Day 2πŸ’— Love Thyself Yoga Journey – Connect your Heart Love Essence | Love Yourself Yoga Challenge

Day 2πŸ’— Love Thyself Yoga Journey – Connect your Heart Love Essence | Love Yourself Yoga Challenge

hey everyone is Amy here welcome to my
youtube channel and welcome to day two of my 7-day love thyself yoga journey
today’s practice we’re gonna be opening up the channels and the structures that
surround our very tender and beautiful heart so we’ll be working a little bit
with the hands wrists the arms the shoulders the ribcage the neck
basically just freeing up this whole area so that we can dive in a little bit
deeper to the essence of our heart the center of our heart our energetic heart
and begin to see what’s there and extract the love that is inside of us
and feed it to ourselves right practicing self up so roll out your mat
set your sacred space and let’s get started all right Yogi’s so we’re gonna start
today’s practice seated and again I highly recommend sitting on a blanket or
a pillow something just to make this position feel more comfortable for you I
pretty much always boost up on something that just allows me to sit with a lot
more ease and give yourself that support don’t don’t make this harder than it has
to be practice self-love right here on your mat by giving your body just a
little bit a little bit extra support and then you can just let your hands
come to rest again on your thighs or in your lap and let’s bring the eyes to
close diving into yourself today take a nice deep breath in exhale relax through
your body another nice deep breath breathing in breathing out set aside the
day that you’ve had the day that’s to come bringing yourself fully here onto
your mat for this practice today one more nice deep breath breathing in I’m
softening your mind exhale and then just like we did on day one I want you to
turn your attention upon yourself and just say hello it’s really giving yourself attention
right now and greeting who you are in this moment whoever you are showing up
on your mat today right it changes from day to day
say hello to yourself good and then begin to smooth out your
breath slowly breathing in slowly breathing out let the breath begin to
circulate through the heart center our heart chakra the energetic center within
our chest relates to the element of air so breathing consciously really supports
accessing in this part of ourselves and helping it come into balance so just a
slow smooth steady breath here breathing in sitting up nice and tall and then
breathing out letting your chin release towards your chest and we’re just gonna
start to wake up the neck a little bit here so let your head hang heavy for a
moment and feel the release down on the back of your neck and just notice how
far down your back you feel a stretch right now just by hanging your head
forward breathe into that stretch and then just begin to roll your head from
side to side doesn’t matter which direction take it at the pace that feels
good for you and let your jaw relax let your shoulders relax as you just roll
your head from side to side you as we move through the practice today
we’re just gonna be purposely gonna peeling back the layers of our marine
that have built up around our heart center so that we can really feel what
lives at the heart of who we are which I can guarantee love is one of the
ingredients that you’ll discover within your own heart but sometimes we have a
lot of tension and stress that keeps us from feeling that love within and so
today’s practice is just about starting to release some of that our marine so
that we can dive into our heart let your head roll in full circles if it feels
okay you could think of drawing big circles with the tip of your nose again
relax your jaw relax your shoulders draw big circles in both directions notice
your breath let these movements be infused with your breath and then let your chin come back to the
center of your chest breathe out and then breathe and lift your head gazing
back forward and then let’s do some shoulder rolls so just lift your
shoulders up towards your ears give a good squeeze at the top squeeze squeeze
squeeze exhale roll the shoulders back press them down two more times inhale
lift up exhale release down good one more time big breath in lift
the shoulders breathing out shoulders roll back in time good and then take
your fingertips to your shoulders and we’re gonna reverse the circling so
you’re gonna pull your elbows back and then lift up and then press your elbows
forward and down and it’s okay for your hosts spine to move right repeat that a
couple more times really kind of juicing up your shoulders you want to try to
feel almost like your might be able to sense your shoulder blades sliding and
gliding on the back of your body well this is feeling really good to me I’m
gonna do one extra one good in it and then just let those shoulders release
and bring your hands together at the front of your chest and to start off
here I want you to push your palms together so just push the palms together
and when you push the palms together notice the energy and the arms the arms
are strengthening a little bit and maybe even across the front of your chest so
these muscles the pectoral muscles across the front of the chest those are
engaging a little bit when you push through the palm so this yeah that push
take a breath in breathe out good and then flip your hands it doesn’t really
matter which hands is on top and you’re gonna hook your fingers and then I want
you to pull apart yeah just feel that pull pull pull pull pull
mm-hmm just go deep with yourself here feel whatever you’re feeling physical or
emotional I just felt a little wave of emotion kind of move
me so greed with that good and then release and then switch your hands see
if you can just so whatever hand was in front you just flip hook the other one
and pull again pull pull pull pull pull relax your throat if you can relax
around your neck relax your jaw let this be through the arm shoulders chest upper
