Dedicate – Day 16 – Dulce | Yoga With Adriene

Dedicate – Day 16 – Dulce  |  Yoga With Adriene

– Hello everyone,
and welcome to Dedicate, your 30 Day yoga journey. It’s Day 16, sweet 16 or your Dulce practice. So hop into
something extra comfy today and let’s get started. (bright music) Okie doke! Welcome, my friends. Let’s begin seated. And today’s
practice is gonna start out with a little massage. Yay! So first, we’ll take
two fingers, any two fingers and you’re just gonna
bring them to the temples here and with soft, sweet touch, you’re just gonna slowly
start to sit up nice and tall, jumping right in,
take a deep breath. As you exhale, relax
your shoulders and begin to massage the
temples one way very gently. I would like to acknowledge
that it’s not always easy to show up on the mat and to take out the time
and to make it happen. So hopefully,
today’s sweet practice will give you a little boost,
a little love, just a perfect hug as you continue
with your commitment and stay dedicated
to your practice. Reverse the direction
that you’ve been moving in, nice and easy. And just nice and easy, continue to gently
deepen your breath. Alright, then
take a deep breath in. We’ll move the fingers down,
just the jaw, and start moving
(giggles) one way. And then the other. Great, and you’ll
take your fingers, you’re just gonna
gently tug on the ears a bit. Continuing to
gently deepen the breath. Mhmmm, mhmmm, mhmmm. Sound effects always welcomed. When I do a live classes or practice my friends I love to say that sound effects
are really advanced yoga. When you’re finally just
(exhales) let yourself be free. Okay, and now one hand, any
hand, to opposite shoulder. And you’re just
gonna lovingly and sweetly give a little, a massage to
the neck, the side of the neck, and to the top of the shoulder,
your trap, trapezius. Big muscle. And then play a little piano. Play a little piano here. What should we play today? What the kids, but
we’re all big kids, right? We pick a little
song to play on the piano like Twinkle
Twinkle Little Star. So you can do this too. You can pick like Philip Glass or another composer and
you play a little ditty. Okay. Let’s switch to the
other side lovingly. And obviously, it feels good
to practice a little self-love. And hopefully it’s helpful to have somebody
just guide you to do that. But you can also use this time to just check in with your
mental state, your mental health using your breaths. So just land on the small
mat and go, “You know what? “Even though it’s a
busy day or a busy night, “I know this time is valuable “and I can’t really
take care of others “or serve the world if I
don’t take care of myself.” Just remembering why
we’re here, to be sweet to yourself so that you
can be sweet and useful. Okay. Now, fingertips are
gonna come to the shoulders. We’re gonna loop the
shoulders forward up and back by bringing the elbows to kiss and then reach
it all the way up, start to get a lot of space
in the side body and the torso and then take it
all the way back. Now with breath,
inhale forward, up, exhale back, and down. Inhale forward, and up, exhale back. And down one more time,
inhale forward, and up, exhale back and down and release the
fingertips to kiss the earth. Mwa, inhale send
the fingertips halfway. Exhale, hands to heart. Chin to chest, inhale. Reach for the sky. Big breath, big stretch. Exhale, float it down. Beautiful. From here, we’re gonna
take the hands to the ankles and you’re gonna
uncross the feet. Bring the soles
of the feet together. And as always, if you
need to lift the hips up here so that you’re
not collapsed here and you’re a little
back on your sacrum, do it! Sit up nice and tall. And we come into
Cobbler’s Pose here or Baddha Konasana,
imagining the tops of the thighs melting
down to the earth here. So get really
heavy in your quads. And then when you’re ready,
yep, you guessed it. You’re gonna take
your hands to your feet and you’re gonna practice the
ultimate act, in my opinion, of self-love which is
massaging your own feet. And if this is silly to you,
just lean in. And if this is
vulnerable to you, I got you. I got your back. And everyone,
try not to avoid this moment but really look
down at your feet once you know what you’re doing and do it with love. So get your thumbs right
into the arches of the feet. Maybe you move on to the toes. And if you’re like,
“I don’t know, “I kinda just
wanna get sculpted arms.” I promise you, you’re gonna
get sculpted arms too and a strong core
but this is important. This is also important. What’s up, Benji? So here, we’re telling the brain and the psyche that
although it’s tempting to think, oh, we need other people
to metaphorically rub our feet or take care of us,
we also have the ability and through practice, the power to strengthen this
relationship with ourself where we can kinda do these
things for ourself as well. Take care of yourself. Okay. Very good. From here, we’re gonna
grab the ankles, inhale, loop the shoulders
again forward, up and back, lift the chest,
take a deep breath in, sweet sip of air,
