twice. We’ve all done that. “MAXIMUM INCLINE, HAHAHAHAHAHA” P: 2:43 AM.
D: IT’S 2:4 – WHAT ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE DOING AT THE GYM?! P: They’re known as –
D: AT 3 AM?!
P: They’re known as “gym rats.” Well, at least Dil’s got the same sleep pattern as us. D: Yeah, tha – we also didn’t intend that, but it happened. P: Let’s blow this joint!
D: He’s complaining. Okay, it was a good montage, but now he has to go show – ooh, he left it stinky. He’s hungry and sleepy. He’s only had eggs on toast. So far. Let’s go home, eat some stuff. Oh yeah. P: What are the two knobs for?
D: Wait, let’s – I’m just appreciating the shower singing. Dil: (singing in Simlish) P: Sim X Factor? Sim-on Cowell! D: Oh, Phil. Okay, that was a fun gym time, but now let’s GTFH. P: We have to pay that bill before we go to bed. D: Way to hit us with reality, Phil!
P: I’m sorry, it’s gotta happen!
D: Bloody hell. P: Travel with Eri – Eliza Pancakes! D: We’ve literally – we’ve only known her for half an hour, and Eliza Pancakes is currently our best friend. P: Wow.
D: I prefer Eliza Pancakes. P: Me too. D: What – that’d be – Dil…Eliza… P: What’re you talking about?
D: Elil? P: Elil? D: Dilza?
P: Dilza. Hashtag-Dilza.
D: Howlcakes? P: Howlcakes! Hashtag-howlcakes! D: “The computer has an interaction that lets you adOPT A BABY?!” P: I don’t think Dil’s ready to adopt a baby. D: That would be a dangerous misclick! Imagine if you were just like “whoops” with the mouse – oh, great, I’ve adopted a child. Both: Pay bills. D: 374. P: Not too bad.
D: That’s not that bad. Let’s see if it destroys his mood. And he’s feeling good! Have a quick meal…”Microwave Dinner.” P: Oatmeal. It’s, like, 4 AM. D: He hasn’t eaten today other than eggs and toast! P: But you can’t eat a dinner at 4 AM! D: He hasn’t had anything! You can’t just give him eggs and toast and oatmeal on the day when he’s done the most e –
P: Okay, “microwave pastry.” D: We had a pastry last time! It was a weird chocolate thing! P: Okay, microwave dinner. D: Thank you! P: It wasn’t a chocolate thing, it was the heart of a stag. D: Pretty sure it was a chocolate fondant with a raspberry jus. P: You should work for Nigella. D: (soothingly) Put it…in the microwave… P: …caress…
D: …till it TINGLES with excitement. P: Caress…the “on” button… D: (cracks up) He’s so swell today! Oh, Phil, this is so inspiring! We’ve been watching an anime called Haikyuu and it’s just making me crave…exercise. And sportiness. And now we have Dil going to the gym?! And it’s made him the happiest that he ever is?! I feel like this is actually a higher power intervening in our lives through Dil.
P: I think it is. D: I think that’s what’s happening right now. P: He’s feeling playful.
D: He’s feeling playful? From having a good workout, an invigorating shower… and playful decor? Is that her?
P: I think that’s her.
D: Should we disable her aura? P: It’s creepy that she has an aura that she gives off. D: We found a trophy in a time capsule that makes people feel certain emotions. P: That’s very creepy. That is insidious.
D: Should we disable it?
P: Yeah. The Conjuring is waiting to happen with that thing. D: So that one’s playful. Is there one that’s, like, THE MURDER MYSIMS TROPHY? P: Annabelle trophy. D: I like that his plate has three sections on it. That’s really… P: He just ate the entire plate!
D: And then he ate the – yeah, that was weird. I’m not quite sure what happened there. (imitates stuffing a plate in his mouth) Okay, time for sleepy-byes. P: Go to sleep, little Dilly…TURN OFF THE RADIO, DAN! D: Did he turn that on, or is there a blinkin’ poltergeist that just turns that on?
P: I think the pig has turned it on. D: DUN DUN. And there we go. Dil goes to sleep. After what was probably – I’m just gonna put this out there – the most successful day of his life.
P: I think it was! Fully happy the whole time! D: I think what this showed us is that you don’t need to try and impress people for house parties, fit in, flirt with the people – no. Do what you want, be enthusiastic about what you wanna do, and somewhere out there… …there is a Pancake for you. P: That was so inspirational I almost cried. D: (snorts)
P: A single tear.
D: (laughs) P: So that was another day in the life of Dil! If you’re enjoying these adventures, please let us know by giving this a thumbs up! D: And click down there to subscribe to our channel to be told when we make a new one! DanAndPhilShop if you want to…have the swag or whatever Phil said. P: It’s pretty swagtacular.
D: We’re excited ’cause we made some new stuff that we’re happy about. And yeah. That actually weirdly affected me. P: In what way?
D: Just…seeing the happy moodlet from all the exercise and socializing. P: Are we gonna have a montage of your workout now? (sings Rocky theme) D: Let’s be real, that’s not gonna happen. Bye!

100 comments on “DIL GETS PHYSICAL – Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #7

  1. HP Sauce Post author

    …I am proud to say. I am fitter than Dan and Phil. I can do 5 push-ups. Except I literally can’t move after. Oh well.

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    “If I really tried I could do 11 push-ups”-p
    Actually does 4
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