back breathe and good and then exhale another I want you to push your palms
one more time so just push the palms together arms are active and strong feel
the squeeze into the chest and imagine your heart muscles squeezing a little
bit as well deep inside your chest so the heart is a muscle it’s an organ a
muscle even has glandular functions so let your heart squeeze right now the
muscle of your heart breathe in exhale then just kind of relax those arms and
release your fingers push your palms out and take your chin to your chest round
your back stretch your elbow straight pressing up through the heels of the
hand and then breathe and lift your arms up pull up and stretch back arching your
upper back a little bit elbows again stretch straight as possible feel the
heels of your hands stretching out deep breath in go ahead in an exhale at your
hands release and I want you to circle out your wrists as you float the arms
down go ahead and then give you a wrist good shake once you Ivan that energy in
the hands a little bit do a couple jazz hands again good and then take your
fingers out alongside your body if your legs get tired sitting like this um
stretch them out you can bring them back in your arms out alongside your body and
then let’s take a breath and lift the right arm up nice big stretch and then
exhale side bend over here just bend into your your left elbow and then let
this whole right ribcage and even into waste your right lung even think of
stretching that you can kind of roll your chest open and depending on your
body if you feel really sticky today you can move this arm around this top arm
maybe you circle the wrist out a little bit more if your elbow is sticky you can
bend straighten through the elbow stretch the arm over and back so fluid
movement is really great if you hit a lot of resistance in the body a lot of
stickiness this feels really good to me just letting the arm float down in the
way ah good take one more breath stretch and open a dream out and then inhale
lift up and over well switch sides take your left arm up
and over and stretching out that left lung a little space between the left
ribs stretching open the left waistline and you could look down forward and up
jaws relaxed and again if it feels good you can kind of play with moving through
that left wrist maybe bending the elbow straightening that and these are kind of
intuitive fluid movements so it’s more about getting the energy open and the
joints open and about holding the pose perfectly notice your breath full breath
in grieve it out and then then inhale rise all the way up
and exhale release huh okay rest your hands on your thighs for
a moment and just take a breath in and just kind of tune into this area and
just notice if you feel some movement happening already I feel a lot of energy
moving and the things opening so if you were on the blanket go ahead and set
that aside and then come over onto your hands and knees and we’re gonna take a
child’s pose to start so you can just rock your body forward Rock those hands
out come to rest in your child’s pose take a few breaths here just softening
into your child’s I’m just noticing maybe how you’re feeling inside yourself
do you feel emotional do you feel peaceful high energy low energy embracing whatever you discover every
part of you is allowed to here on your mat this is part of that self-love
process is that no part of you is denied every single part of you is allowed
accepted and loved you may not like a certain part of you but you still extend
love to that part of you until you also like it love has the potential to transform and
change us and loves impact is always positive authentic love always has a
positive impact take a deep breath here breathe into your spine and breathe out rise up onto your hands and knees and
we’re gonna come into a puppy pose sometimes this posture is also called
melting heart so that might be a good title for this pose today since we’re
working a lot with the heart so you’re gonna walk your hands forward and lower
your chest towards the floor and your forehead will come down and you can
notice here that my hips stay lifted above my knees walk your hands in
towards each other arrest your elbows down see if you can turn your palms up
if that doesn’t feel good to you keep your palms down and then just begin to
relax and melt your chest towards the floor if you want a little bit deeper
stretch into the arms bring the palms to touch and begin to lift your forearms up
drawing the thumbs towards the back of your neck you’ll want to walk your
elbows maybe in a little bit and even forward slightly for this variation and
again just if it feels good too you can keep your palms down on your mouth as
well and take about five deep breaths here and I want you to feel your upper
spine softening melting into the body try to breathe into the back of your
ribcage sometimes there’s a lot of tension and stress stored at the back of
the heart right it’s like storing the things that we don’t really want to look
at we don’t really want to deal with we don’t really want to feel we sometimes
place though things in the back of our heart and they’re kind of hidden from our our
conscious awareness so you don’t have to figure out what what’s back there in
this moment but breathe into that space just letting in that part of your heart
and any stress that’s there letting it feel your presence letting it feel your
acknowledgment maybe some of that stress will want to come out of hiding to be
processed during this journey so that you can feel lighter and you can access
love more easily take one more deep breath and fill up all sides of your
ribcage melt your heart and your lungs towards the earth exhale and then let
your arms come down if the forearms were lifted draw the belly and the front ribs
into the body a little bit palms are down them and slide whither and back and
then the other arm back you kind of want to come up out of that pose we were