in through the nose. And exhale, blow it
out through the mouth as if you were blowing
out a birthday candle. Make a wish. It’s your sweet 16! Alright, then you’re
gonna inhale in here, exhale, lead with your heart,
come forward, bend the elbows left to right, then from here, you can
keep the hands on the ankles or if it feels better, you might wrap the
hands around the toes and come forward all the way. Lean, lean, lean,
opening through the hips and then you can keep
a nice, long neck here. If it feels awesome
and you want to stretch, draw your chin to your chest
and begin to round forward. Play with it. Keep coming back to
the sound of your breath. Alright, dig into
the sits bones. Quads get really heavy, tuck the chin if it’s in a
bow and start to roll it up. That’s where we’re all meet. Let’s have a little fun. So from here, we’re gonna connect to our core by very gently
bringing the hands to the backs of the thighs. You’re gonna lean back. The knees are gonna
come in just a bit here, not glued in but just
in line with the hip point, and then you’re
gonna begin to just play, lift your toes up. Now, check it out. Light, up that connection,
navel draws in and up. We’re not collapsing here but we’re lifting up
through the armpit chest. And then you’re
gonna take the fingertips. We’re gonna go through the hole and we’re gonna bring
them underneath the calf and then the palms are gonna
go up towards the sky here. Okay? So a little bit of
playfulness required. If you keep toppling over,
you’re not alone. Breathe deep. And then if you want, you can
take a little Lotus Mudra here by bringing the thumb
and the pinky together. Mmm. Awesome. Take one more breath here Just a little bit of fun. Awesome. Then slowly, with control,
I’ll release the arms, release the legs, and
come all the way to the back. Mhmmm, mhmmm. Awesome. When you get here,
we’ll take a second to just get situated on the mat. Take a deep breath in,
a long breath out. Great, then slowly
lift the knees up. We’re going in to
some hip bridges here. So you’ll walk the heels
up towards the sits bones. Ground your all
four corners of the feet. Imagine you’re
squeezing an imaginary block. That’s a little redundant. Imagine you’re
squeezing an imaginary block. Let’s roll with it. Imagine you’re
squeezing an imaginary block between your inner thighs. Hands come to the earth and
then you’re just gonna literally literally, press into your head,
lift your chest up, draw your shoulder
blades underneath you. Okay. Nice and slow here. Inhale in. Exhale,
lifting from the tail first and then sending
the shins forward, begin to slowly
lift the slips up high. Walk your
shoulders underneath you. You can grab the
outer edge of your mat here. Again, still squeezing
that imaginary block between in your thighs. Breathing deep. Shins forward. Good, then slowly releasing,
nice and slow. One vertebra at a time hitting
the mat, kissing the mat. Take a deep breath in. Empty it out. Round two, here we go. Inhale, slowly lifting up,
take your time. Nice and easy. So therapeutic but you
have to bring the breath. Shins forward.
You can imagine your sits bones reaching towards the
backs of the knees here. Inner thighs
coming together here. Glutes are
engaged but not clenched, strengthening
through the glutes. You’re here for one
more cycle of breath. And then slowly
begin to make your way down nice and slow
rolling through the spine. Try to find a
soft and sweet landing. Then take a cycle of
breath here, in and out. And once more. Seeing how articulate you
can be with the spine here as we begin to make
our way up, final round. And this time,
perhaps interlacing the fingertips behind the tail, shins forward. Breathe into your belly. It can really
make your belly bug, that big balloon breath here, lifting your chest to the chin,
chin to the sky. Then if you want a
little added challenge here, you’ll hold on to your midline, you have everything you need, you can inhale in, exhale,
release, palms to earth, and maybe lifting one
heel up and then the other. If you feel like
having more here, you might engage your care,
and lift one leg all the way up, kicking foot to sky,
and then lowering with control. Same thing on the other side. And you’ll know if it’s
right on your body or not. Wherever you are, use
an exhale to slowly release and make your way
all the way to earth. Then we’ll repeat
the Cobbler’s Pose by bringing the sole
of the feet together, allowing the knees
to go nice and wide. Hands are gonna come to the
belly here or the rib cage. Reclined Baddha Konasana,
Supta Baddha Konasan. And here, you just
take three active breaths, allowing gravity to do
the work, breathing deep. Close your eyes if you like. And maybe you
showed up to class today kind of wanting more fire and can you just trust
that this sweet session perhaps could be
what you need instead. Staying open. Again, allowing
the nutrients of your practice, the benefits, the transformation
to reveal itself rather than
putting too much strain on having certain
expectations or goals. And if you’re like,
“What?” (chuckles) Just trust. It’ll resonate later, maybe. Okay. So the mantra here is allow, release, and let go. Particularly for those
who are practicing this as it’s coming out live,
at the top of the year, but perhaps every
month out of the year, it’s good to take these moments
to be sweet with ourselves. Sometimes, the sweat is
not necessarily what we need and it’s good to have a practice in which we’re
training ourselves to really listen to what
our needs are in the moment and not necessarily
what we think we need. And I’m speaking
from experience, guys. Sometimes, it’s
good to sleep in, right? Okay. From here,
we’ll bring the fingertips to the outer edges of the legs. Gently close the knees. Awesome, then you’re
gonna extend the legs out long. And we’re gonna end
with a yummy, yummy, awesome, sweet, passive stretch. So take your legs out long. And you’re gonna walk your heels towards the bottom
left corner of your mat. Cool. And then inhale, reach your
arms up and over the head. Full body stretch. And then you’re gonna
head and your shoulder, no, not the shampoo, but you’re gonna
head and shoulder your way towards the top
left corner of your mat. Then when you get here, grab your right
wrist with your left hand and bring it all
the way up and over. You’re creating a
little crescent moon with the right
side of your body. It should feel really good,
particularly after all of the awesome
work you’ve been doing. All the great
exploration on your mat. The final little invitation here is to cross your
right ankle over your left. Just again, exaggerating the
shape in the right side body. And then you can soften your
gaze here or close your eyes and breathe, breathe, breathe. Try to relax. Listen to that ocean breath. Just getting a
little uncrumpled. We spend a lot of time a
bit collapsed in the torso so using these next few breaths to really enjoy the space,
the stretch, the love. And start with the arms. You’ll release the arms first.
Walk the head back to center. Then slowly
with the legs, unraveling, and we’ll walk the heels now towards the bottom
right corner of the mat. Send the fingertips up, feel
that awesome stretch here first just as you
reach all the way back, and then you can head
and shoulder shimmy your way towards the top
right corner of your mat. And then we’ll
grab the left wrist, just exaggerating the shape, opening, opening, opening. Benji! And then here we go, option to cross the
left ankle over the right, smell your right armpit,
soften your face. Breathe love in and out. Should feel really good here. If you feel a pinch at all, you’ll just come out a
little bit wherever you are. Just take an inch
back off just a bit. Beautiful! Take one more breath here. Just relax and enjoy. And the arms will release first, then the head, and the
shoulders, and the heart. Then we’ll uncross,
unravel the legs. Inhale, send the
fingertips all the way up. And exhale, hug the
knees into the chest. Give yourself one last beautiful
sweet, loving hug gesture. You can peel your
nose up towards your knee, you can give
yourself a little Eskimo kiss. Take one more breath. And then as you breathe out, send the legs out, send
your arms gently to rest wherever it feels good, whether it’s on the
rib cage or the belly or perhaps gently at your sides. And we’ll inhale in, and exhale to relax everything. Quiet moment here
as you find stillness. See if you can give
yourself permission here to do absolutely
nothing just for 30 seconds. Here we go. Relaxing the weight of the body completely and
fully into the mat. Sweet surrender. Alright, so sometimes,
it’s not only about what we do but in my opinion,
it’s a little bit about how we do it. So it’s not what we do
always but how we do it. So I invite you to slowly bring, so move up back to
your body and consider that. How you wiggle the fingers,
how you wiggle the toes. Are you more in the habit of
being hard on yourself or can you get more in the habit (giggles) find practices that
help you, guide you, to be more in the habit
of being sweet with yourself? Even when you mess up.
(chuckles) You’re human! Okay. Because it’s the sweet practice, let’s come into
a fetal position. Hey, buddy. Just taking a moment here to rest your heart and maybe make a
little commitment that you’ll continue
to be sweet to yourself as you get up off the mat and head on into the rest
of your day or your evening. Cool. Then use your hands
to press all the way up. Come into a nice,
comfortable seat of your choice. We’ll bring the hands together ever so sweetly at the heart. And again, remember,
sometimes it’s not what we do but how we do it,
how we move matters. And the way you treat
yourself inevitably is going to influence
or even dictate the way you treat others. So be kind. Love you guys so much. Inhale, lift the
sternum to the thumbs. Take one more final breath. Just notice how you feel. And we’ll close it
by bowing to ourselves and to one another. I’ll see you
tomorrow for Day 17. Nice work, everyone. Namaste. (bright music)