there for a while so come up kind of slowly all the way up up to your hands
and knees push down through your hands and round your back here just gently
rounding the back give it a good stretch maybe sway your hips a little side to
side as you’re doing that I’d come through Center take a breath in
tuck your toes exhale downward-facing dog
and and live in your feet and your legs here yesterday for the day one practice
we worked a lot with grounding and opening up into our inherent self worth
so reconnect to that energy right now as you wake up your feet and spread the
toes and pedal out your knees and sway your hips waking up the legs and the
pelvis deep breathing good and then on your
next breath in lift your left leg sweep your left leg up big breath and then
exhale lunge your left foot between your hands and go ahead and drop your right
heel and take a breath in rising up through warrior one pose here so you can
start with your hands on your hips and take a nice deep bend into that front
knee and root down into that back heel find again that earthy kind of presence
through the lower body here and then breathe in flow your arms up reach up
breathe into your heart space and feel the chest expand and then let’s exhale
bring your hands down behind your back clasp your fingers behind your back roll
the shoulders back and pull down through your knuckles see if you can stretch
your arms straight pull the arms away from your body here squeezing the
shoulder blades in towards that place at the back of the heart that I talked
about squeeze the muscles there yeah and then let’s breathe out tip forward
coming into what’s called humble warrior so you could rest right on your thigh or
you can go deeper to the inside of that left thigh and then let your head drop
and try lifting your arms up knuckles up towards the ceiling and then pressing
your arms towards the head of your mat bend deeper into your front knee and
keep rooting into that back foot squeeze the muscles of your left leg breathe
into your shoulders here when you exhale really soft on the front
of your chest and your belly you might feel yourself moving slightly deeper
into the pose one more deep breath in breathe out Bend deeper into the front
knee and then look forward inhale pull back with those arms and exhale release
your hands down to your mat step yourself all the way back through your
down dog take a deep breath and feel your hands on your mat here I want you
to spread your fingers feel into the palms of your hands for a moment so any
energy that’s being freed up as we kind of focus on the shoulders and the
ribcage and we want to let that energy flow freely especially down through the
arms so feel your hands here feel a weight in your hands feel the connection
through the hands with the earth can imagine you’re breathing in through the
palms of your hands and breathing out through the palms of your hands great
let’s do that on side to lift your right leg up take a breath in lunge your right
foot forward between your hands and drop your left heel inhale rising up and find
that earthy presence in your legs through your feet and then lift your
arms breathin opening up wide through the heart space breathe out bring your
hands behind your back we all have kind of a common lacing of the finger so
you’re gonna switch that up on this side put the opposite thumb on top and then
just let your knuckles drop and let your sternum lifts and let the elbows
straighten and try to pull the arms away from the body if you can if this is a
hard pose for you use a belt or a sock or a hand tall between your hands okay
and that’ll give you more range of motion right because if you can’t move
your shoulders at all you’re not going to free them up so
having something between the hands is a great variation here take one more
breath and then tip forward you can rest on your thigh or again go a little
deeper see if you can dive into the inside of that right thigh and let your
head hang keep rooting through the feet so you’ve got your base your foundation
right you’re grounded in that self worth so that allows you to
open up freely through the heart channels and start to extract the love
there inside your own heart and feed it to yourself keep lifting the knuckles
press the arms towards the head of your mat and let your head hang and as you
exhale soften the chest soften the belly curl and more relax your jaw deep and
help the shoulders keep pressing those feet firm on your mat on your next
inhale look forward release your hands to your mat step yourself back to your
down dog breathe in through the nose maybe out through the mouth feel your
tailbone lifting up high you can always bend your knees here and reach your
fingertips away from your tailbone let the bones of your arms grow long and
feel the hands sinking down into your mat almost like you’re on the earth
and your hands sink a little bit into the earth at this time let’s move
through a vinyasa so come forward into plank find the strength here as you push
the floor away and feel into the back of the heart I want you to think of lifting
the sternum up into the body a little bit and trying to fill up that space
behind the heart lengthen your neck out the root of the neck starts in the heart
space so you’re lengthening out through the neck take a breath in drop your
knees if you need to like I’m demonstrating shift a little forward I
want you to do this really slowly start to press your hands towards each other
feel that engagement through the inner arms up into the chest really feel that
yeah go ahead slide the shoulders away from the ears
and lengthen out your neck bend your elbows one inch I know this could feel
really hard but I want you to feel the muscles engage
sometimes we have locked up energy in these heart channels this will help
release that take one more breath in and then keep shifting forward elbows over
the wrists lower slowly down to your belly whoo nice job
bring your elbows forward elbows underneath your shoulders here or
slightly out in front if your low back needs extra support pushed it down
through the forearms spread your fingers holding here in Sphinx let your legs be
heavy and relaxed and then lift your navel slightly or press your pubic bones
down so your lower back feels really good if you all the bones of your elbows
sinking down bones of your hands worms pressing down into the floor nice deep
breath breathe in and breathe out all right and then from here go ahead and
just release and take your hands back by your shoulders and then take a breath in
curling up through cobra pose roll your shoulders back and down hug the elbows
in and you can stay here or you content your fingers out kind of on the edge of
your mat here and the corners of your mat and then you can begin to press into
your fingertips and just explore a little bit more fluid movement for your
spine here so you could look over your left shoulder and look over your right
shoulder so kind of loosening up through the upper back and the more fluid way
through the shoulders using your hands to support this fluidity of your heart
maybe even kind of extending out through the elbows a little bit only if this
feels good in the lower back it can be kind of creative with your movement here
it’s like you’re freeing up your shoulder blades you want to have like
little wings that feel free on the back of your body
one more breath wherever you’re at breathe out let yourself release down
and then we’re gonna bring the forehead back to the floor and slide your hands
back have your hands tucked in close to your lower ribs here and then breathe
and once more come up through Cobra maybe you stay there or come all the way
through your upward facing dog pressing those arms straight lifting the knees
maybe a little soft bend in the elbows so you can press your upper arm back and
then pull back come through down dog breathing out take a nice deep breath here in down dog
and exhale it out go ahead and then we’re gonna take one more little
sequence here with a lunge so I’m gonna have you stretch your left leg up nice
and high breathe in and then lunge your left foot between your hands
drop your right knee down you can always fold the side of your mat or put a
blanket underneath that right knee if you need to and then walk your hands up
to your front left thigh let the hips release remembering
yesterday those lower channels that help us tap into our self-worth or innate
just allowing those hips to release accessing that energy of worthiness and
then lifting the arms up and if you’re comfortable here take a little backbend
you can even bend your elbows like cactus arms press the arms back shine
your heart upward breathe and deeply breathe out completely good and then
press your arms forward towards each other and squeeze your elbows in and
lift your fingertips up as high as you can just hold your moment press press
press breathe in and then exhale open back up shine your heart forward
go ahead inhale lift your fingers up high and then exhale bring your hands
down to your mat good tuck those back toes lift the knee hop your back foot
forward a few inches and then try the straighten your left leg and just fold
over that left leg for a moment you can keep the knees a little bent if you need
to just breathe
soften the upper back let your head hang tractioning out the neck deep breath in
and out breathe in lengthen look forward and
then step back into your down dog exhale good from downward facing dog pose you
can stay here maybe you go into Child’s Pose or take a breath come to plank
moving through a vinyasa exhale chaturanga breathe into up dog breathe
out through down dog go ahead let’s take that on side to lift your right leg up
nice big stretch breathe in exhale lunge your right foot forward tap your left
knee down walk your hands up to your right thigh and you could stay here
right and just breathe or take those arms reach them up overhead nice big
breath here open heart exhale bend your elbows cactus arm so you’re pressing
your arms back squeezing between the shoulder blades breathe out press your forearms together
squeeze squeeze squeeze here lift up pressing in compressing the front of
your chest inhale exhale open shine your heart open
expand and then reach your arms back up breathe in stretch through the
fingertips press through your foundation and release take your hands to your mat
tuck those back toes lift the knee hop your left foot forward straighten out
your right leg fold release breathe in and out just feel your body relaxing
forward breathe in look forward step back
downward facing dog and then again choose to rest right maybe in Child’s
Pose stay here and down dog or come forward
to plank lower through Center one guy breathing into up dog could give the
elbows a little soft Bend here peel the heart open towards this guy mmm you
could linger there if you’d like and then pull back through your down dog let your head hang heavy one more big
breath and then breathe out let your knees come to your mat sit down onto
your heels for a moment here you can rest your palms down on your knees or
you could turn your palms up if you feels like your energy wants more
upliftment and expansion otherwise palms are down and just close your eyes take a
couple of breaths notice what’s stirring inside of you good one more deep inhale and exhale and
then let’s come all the way down on to our back you can extend your legs out
here and I just have to adjust my little while you’re back here come on down onto
your backs and let your feet come to the floor about hip distance apart and we
are gonna take a little bridge pose here so you’re gonna press down into your
hands and as you breathe in lift your hips lift your spine rising up maybe
walk the shoulders underneath you squeezing an imaginary block between
your thighs breathe into your chest let it lift up towards your chin and then
stretch your chin away from your chest good and then bend your elbows so your