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    I am coming back from being sick. Still no voice though ugh. I felt like I wasnt going to be able to do any up dogs and other fire driven moves but this really helped me. I am so trying to find myself again after having 3 kids and being in a 8 yrs relationship, also dealing with a stressful job. Some days I just want to get to it and get it done and then some days I want hear u act so silly and it makes me laugh and relax. my goal is to try to find myself and lose weight and gain flexibility. Thank you Adriene!!!

  47. Karin Clayton Post author

    I love the mantra allow, release, let go. I’m going to carry that with me for life. Thank you for always sharing such insightful wisdom and love.

  48. Julia Avila Post author

    Allow, release, let go. You also said this during one of your 30day yoga challenges before. BUT IT HIT ME SO HARD TODAY. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS ADRIENE. You're helping out so many people because of what you do. Beyond grateful!

  49. SAMMIsLIFE Post author

    I ALMOST didnt show up on the mat today, i wasnt feeling good this morning, i normally do yoga in the mornings.. but i decided to wait until i was feeling better but then i got lazy lol. It was 3pm and i finally dicided to get up and do it, and its crazy how every video is exactly what i need on the day i do them. I needed that massage and what u were saying about it being hard sometimes was so true! Glad i got up and did it! Looking forward to tomorrow!

  50. Rachel Linch Post author

    I never comment…like ever. But I just wanted to say I started this journey last month and it has been exactly what I've needed. Today especially as I am someone who tends to be harder on myself instead of sweet to myself. Thank you, Adriene. 🙂

  51. Daniel F Post author

    Damn. I needed to hear that part about being hard on yourself. I actually got emotional at that part cause I've been in a crappy place mentally as of late. Day 16 really put a smile on my face.

    Thank you for this Adrienne.

  52. Dexter Rosario Post author

    Today was sooooo SWEET! Exactly what my body needed today as last night I had an intense basketball session with my league! It’s like the yoga w/ Adriene universe knew I needed some dulce in my life!!! Namaste 🙂

  53. Varvara Mironova Post author

    i had such a hard evening, but im proud of myself that i did do yoga, even though i didnt feel like it

  54. Avi Post author

    I wasn't sure if I should do yoga today (recovering from/fighting off a migraine) but I read the video description and decided to try- I'm so glad I did, it was exactly what I needed. Thank you!

    Just wanted to let you know that the word "Eskimo" is considered to be a racial slur by most peoples Indigenous to the Arctic. A helpful article on this can be found here:
    If you really want to reference affectionate nose-touching, the Inuit term is "kunik"! I think it's important to engage in other cultures with respect to their language and boundaries- that's something I love about how you teach yoga, so I thought you'd want to know. <3

  55. Yuna Ono Post author

    Thank you again for Adriene. I got a surgery and moved countries but back to my regular practice. I kissed my hand today just because i'm grateful for my body and mind. I love you Adriene you're the best instructor one could ever wish for 🙂 love benji too what an angel


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