forearms are lifted I call these robot arms and then you’re gonna push down
through the elbows and shoulders to help lift your upper spine into the body a
little bit more press into your heels feel your knees reaching forward to your
tail scooping up 3.the once more deep into the front of your ribs go ahead and
then exhale roll down you might need to walk your shoulders out roll down from
your upper spine to your mid spine to your low spine oh good take your feet
walk your feet out about mat width apart let your knees fall in towards each
other bring one hand over the belly one hand over your chest notice if your
heart is beating quickly right now or just see if you can even sense that
heart beating and breathe into that heart space and exhale just let it relax and then take your arms out a little
ways away from the body and keeping the feet wide apart just drop your knees to
the right roll your gaze towards the left take a deep breath into your back
side out and then breathe and lift your knees up and exhale drop your legs over
to the left gaze towards the right let’s do that once more breathe in lift your
knees up exhale drop them to the right gaze to the left if you want to try on
this round maybe bending your elbows like cactus arms again or goalpost arms
just for a little different shift into the shoulders and then inhale knees lift
and drop them over to the left gaze towards the right bring the knees back up through Center
hug your knees into your chest just deep breath into the belly and
exhale out go ahead and then let your legs stretch out long coming into
shavasana and I’m gonna take you on a little journey into the heart center so
that we can start to really discover what we have right here inside of us so
one hand could rest to the belly one hand over the chest or both hands over
the chest whatever feels best for you close your eyes rock out the legs a
little make sure you feel comfortable here and then take a deep breath in and
fill up your whole body with that breath the whole body sigh out and relax notice your hands and let them soften
relax your wrist release through your forearms and feel your elbows
surrendering soften the muscles of your upper arm bones into your shoulders
breathe into the shoulders and exhale let your shoulders relax feel into your
ribcage breathe into your ribcage and as you exhale soften your ribcage go deeper
underneath the ribs to your lungs and inhale to the bottom of your lungs and exhale out feel the lungs relaxing move
deep into the muscle of your heart feeling the physical beating of your
heart breathe into your heart and let it relax as you exhale any
excessive tension armoring stress that the heart is holding on to just breathe
that out and then it imagine a little door at the front of your heart
I want you to open up that door and go inside your own heart and take a seat
inside this cave of your heart and let yourself begin to look around and feel
around into the space and notice what’s there you could even say silently to
your heart to your entire self I’m here saying it from this place this cave of
your heart I am here and out in front of you visualize a
special chest this chest holds true divine authentic
love within it just reach out open this chest up and notice what this love
energy looks like notice its color and I want you to also notice that this energy
is abundant sure it’s inside this little chest but as soon as you open it up this
energy can start to flow around and so I want you to let this energy begin
filling up this little cave that you’re sitting inside of right now let this
room be filled to the brim with love you know the walls of this cave being soaked
in this love energy the walls absorbing it and notice how it’s touching you as
well and how your skin is beginning to soak it up this is your own private
chamber where you can go anytime to connect with love energy and to fill
yourself up with it the heart feeds itself first with oxygenated blood
through the coronary arteries and so this is your energetic way of feeding
yourself first with love energy this energy is for you today just you if you need to stay here a bit longer
and keep filling up with this energy letting it pour out of that special
chest feel free to do so and if you’re ready to begin transitioning right maybe
the chest remains open or maybe you want to close it or just close it partially
letting that energy continue to swirl around within the cave of your own heart
you decide and then bring your awareness pack out to the big body and stretch
through the fingers and toes reach long breathe in breathe out when you’re ready
roll off to your side and rise all the way up and around to sit on your mat bring your hands over your heart space
feel the warmth of your hands maybe the eyes are partially open here just
reorienting to the outer space after that deep dive into your heart the
center of your heart and really hold that energy close to you today so it’s
your energy I want you to kind of marinate let that the heart and that
cave of the heart really feel full with that energy and tomorrow we’ll be
working with circulating it a little bit more take a deep breath here breathe in
and out mmm thank you for joining me for this practice don’t forget to subscribe
to the channel give this practice a thumbs up and again please share
anything you’d like with me in the comments I’d love to hear the color of
your heart’s energy how it felt inside the cave of your heart anything else
that maybe you feel inspired to share I would love to hear in the comments have
a beautiful rest of your day I hope your heart feels full
I’ll see you tomorrow namaste

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  1. cmatthews191 Post author

    Just finished. My shoulders were killing me from all the downward dogs yesterday so I am glad there weren't too many today. I felt very slow and sore during this practice, but glad I completed it. My heart energy was golden.


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